4 Powerful Benefits Of Mini Habits

4 Powerful Benefits Of Mini Habits

If you haven’t heard of mini habits, you’re in for a treat. Imagine making only small adjustments in your life, and still managing to create impactful and meaningful change.

The mini-habit is just what it sounds like – it’s taking the premise that doing a whole lot of small things will eventually add up to something amazing. Think, for example, of what would happen if you only read a couple of news articles every day?

Before you know it, you’d have accomplished the goal of becoming more informed, and would be better able to handle discussions about current events.

Mini habits don’t stop there though. Not only can your mini habit change how you get things done, but they impact your mind and body as well. Read on to discover the powerful benefits of mini habits.

1. You Create An Atmosphere Of Success

By setting small goals, you’re much more likely to meet them. So instead of telling yourself that you’re going to return all your phone calls promptly, you instead focus on returning the next phone call on time.

That takes off the huge expectations that always felt so daunting in the past and left you with a feeling of failure when you couldn’t quite make it.

What’s even better is that meeting these small goals means you get to where you start expecting success, which leads to the mindset that will generate that success you’re expecting.

2. You Change How You View Your Capabilities

By accomplishing mini-goals, you start to realize that you do have the ability and power to accomplish things. Your confidence grows, and you gain a better, more positive sense of your abilities.

And this becomes a cycle of success which can be really powerful in helping you to achieve your goal.

Many people underestimate what they can achieve or are capable of; don’t be that person! If you put your mind to it, you can achieve far more than you ever thought possible.

3. You Rediscover Motivation

Motivation is sometimes hard to come by and gets used up quickly. That’s why mini habits are important as they don’t rely on motivation to accomplish things, they grow from willpower instead.

Then as you reach those goals, you start to feel the energy of that success, which in turn creates motivation to keep going.

The more you achieve, the more you believe and that can be incredibly motivating.

4. Changes That Last A Lifetime

Yes, you really do create a series of changes that you will carry with you your entire life.

Mini habits done daily will build up those larger habits that you’ve been trying to build all along. Like starting with a single push-up every day and creating almost as a by-product that habit of daily exercise that had seemed so daunting not all that long ago.

Mini habits not only change how we do things but change how we think and act. By making a practice of following mini habits, you will affect some pretty major change.

So, now you know the importance and benefits of developing positive habits, let’s look at a really powerful but simple morning habit that can get your day off to a great start, and it only takes 10 minutes.

A 10-Minute Morning Routine That Will Get Your Day Started Off Right

Most morning routines you find online take hours to complete. Thirty minutes of physical activity, three pages of Morning Pages, or twenty minutes of meditation.

Most people do not have that kind of extra time in the morning. However, in only ten minutes, you can create a morning routine that will put you in the right mindset to conquer your day.

Read below to learn a few time-saving practices you can incorporate into your morning.

Minute 1 – Drink Water

Start keeping a large glass of water beside your bed. Before you even get out of bed, drink the dang water. Your body is dehydrated after a long night of repairing itself, and you need to replenish that.

Drinking water will also help reduce the morning fog and grog that follows so many into their workday despite multiple cups of coffee.

Minutes 2-3 –Breathe

Now that your body is rehydrating take a few minutes to do simple breathing exercises. This is as easy as timing your breaths to take six to ten deep breaths through one minute.

Timing your breaths will force you to focus on your breathing and your body. Helping you to wake up and calm yourself for your day.

Minutes 3-6 – Stretch Your Body

Gentle stretching will get your blood flowing, and your body has woken up. This will also help to ease you into the process of getting ready and the day ahead.

Stretching has long term benefits as well including better circulation and flexibility overall.

Minutes 6-9 – Give Thanks

Take a few moments to reflect on what you are thankful for. You don’t have to write these down or keep a record on your phone.

Just take a few moments to single in on aspects of your life you are thankful for and why. This will put a positive spin on your day and keep you present through the difficult moments.

Minute 10 – Visualize Your Success

Visualizing the successes you wish to have through the day will cement them in your mind and help you to become more confident. These can be successes for the day (a successful meeting) or long-term successes (finishing that half marathon or saving up a down payment on a house).

You may not have hours to devote to morning routines, but maybe you can spare ten minutes of your morning to starting off on the right foot (or breath).

Try this simple routine tomorrow morning and see what kind of a difference it can make to your day.

Creating habits requires self-discipline and many people do lack in this area. If you want to gain more self-discipline, check out the featured resource below where you can get a free report about the Power Of Self-Discipline; download, read it and take action 😊


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