7 Common Misconceptions About Finding Your Purpose

7 Common Misconceptions About Finding Your Purpose

Finding one’s purpose in life can sound like a deep and complicated task. To make matters more convoluted, you’ll probably have beliefs that were foisted upon you since childhood, either by your parents or other adults.

Following your passion by finding your ‘why’ or purpose is something pretty much every human being aspire to, because it promises a life of fulfilment because you re truly doing what you want to do.

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The truth of the matter is that finding one’s purpose is a simple process of thoughtful introspection. Once you dispel the misconceptions and lies that surround this topic, you’ll find things much simpler.

Let’s look at the common misconceptions…

You Have To Create It

You don’t have to create your purpose. It already exists. You just need to find it… and you’ll only find it by asking yourself introspective questions about what makes you truly happy and fulfilled.

We live in a world where self-help gurus will tell you to ‘hustle and grind’ so that you make millions and live up to your full potential.

But what if that’s not what you want? What if you only want an income that’s comfortable but you want more free time to volunteer and make a difference to your community.

Then that might be your purpose. Your purpose is determined by your feelings and desires. Not goals or external influences.

Everyone Only Has One Purpose

Different people are born with different talents and desires. Some people may be good writers and sing well too. They may excel at both talents and they’ll need to choose one that they feel they were ‘born to do’.

You’re not only given ‘one purpose’. Your purpose in life may change as your belief systems change. What you thought was important once, may seem trivial now.

For example, you may have loved surfing before and felt that it was your purpose to ride the waves and become a surfing instructor. However, a trip to an African village may have made you feel blessed and suddenly now, you think that surfing is no longer that important.

You’d rather volunteer and help the less fortunate in the village. You get more satisfaction and a sense of achievement that you never had before. This could be the missing piece in your life.

Your purpose is closely linked to what you feel is important to you and what motivates you to get up daily and get going with enthusiasm.

Some ‘Callings’ Are Better Than Others

Measuring your purpose against other peoples’ achievements is a pointless and depressing endeavor. You may be a painter who creates magnificent works of art. But if you compare yourself with a doctor who saves lives, you may feel like painting is trivial in comparison.

However, what you fail to realize is that your art brings joy and wonder to many people – from the person who buys your art to everyone else who gazes upon it.

No one purpose is better or more rewarding than the other. All that matters is that you do what’s right for you.

It MUST Be Your Job

Your purpose doesn’t have to be your job. A lady may be a waitress at a café, but feel like her purpose in life is to raise well-balanced children who grow up to be successful adults.

On the other hand, another lady may be more career-oriented and feel that her purpose in life is to grow her company so that it positively affects thousands of lives while making millions of dollars in return.

Your purpose is not tied to dollars and cents. It’s not your job, your career or your achievements. It’s more subtle than that.

It Requires Immense Sacrifice And Pain

If you need to struggle and force yourself to sacrifice for it, it probably isn’t your purpose. Very often, when you discover your purpose, there will be a sense of excitement and ease to it.

The work may be hard, but you’ll willingly do it because it’s what you want to do. There may be sacrifices involved to achieve your aim and meet your purpose BUT you’ll handle the hurdles with grace.

Discovering and following your purpose in life is a pleasant process and while it may be challenging, it shouldn’t be depressing or cause you to despair.

You Need To Be Religious

Purpose doesn’t have anything to do with your religion. While millions of people claim to have discovered their purpose in life after ‘finding God’, this is not a necessity.

Finding your purpose is a personal journey towards self-discovery. You can go the spiritual route, or you can self-reflect and do some journaling until you realize what it is you truly want to do. Therein lies your purpose.

It’s A Non-Profit Endeavor

You don’t need to be a solitary monk eking out a meagre existence on the mountain top just to be on purpose. You can be a millionaire too and still feel like you’re following your calling.

For example, a successful plastic surgeon who makes millions may truly love what he does. He enjoys enhancing his clients’ appearances and seeing the happiness and increased confidence in the patients once they see the results.

By helping others, the surgeon feels like he’s living with purpose. Since plastic surgery requires a high level of skill, he charges accordingly and his wealth is a by-product of his efforts.

You can follow your purpose and make a lot of money at the same time. There’s no rule that says you need to be broke to be on purpose.

And this training proves that!

These 7 misconceptions are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many others out there.

What’s most important is that you realize that discovering your purpose is a journey that’s done inside you – and has nothing to do with the distractions/expectations of the world outside you.

Once you understand this, you’ll find your purpose and shine.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

– Pablo Picasso

As you probably already know, having a strong mindset is critical to any attempt to finding your purpose and passion and staying focused on them, so click on the featured resource below to get a free report on how to develop a strong mindset. Download, it read and take action 😊

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