7 Ways To Become More Confident

7 Ways To Become More Confident

Confidence is all you need to succeed in many cases. The confidence that you can achieve a goal or live a dream, powers you past obstacles. It’s contagious, too.

Build confidence once and you begin to feel confident regularly. It’s a self-fulfilling success cycle, and is incredibly powerful if you can harness it.

For more goal-crushing, dream-achieving confidence, here are 7 proven practices successful people use to turn desires into reality.

Not Caring What Others Think Can Boost Your Confidence

Many failures can be blamed on worrying about what other people think. It may be tough to hear, but the world really doesn’t care about you. It’s true. The people you think are waiting for you to fail or will otherwise make fun of you if you don’t succeed at something are probably not even paying attention.

On the other hand, the people that truly love and respect you won’t be kicking you when you’re down. These two facts mean you’re wasting your time if you’re concerned about what other people may be thinking about you.

Who really cares, anyway? The minute you stop worrying about how others perceive you is the instant point in time where you start feeling more confident that you can handle just about anything.

Start Acting “As If” You Can

Many self-help gurus will teach you to “fake it before you make it” on your way to pursuing a large goal. This is because of the inability of your subconscious mind to differentiate reality from imagination or fantasy. If you dress and act and walk and talk “as if” you have accomplished something, that immediately improves your confidence.

This doesn’t mean to be arrogant or to lie to yourself. It means that acting as if you can do something triggers a belief in your mind that you actually can. You basically trick your subconscious mind into thinking you have already succeeded at some tasks, even if you never have.

Of course, it goes without saying that you don’t lie to others; this is a purely internal process.

Take Small Steps To Grow Your Comfort Zone

Try this. Do just one thing that makes you scared or unsure every day. Seriously, intentionally take small steps outside of your comfort zone. Science tells us this is where the largest achievements are found.

Researchers into goal achievement wondered how they could help people realize more of their dreams. Their testing led them to a startling discovery.

They found that when an individual takes small but challenging steps in the direction of uncertainty and fear, huge achievements are often the result.

Be careful with this. Those researchers also found that when people took huge leaps out of their comfort zone the end results were not favorable.

This means you should be experiencing minor discomfort and uncertainty regularly if you want to become more confident and capable. Push yourself and slowly expand the boundaries of your abilities.

And don’t forget to enjoy the journey you are on. So many people are only focused on the end goal that they forget to enjoy the whole process of getting there. If you want to know more about this, take a look at this training here: Enjoy The Journey

Build A Confidence Support Team

Teamwork can accomplish what individuals cannot in many cases. Having a support team that motivates you and keeps you focused is a great way to build more confidence.

We are all going to stumble and fall on our paths to success. It’s just normal, and it’s how you react to that obstacle which determines where you will end up!

Knowing that you have a team of friends and loved ones to support you makes it a lot easier to ignore those temporary setbacks that are going to appear in your life. This gives you more confidence because you know that there are people that have your back when you need them.

Visualize, Rehearse And Practice

Visualization is used by the most successful athletes in the world. Actors and politicians visualize giving a great performance or speech. This goes back to how you can program your subconscious to create the desired result.

You can also enjoy being your most confident self by rehearsing or practicing. It’s not always possible to practice something you’re going to have to attempt. When it is possible, get those practice sessions in.

Rehearse and rehearse and rehearse.

Be Calm … Learn To Relax

Confident people aren’t usually freaking out. There is definitely a positive relationship between staying calm and focused and having a confident belief in one’s ability.

Remember, stress is the enemy of confidence. It can wear down even the most confident person. You can’t be very self-assured when you’re stressed out, nervous and anxious.

Take up yoga. Start meditating. Those are two proven stress-relieving practices that go back thousands of years. Work to stay calm in the face of anxiety and stress and you can enjoy more confidence.

If you have religious beliefs, prayer can also help and can be very powerful for the Christians among us.

Start Helping People

You can’t help someone else until you take care of yourself. This means you should be practicing self-care. Self-confidence can come from feeling good about the person you are, and that means respecting yourself enough to take care of your mind and body.

Another thing that boosts your self-image and cranks up confidence is helping someone. When you help another person improve their situation in some way, you feel good about yourself.

This gets those positive hormones and neurotransmitters doing what they do best … making you feel confident and self-assured. Reach out to someone in need and help them. Do this regularly and you’ll enjoy more self-assuredness and confidence.

These are simple practices. They don’t require anything more than a change in mindset on your part. Simplicity can be powerful, and it is here. These are some of the things successful people do to turn their dreams into reality. They can give you the confidence to achieve all the important things in your life.

Being confident requires self discipline and many people struggle with this, so if you want to harness the power of self discipline, check out the featured resource below for a free report; download, read it and take action 🙂

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