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How To Find Profitable Ideas For An Online Course

online course

Have you ever wanted to create a course to teach others about a topic you are knowledgeable about but aren’t sure where to start or even whether it would be worth your time and effort?

Creating a course is a fantastic business model but you need to evaluate the niche/topic/subject first to ensure that your efforts would be profitable! After all, you are in business to make money, right?

Creating a profitable online course that will help you take your income to the next level is certainly doable and is easier than you may think, especially with today’s modern technology.

And the truth is, there are few other opportunities quite as profitable as creating an online course on a hot topic.

People crave knowledge, and they’re willing to pay for it.

Think about just how many tutorials you’ve read or watched over the last year.

How many times have you searched YouTube for video tutorials on different topics?

How many books or reports have you read in the hopes of learning a new skill or empowering yourself?

Course creators and instructors put themselves in a very powerful position.

Not only are they able to build a sustainable online business (that runs on complete autopilot), but they become known as thought leaders and influencers in their markets.

And think about just how powerful THAT can be.

So for today, I want you to think about the different courses you could create for your market.

Begin by digging deep into your niche or industry so you’re able to identify hot topics that people are interested in learning more about.

If you aren’t sure where to start, begin where courses are already proven to sell!, and are all fantastic places to begin your research.

Pay attention to the number of students enrolled in each course as it’s a clear indicator as to the overall popularity of the topic.

Then, pay attention to the reviews. Read through them all and take as many notes as possible, especially when you uncover reviews that indicate something was missing from the course. 

This could be a great entry point for your own course, and help you stand out from the crowd.

And finally, browse through the course outlines.  These trainers have given you everything you need to come up with a solid outline for your own course!

The summaries and course descriptions can give you an unlimited number of ideas for your own modules as well as help you shape the foundation for your content.

Creating A Winning Course

online training

When it comes to creating outstanding courses that attract attention and outsell the competition, you’ll want to make sure to pay attention to 3 main things:

1: Content Formats

Don’t stick with just one main format!

People prefer to learn in different ways. Personally, I prefer to read instructional based content, while other people will only take courses that are video based.

So obviously the more content formats you offer to students, the easier it will be to provide everyone with the type of training they’re most interested in.

2: Titles & Descriptions

A lot of course creators overlook the power of a killer title. In reality, your course title can help make or break the success of your course.

It needs to stand out, immediately capture attention and be edgy and different from anything else out there.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different titles.

The same goes for the description and summary of your course. You want to give people enough information to get them excited so they sign up, but you don’t want to bog them down with TOO much information.

Look to strike a healthy balance of giving them the details they need while using summary titles that provide a sense of mystery and intrigue.

3:  Price Structure

Don’t underprice your course trying to compete with existing programs. Instead, consider how many people equate a higher price with a superior product.

If you find that the majority of courses online are selling at $47, consider a $67 or even $97 price point.

You can always lower it later on, but it is definitely worth testing at a higher price point.

How To Get Course Reviews Quickly

online business

One of the things that can drive in sales and help you stand out in the market is being able to get those review numbers up.

You’ve likely experienced the different a ton of reviews can make yourself when you’re considering what products or services to buy.

Reviews are social proof. They tell potential customers that your product has lived up to its hype or expectations, and that buyers are satisfied with their purchase.

It removes buyers concerns by reassuring them that their decision to purchase will be one they won’t regret.

So, how can you bump up the number of reviews you have so your course stands out?

Ask for them!

The key is to prompt your students to leave reviews throughout the learning process rather than just at the end.

That way they’re reminded several times without being bombarded. If you only ask them to leave a review once, at the end of the training, you may never have the opportunity to ask them again.

The tricky part is finding the right spot within your course in which students are likely to still be excited about the material and have also completed enough steps to where they feel they’ve gotten somewhere.

You want your reviews to demonstrate the quality of your course and how useful your information is.

So, place your review requests at key points during the training after your student’s have completed a goal.

If you really want to ramp up reviews, consider offering something extra to those who leave them.

Here are a couple of easy ways to do that:

1:  Offer Free Review Copies

This is a common strategy used by course instructors who don’t yet have a large following.

Post on Facebook or to your email list and offer a handful of free review copies to those who will leave genuine feedback.

You could also try YouTube too; why not do a video of an overview of the course and encourage your viewers to sign up for a free review copy in return for honest feedback?

2:  Offer Additional Content

You can increase the value of your course to those who take the time to leave reviews by offering additional content or modules in exchange for their time.

It rewards your students and encourages them to leave a glowing review.

Can you think of other ways to encourage your students to leave reviews? Leave a comment and let me know!

If you want to know more about creating a profitable online course, check out the featured resource below for a free report; download, read it and take action 😊

online course

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Copywriting For Beginners

Common Elements In Highly Converting Sales Copy Part 2


This post is a continuation of looking into the common elements present in highly converting sales copy (you can see the first post here). In it we looked at the headline, storyline, sub-headlines, testimonials, and statistics to increase confidence.

Now lets’s continue and firstly let’s look at using media such as video and images.

Using Images And Videos In Your Copy

Sticking to text alone in your sales copy will be a big turn off for most prospective customers. Big, long blocks of text look boring and overwhelming. People have short attention spans now, so you need to break that text up with images and videos.

You can use stock photo sites like iStockPhoto or DepositPhotos to break up the text. If you want to use free stock photo sites you can check out Pixabay, Pexels or Unsplash, but if you can afford to pay for your images ,they will be better and more unique.

For example, if you’re in a section where the sub-headline and storyline are discussion frustration for diet failures, you might want to use an image of a man or woman feeling frustrated in front of a plate of food or on a weight scale.

You might have a before and after picture of yourself after using your diet and fitness plan. Or a photo of you sitting on a Lamborghini showing off your earnings. Make sure your image isn’t clickable because it might take the customer off of the sales page.

With video, keep it short if you’re using it to break up the text sales copy. You don’t want to have five 20-minute videos on the page. Just keep it under 3 minutes each. Sometimes, it might require more, such as if it’s a demo of a software.

Don’t have the videos auto-play. Some marketers do prefer this, but most consumers don’t. If they have their volume up and they’re at work or somewhere quiet, and suddenly your sales page starts blaring, they’ll leave quickly.

When you host your video, make sure you eliminate as many click out options as possible. For example, if you host on Vimeo, it automatically defaults to make the Vimeo logo clickable, your name, the title of the video, and more clickable – all taking your customer away from the sales copy.

Strategic Bullet points To Help Clear Up Confusion

copywriting 101

Bullet points are a blessing to most consumers who are short on time and who want to just get a quick rundown of what your product can do for them. The benefits are what many marketers focus on with their bullet points.

They work the same way your image and videos do in terms of helping break up big blocks of text, even though they are also text-based. They’re usually lists, or short, punchy sentences as opposed to lengthy paragraphs.

But you can also include pain points as bullet points. For example, you might have a sentence that says, “Wouldn’t you love to…” and then have bullet points addressing their pain points – stop having to shop in plus sized stores, avoid the shame and embarrassment of swimsuit season, etc.

Another way to strategically use bullet points is to have a rundown of what all is included in your product. You can say, “In this bundle, you’ll get…” and then go into detail about what all is included, such as – a 38-page PDF guide, 10 checklists, 5 videos you can refer to whenever you need them, and so on.

A Guarantee Can Close The Deal

Copywriting For Beginners

A guarantee can be both an image and text explanation. You can get stock photos that say “Money Back Guarantee 100%” or instead of 100%, they may say 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and so on.

Some might go one step further and says “Double your money back” or “Lifetime” guarantee. You don’t have to use a stock image or banner to showcase your guarantee, though.

You can use bold text and a note that simply explains your guarantee (or lack thereof if you decide not to offer one). The main thing you need to do is remember which guarantee you chose and abide by it.

Don’t offer a 60-day no questions asked guarantee if you’re going to harass your customer about why they want a refund and then refuse to give it to them. When you do this, word gets around and it could even put your accounts on various platforms at risk.

Create A Call To Action To Guide Them To The Finish Line

sales copy

Authentic urgency is lacking in the online marketing industry. Too many unethical sellers use false urgency to try to get a sale. Instead, create real urgency and scarcity because in future launches, people will know not to wait.

With your call to action, you want to give them a short reiteration of what they’ll get or what they’ll miss out on if they do or don’t buy your product. This is a great time to add a reminder of 1-2 pain points, because that’s the whole reason they arrived on your sales page in the first place.

Never expect people to automatically know to click the buy button, download now, and get started. You have to state it and guide the customer through every step along the way.

Working With Buy Button Options


With buy buttons, you have the option to use a button that a platform provides for you – like PayPal, Warrior Plus or JVZoo. But you can also download and use a button of your choosing.

Make sure if you’re using a platform-based buy button that you either use one without a guarantee on the button or that their guarantee matches what you’re offering.

For example, on JVZoo, there’s a button option that says 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so it would need to match what you want to stand behind.

If you want to have a bit more freedom, you can use a payment processor such as Thrivecart and this is probably more advantageous in the long run.

As far as placement, some people only put one buy button at the very bottom of the page, while others place them throughout the sales copy. You may want to have it at the bottom with a countdown timer right above it, showing when the launch pricing or sale ends.

The Importance Of A Simple Post Script And Signature Area

copywriting 101

Somewhere at the bottom, make sure you have a digital signature along with your image. People like to know who they’re buying from. You can either upload your real signature or create one from a variety of fonts online.

There are Post Scripts (P.S. and P.P.S.) at the bottom of almost every sales page. This is below the buy button and below your signature and image. Believe it or not, some people bypass the entire sales page and head straight to the postscripts to see how you sum up your offer.

A good way to craft them is to use the first P.S. to restate the main benefits and what’s included. Use the second P.S. to reiterate the sense of urgency and what happens if they miss out on this great deal.

OK, so there you have the most common elements in highly converting sales copy. Add these to your sales pages and you should see immediate results!

And remember, if you want to have great results writing highly converting copy, you need to understand that this is difficult for many people as there are so many mistakes that can have a dramatic effect on conversions.

To help you avoid these mistakes, take a look at the featured resource below where you can download a copy of a free report, Copywriting Blunders, so you will be forewarned. Download, read it and take action 😊

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copywriting 101

Common Elements In Highly Converting Sales Copy Part 1


When you’re new to writing sales copy, it can feel a bit daunting trying to remember what all needs to go on the page to convert a visitor into a buyer. But once you learn the fundamental elements that help inform and sway your audience, you’ll be able to utilize them repeatedly to grow your business.

Not everyone’s sales letters will look identical. Some may use testimonials, while others don’t. Some may employ the use of video on the page, while others stick to text and images.

The great thing is, you get to decide, based on what you’ve seen in the marketplace and what you feel comfortable with, what to put in your own copy. You can even split test the page to see what works best – one headline versus another or three testimonials versus zero, for example.

Creating Your Main Headlines

sales copy

When you’re working with your primary (larger) headlines, you’ll often see certain strategies being implemented in niche marketing. For example, one common starter headline used to be “Who else wants to…?”

This was used in a variety of niche markets, such as “Who else wants to earn six figures working 4 hours a week?” Or, “Who else wants to shed 25 pounds in 30 days?” You’ll see this in many swipe files people share online for effective sales copy because it works with consumers.

Another thing you can do is ask a question or discuss the biggest benefit or pain point that a person viewing your page might have. You can find books on Amazon and elsewhere that do nothing but teach you the strategy of writing persuasive headlines, and many will have built in swipes for you to use when tailoring them to your own niche.

You can also find free swipe files online that you can tweak.

What Will Your Storyline Contain?

copywriting 101

After your major headline(s), you’ll typically have your main storyline. This is where you introduce the slant and tone of your sales letter. You might be all hype talking about money or pounds lost.

You might have the demeanor of a drill sergeant or that of a coddling, kumbaya leader. This is where the prospective customer will gain some insight about what kind of product (and person) they’re about to encounter.

Your storyline will continue throughout the sales letter, sprinkled in after sections of sub-headlines, Bullet points, testimonials, and more. It should be a mix of your story and theirs.

With storyline, you’re making that connection that builds trust between you and the consumer. You’re letting them know you understand their problem and that you have enough empathy to help them through it.

Drilling Down Into Specifics with Sub-headlines

Copywriting For Beginners

While your main headline will discuss the biggest issue, like earning money or losing weight, your sub-headlines can dig down into some of the other aspects of their pain points.

Think about the benefits, for example. Earning more money does many things – gives them peace of mind, helps them live the life they want with vacations, cars, homes, etc. It allows them to be their own boss.

But you don’t put all of that into one main headline. It gets discussed in increments throughout your sales copy. Same with weight loss – the benefits might be getting rid of shame and embarrassment, fitting into new clothes, regaining mobility, improving their health and so on.

When you have sub-headlines talking about different things, the consumer can scroll past items they don’t care about and find the ones they do. It may also give them insight into things they hadn’t considered yet.

Make sure that in your sub-headlines, you’re giving everything away. You want it to plant a seed or an idea in their minds of what they’ll gain by buying your product. Some marketers go too far and say too much in their copy.

Using Testimonials in Your Sales Copy


Testimonials are not necessary to your sales copy, but real ones probably do help to convince buyers that you and your products are legitimate and worthy of consideration. If you don’t have any natural testimonials, you can solicit them.

You should be networking with other marketers and even your customers so that when the time comes to launch your products, you have some people to go to with an advanced copy who can give feedback and provide testimonials for your sales page.

If possible, ask them to provide a video testimonial, because those are always more effective. Don’t use phony stock photos and make up testimonials. This almost always gets found out and then you ruin your reputation because customers won’t trust you anymore.

Gather Your Statistics To Boost Confidence In Your Product

sales copy

Statistics and numbers can be very convincing when it comes to strengthening your sales copy. It verifies your information and advice from outside sources and supports your recommendations.

Not only can you use this in your copy, but also in eBooks, articles, emails, on social networks and in infographics. So conducting your statistical research early on can support your messages many times.

For example, you might find a statistic that says 8 out of 10 people succeed with one diet while only 4 out of 10 succeed long-term with another. That’s a fact that would give the consumer more certainty that they’re choosing the right one.

Failure statistics are also effective. If you can say that 70% of people fail when they do something, it’s a warning to readers that they need to avoid that and do something else (whatever it is you’re recommending).

One statistic you can look up is the number of sufferers or people in the same boat as someone else. For example, over 300 million people worldwide have diabetes. Talk about if the problem is growing or if it’s getting under control.

Having statistics shows the consumer that you know the niche. It’s an advanced method of sharing information other than your personal preferences about what’s right. Having numbers to back you up is powerful.

We’ll continue this in part 2, but in the meantime if you want to have great results writing highly converting copy , you need to understand that this is difficult for many people as there are so many mistakes that can have a dramatic effect on conversions.

To help you avoid these mistakes, take a look at the featured resource below where you can download a copy of a free report, Copywriting Blunders, so you will be forewarned. Download, read it and take action 😊

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Is Convertri Really As Good As They Say It Is?


Over the past couple of years, more and more experienced and successful online marketers have been singing glowing praises of Convertri.

Many are even saying that they made the switch from ClickFunnels to Convertri because it’s faster and easier to use. Not to mention the cheaper price tag.

But the question remains… is it really as good as they say it is?

To answer this question, we’ll need to look at some of Convertri’s most impressive features and decide if it’s really worth your time and money.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

Page Hosting And Accelerated Pages

convertri review

Convertri hosts your pages for you on their servers. This is one reason why their pages have blazing fast load times. Any marketer will tell you that it’s a constant challenge to get your pages to load as fast as possible.

Speed is crucial to maintaining the interest of the visitor and getting the sale. Speed increases conversions and Convertri truly understands this.

The strongest point of Convertri is that it’s faster than almost all of the other funnel builders on the market.

This benefit alone is tipping the scales in its favor and seeing more and more marketers ditching other more established brands and choosing Convertri as their funnel builder of choice.

Page Editor

convertri vs clickfunnels

Unlike other popular page builders which are block based, Convertri uses a full free-form editor.

All you need to do is drag and drop elements and customize your sales page to look just the way you want it to.

That makes it extremely easy to design a page quickly and even newbie marketers will get the hang of this software quickly. Very little thinking required, and a ton of flexibility.

Number Of Pages / Funnels


With Convertri’s monthly plan, you get 500 pages and 50 funnels. ClickFunnels which costs almost double only gives you 100 pages before you need to upgrade your plan. That makes Convertri cheaper and definitely more value for money.

Beginner marketers who are not making much money online because they’ve just started may find themselves in the red with ClickFunnels’ pricing.

Convertri, however is more affordable and the newbie marketer will be able to pay for it more easily. All they’ll need is about 5 sales a month at $10 each to cover this cost.

This is definitely achievable and less intimidating. This investment will pay for itself.

Mobile-Specific Pages

convertri review

Another unique point about Convertri is that it allows for mobile-specific pages.

What that means is you can customize your pages to look exactly the way you want for mobile devices and it will NOT affect the way the pages look on the laptop or a PC.

The mobile pages don’t affect the web-ready pages and vice-versa.

ClickFunnels and Leadpages use a forced responsive version. So, you don’t have much control over how your mobile responsive pages will look and there’s a chance they may look less than awesome.

You’re better off with Convertri here.

Professional Templates

convertri vs clickfunnels

Convertri provides a wide selection of templates for you to use for your sales pages, download pages, etc.

Other page builders offer this too. Convertri is just as good as the rest in this regard.

And on the monthly plan templates are added every to your account every month.

Custom Domain


Like other popular funnel builders, you can add your own domain to Convertri, and it will look like the pages are on your domain but are actually hosted on Convertri’s fast servers.

This may appear gimmicky but is important for branding purposes.

It is easy to set up and there is always the support team if you get stuck and they are really responsive.

Funnel Planner

convertri review

Convertri has a visual planner that can be used to plan your funnel easily.

You’ll be able to see all the components in your funnel at a glance. Move them around, edit them, remove some, add some, etc… it’s all so easy because you can see the entire funnel as a whole.

Unlike planning on paper or seeing mind maps, Convertri’s visual display makes it simple and uncomplicated. We’ve not seen this in other funnel builders.

Active Facebook Group

convertri vs clickfunnels

Convertri has excellent support and an active Facebook group where almost four thousand members hang out and interact.

You can offer suggestions, exchange tips and even find many useful ideas here.

Many suggestions have been taken into consideration from this active community and implemented in the software.

The developers are constantly improving on it and actually listen to the users’ ideas and suggestions.

Page Importer


With this feature, you’ll be able to import any page online and with some modifications, get your Convertri page to look very similar. This makes it a breeze to replicate all your older pages on other sites.

If you’re importing someone else’s page, do get permission from them… or at the very least, use their page as inspiration and change up all the content so that your page is unique and doesn’t bear any resemblance to their page.

Whatever the case, this page importer feature will save you a ton of time.

Page And Funnel Cloning

convertri review

You’ll be able to clone pages and funnels in seconds. This will allow you to leverage past efforts and save you a ton of time.

You’ll only need to change up required details and you’ll have a brand-new sales page that’s still uniform with the other pages in the funnel.

Other funnel builders like ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Instapage and Unbounce offer this feature too.

Pop Ups & Exit Intent

convertri vs clickfunnels

Another excellent feature is the pop ups and exit intent that’s provided in Convertri.

If you’re using a page builder like Optimize Press, you’ll need to get a separate pop-up script or plugin and sync it all to work smoothly. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

With Convertri, everything can be done in seconds and you’ll have no problems building your list easily.

Pop ups may be annoying but they work so this is an invaluable tool in your marketing arsenal regardless of what you may think of them; be led by the data!

WordPress Integration


Yes, Convertri integrates with WordPress too.

So, you can install the Convertri plugin on your site and get it to display your Convertri pages on your blog.

That’s a lot of ‘yours’ in one sentence, but you get the point 😃

 One Click Upsells

convertri review

With Convertri, customers who have purchased your front-end product will be able to purchase your upgrade/upsell product with just one click.

This easy step will improve conversions because it makes buying easy for the customer. Just one click. Easy peasy!

This is shown to increase conversion rates and is far superior to PayPal. Just connect to your Stripe account and you are good to go. This can also save you money on standalone carts (although they will offer more flexibility; Thrivecart is a great one to go for if you’re in the market for an affordable cart)


convertri vs clickfunnels

The good ol’ green padlock that everyone was so concerned about a year or two ago is a piece of cake with Convertri. SSL, also known as secure socket layer, is displayed on all Convertri pages without you having to do much at all.

The secure pages will inspire confidence in potential customers, and they’ll buy from you without worry. Unlike ClickFunnels, you’ll not need to fumble with manual Cloudflare integration.

Convertri makes everything easy for you so that you can focus on the selling. After all, making money online is all about the selling and not the tech stuff that goes on behind the scenes, no matter how smart or advanced it is.

Selling is key, and Convertri helps you every step of the way. Quietly working in the background but delivering pages lightning fast (or close to it), with all the features you need to get the sale.

The features mentioned in this article is just a handful of the many features available. You can see all the other wonderful features that Convertri has by clicking on the link below.

This is probably one of the best funnel builders on the market and you can’t go wrong with it. Give it a test drive and you’ll be glad you did.

>> Check Out Convertri Here<<<

Of course, creating a great page is only part of the puzzle. If you want to have great results you need to be able to write highly converting copy which is difficult for many people as there are so many mistakes that can have a dramatic effect on conversions.

To help you avoid these mistakes, take a look at the featured resource below where you can download a copy of a free report, Copywriting Blunders, so you will be forewarned. Download, read it and take action 😊

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continuity program

Continuity: The Secret To Reliable Profits

continuity program

When you first get started online, you might be worried. Frankly, you probably should be worried.

Yes, you made sales this month. But will you make sales NEXT month? And how will you pay the bills if you don’t make sales?

It can be scary going from a job where you know exactly how much you’ll get paid and when you’ll get paid to working your own business online.

If you are the entrepreneurial type, then you are probably not afraid of a little risk for yourself but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be diligent when thinking about a new business venture.

Of course, online businesses don’t have the large overheads that physical businesses do, and you can get started for virtually free, but for most entrepreneurs the slowly, slowly approach can be a lot to swallow and they want to dive in head first. Sound familiar??

Once you have your business up and running, what then?

In your business you might have a brilliant month and then two months of starving followed by a mediocre month followed by (hopefully) another great month.

The trouble is that if your business is your sole source of income, you want your profits to be a lot more reliable than that!

Thus, the question becomes, “How do you get stability in your business – and your income -as quickly as possible?”

Or… how do you KNOW for a FACT that next month you can make the mortgage payments and eat, too?

membership site

Simple – continuity programs. Call it what you want – memberships, recurring payments, monthlies, etc.

It all boils down to getting people signed up into a continuity program so you can continue to get paid month after month.

Now you have a choice here: You can either promote other people’s continuity programs or create and promote your own.

If you’re acting as an affiliate, then you don’t have to worry about sales funnels, membership content, customer service and all of that. You just need to focus on making the sales.

Drive the traffic, offer your own bonuses, and do what you’ve got to do to get people signed up.

The problem, of course, is that in exchange for less responsibility, you also have less control and more competition.

The membership site owner has control over content. If s/he takes a “churn and burn” mentality and doesn’t care about keeping members happy, then people won’t stay long. You’ll have to continually make new sales, which isn’t what you’re looking for.

You want stability. That’s why you only want to promote truly great memberships and continuity programs that deliver a ton of value.

As to competition, you are competing with every other affiliate who is promoting the same program.

If you have your own list, then this isn’t that big of a problem. After all, people on your list know and love you, right? And so, they’ll follow your recommendation.

Unless they’re on someone else’s list (they are) who has already promoted the program. In which case, you’re not going to make many sales.

Promoting affiliate memberships is a give and take. Less responsibility, no control and lots of competition.

And this is why you might want to start your own membership. Look around and see what people in your niche desperately want and need, and then fill that want with your site.

Outsource the content creation if you can, so you can focus on the important part – filling it with people.

Use either a WordPress plugin such as Wishlist Member or an independent solution such as Product Dyno to create your membership site.

membership site platforms

Once you’ve got your membership site up and running, it’s time to get busy promoting it. Use every technique you can think of and track everything.

Find out what your best sources of traffic are, and then put all of your effort into just those methods.

For example, maybe you buy traffic from Facebook, Adwords and solo ads. You also get free traffic from guest posting, forums and social media.

9 out of 10 new members are coming from Facebook, so what are you going to do?

Drop all of your other methods and focus exclusively on the Facebook advertising.

Get your conversions up and your costs down and now you have a viable way of getting a continuous influx of new members into your site.

One thing you need to be aware of is that selling a membership can be a big ask with cold traffic and your conversion rate probably won’t be stellar.

So, what you could do is offer them a cheap product upfront to get them into your funnel, and then offer them your continuity program.

You could even offer a 7-day free trial to tempt them in. Also, keep the price of membership low. If your content is good, you shouldn’t need to keep looking for members because they won’t want to leave.

Plus, most folks won’t even notice a payment for $10-20 leaving their account every month.

Another thing to think about is whether you want to be creating content month after month, year after year. You could outsource the content creation if financially viable, or you could create a fixed membership site with 12 months of content that the customer pays to access.

Want even more members? Show affiliates how well your offer is converting, and you can get them to promote your membership site, too.

There are plenty of affiliates out there who want that continuous, month to month income that a good membership site provides. All you have to do is show them that your funnel is converting, and members are sticking.

Naturally, there are a lot more details than this to starting a membership site. But hopefully this gets you thinking in that direction.

Because if you want true financial freedom as quickly as possible and with as little stress as possible, then almost nothing can beat having your own successful membership site.

One more thing – the first site is the hardest. Once you have a membership site that’s clearing at least a couple of thousand dollars each month like clockwork, continue to build on that one while building your second membership site, and so forth.

Create a membership empire to secure your finances, and then you can experiment with anything you like.

Security first, right?

By the way, if you want to know more about outsourcing check out this article here and the featured resource below where you get a free report all about successful outsourcing; download, read it and take action 😊

why outsourcing is important
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product launch

Online Marketers: One Simple Shift That “Guarantees” Success

affiliate marketing

It’s my opinion that any online marketer – regardless of niche – who doesn’t do the following is essentially hiking up a rocky mountain barefoot when s/he could be taking the ski lift.

Online marketing boils down to this: We either create our own products or choose affiliate products, and then we spend our precious time, energy and money getting people to BUY those products.

But only a relatively small percentage of marketers make the one simple shift that will catapult them to success.

I’m going to focus on product creators here but this applies to affiliate marketing as well.

Normal Product Launch

product launch

Here’s the traditional launch a product method:

  • You get an idea for a product.
  • You do some research and you believe this product will sell well.
  • You create the entire product.
  • You create the entire sales funnel that will sell the product, including squeeze page, upsells, downsells, sales page, product delivery page, affiliate page, etc.
  • You line up affiliates and convince them to promote your launch.
  • You launch and you make sales and you don’t sleep for a week because of all the customer service requests and affiliate hand holding necessary.
  • Then you pay affiliate commissions, pay affiliate bonuses, pay your web designers and copywriters and all of that if you haven’t already.
  • You’re exhausted. And this didn’t make the kind of money you thought it would, so you…
  • …start over with a new product and new sales funnel.
  • You do this as quickly and as often as you can without going insane.
  • Idea – product – funnel – affiliates – launch – repeat.
  • You realize you’re working 60 hours a week.

Sound familiar?

“New” Product Launch

residual income

Let’s add a twist:

  • You get an idea for a continuity product like a membership, newsletter or software as a service.
  • You do research to confirm this product will likely sell well.
  • You create just a small portion of the product if it’s informational – about one month of content. If it’s software, you outsource the creation of it (unless you’re a coder, which you’re probably not, so let someone else do it for you).
  • You create a page to offer either a free or $1 trial of the product. You could create an entire funnel, but you’re lazy so you just create the one page.
  • You drive traffic (free or paid) and you get your initial members.
  • You continue to get paid on those sales every single month.
  • You see which traffic methods are working and you keep using those.
  • You regularly update the product.
  • You continue to get trial members, many of which continue on as full paying members.
  • You may or may not use affiliates – that’s totally up to you.
  • This same membership sells for years. YEARS. Because you keep updating it.
  • Life is good. You know how much money you will make next month. You work 10-20 hours a month.
  • You’re not breaking your own spirit by continually having to create new products. There is no way you would ever get a ‘real’ job again.

The Power Of Residual Income

affiliate marketing

This second scenario can be just a small launch, perhaps to your own list just to see if it’s going to sell well. You don’t have to sweat the 101 things that go along with a huge launch because this isn’t a: “Sell it hard and get out fast.” kind of thing. You’re selling this membership, newsletter or SAAS for months or years to come, and earning residual income, too.

You can start a membership site in a week and buy enough traffic to see if it’s a winner. If not, tweak it and try again, or get a better idea. You’re not out much money or time. (A full-blown launch can cost you hundreds of hours and a small fortune in copywriting, page design, affiliate contests and so forth.)

You’re essentially giving away initial access, so affiliates are optional. Fancy sales copy is optional. If you’re offering the right product to the right audience at the right price (free or $1) then selling just got a whole lot easier.

And it’s residual. $10 a month. $20 a month. $47 a month. You pick the price. You get 200 new trial members the first week and 100 stick with you – you can do the math. You get 200 new trial members every single week for 52 weeks and half of those stay in the membership for several months – you can do the math.

Yes, there is attrition. But if you’re offering the right newsletter or membership or software, that attrition rate can be surprisingly low. Think of a software someone needs to run their business. Are they going to cancel? Not unless you stop updating.

Think of a newsletter or membership that gives them the crucial info they need to succeed (business or personal, doesn’t matter). Are they going to cancel? No way.

I love products that pay residual income.

I sell my own and I sell other people’s residual products as an affiliate.

My reasoning is simple: Why work myself to death to create products that only pay me one time when I can create products that pay me over and over again? And these are products that I can keep selling for years to come.

Consider this: Do you want to do 2 to 4 major product launches each year? I know guys who do one per month. It’s crazy.

Or do you want to have maybe 1 or 2 products that you can continually sell for years that happen to bring you residual income, too?

Residual income might well be considered the 8th wonder of the business world. When you’re earning residual income, you have income security with LESS work than if you did a big fancy launch every 2 to 6 months.

Do you know what it takes to do a big launch? It’s exhausting. And when it’s over and the affiliates are paid and the bonuses are paid and all the expenses are handled, you realize that even though the launch went great (assuming it didn’t flop) you still didn’t make as much money as you thought you would.

Which is why you see marketers doing one big launch after another after another. It’s work and frankly it’s not fun.

If you wonder why so many ‘big name’ marketers come and go after a few years, this is the reason.

Be kind to yourself and work smart. Sell products with residual income.

Of course, to be able to sell anything you need to be skilled at copywriting and there are good and bad ways to do this. To learn about some of the common pitfalls to avoid when copywriting, check out the featured resource below to gat a free report; download, read it and take action 🙂

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what is sales funnel

Is Your Sales Funnel Bleeding Money?

sales funnel

If you know anything about sales and marketing, you know the power of the sales funnel.

This Is nothing new; sales funnels have been around in some shape or form forever. Online marketing makes them quick and simple to implement with the correct tools, such as Convertri or ClickFunnels and they can make a real difference to your profits, but can you be doing more, and is your sales funnel bleeding money and not working as well as you would like?

Let’s be honest. Does this sound a bit like you and your business?

what is sales funnel

You work hard to build your sales funnel. You’re buying traffic, but your funnel isn’t converting well enough to fully pay for that traffic.

Which means, you’re in the red. Yes, you are building your list, and yes, over time you will recoup your money from your list by promoting other products.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could get your funnel in the black NOW, so that you can buy all the traffic you want and build your list as fast as you want?

Having a self-liquidating offer, or an offer that breaks even on the front end can make a huge impact on your business because this means that you can afford to pay more for traffic, which means more eyes on your offer and more profit, but only if your offer converts well.

sales funnel definition

Anther way to boost your funnel is to take in a “lodger” of some kind. Not sure what I mean? Look at it this way…

Think of a big house – one that you love, but it costs too much on your income. What do you do? You take in a renter or two. They are paying you to stay in your house, and you now have no trouble making the mortgage payment each month.

Surprisingly, you can do the same thing with your sales funnel.

Take a good look at your funnel for places where you can accommodate “renters.” For example, if your backend offer isn’t converting as well as it should, how about renting out that back end offer to another marketer?

If that marketer has an offer that converts really well, and it’s a good match for your funnel, then this makes total sense for the both of you.

Now here’s a little trick: Let’s say you run your traffic through three different offers after they sign up to your list. All of these offers are on a related topic, in line with the subject of the lead magnet that got them into the funnel in the first place.

But if they turn down all three offers, then renting the exit splash page to another marketer with a product that is DIFFERENT for your offers could work really well.

Obviously, this offer would still be marketing-related, but it could be ANYTHING else that is marketing related. Of course, you’ll have to test this out. Do a one-week trial run with your “renter” and see if it’s a good fit. If not, find someone else.

You can rent out any space you like, whether it’s the first upsell, the exit page, a link on your download page and so forth.

How much should you charge? Enough to put your funnel into profit, or a little bit better. If your renter makes a killing, that’s fine. The point is to get you into profit. Then you can buy all the traffic you like and build that list quickly.

Your real profit comes from the list, not the funnel. Always think about the backend and your email marketing because this is where a really profitable business is built.

Selling this offer to established marketers isn’t difficult, either. Simply send them an email letting them know what you have. It’s an offer they don’t see every day – at least not yet – and it will spark immediate interest with some marketers.

Like anything else, it is a numbers game. Plan on approaching or emailing about 5-7 marketers to get 2 who are really interested, typically one of which will say yes.

sales funnel

I know of one fellow who’s been doing this for a couple of years now. He built a funnel in a new niche; one he was dying to enter. But for whatever reason, he had a devil of a time getting the funnel to pay for itself.

Finally, in frustration, he sent out a blanket email to 14 marketers that he personally knew. Granted, he already had the contacts, so this part was easy for him.

10 of those marketers expressed interest, and he wound up building a second, similar funnel to accommodate the demand.

He has two upsells after his squeeze page. The first is for one of his own products, and the second is rented out to another marketer. Then on the download page he rents out three different spaces to three different marketers.

Finally, he sends a ONE TIME ONLY offer to his new subscribers via email. He makes it VERY clear that this is the only time he will ever send such an offer on behalf of another marketer, but this offer is so good, he just had to let his new readers know about it. (You know the lingo to use.)

Because he makes it clear that this is a one-time only thing and he won’t be spamming his list, no one gets upset.

And between his own upsell, the upsell he rents out, the three ads on the download page and the ‘solo ad,’ he makes a good chunk of money.

He’s now able to buy more expensive traffic and still be in the black at all times. And this better traffic is more targeted and results in more sales from his list.

Talk about a win-win-win situation. He took something bad – a funnel that frustratingly was not paying for itself – and turned it into a way to build his lists even faster and with better prospects, while still making a small profit on his funnels.

If you want to know more about increasing conversions in your business, check out the featured resource below to grab a free report which will teach you how to boost your conversion rate. Download, read it, and take action 🙂

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Is Convertri A Good Choice For New Marketers?

convertri review

Selling products online can seem like a formidable challenge, and it often seems like creating the product is the easiest task. It’s the sales pages, funnels, linking them all together and making sure everything functions smoothly that’s the most intimidating and difficult part of the process.

So many new marketers get stuck on the technical aspects of online marketing, but it is now easier than ever to get up and running, even with limited technical skills.

And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be a painstaking grind. There are a plethora of page builders and funnel builders on the market to help you out.

Anyone who has been trying online marketing for more than two seconds would have heard of brands like ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, Leadpages and so on.

You’re spoiled for choice and this too becomes a challenge. You’re spoiled for choice. Which do you choose?

Some are plugins that you install, while others have pages which are hosted for you. Some are one-time payments while others are recurring. There’s a ton of decisions to consider before making your choice.

In this article, you’ll discover why Convertri is probably the best option for beginners who are new to online marketing and wish to profit from product creation.

Unlike many of the bigger brands such as ClickFunnels, Convertri has been flying under the radar for a number of years now and is used by many experienced marketers. It’s gaining popularity and will soon rival the rest of the big guys.

Now let’s see why Convertri is ideal for beginners…

Intuitive And Flexible

convertri vs clickfunnels

One of the strongest points of Convertri is that it’s easy to use. The interface is almost intuitive. Most beginners hate going through the learning curve. Since Convertri uses a ‘drag and drop’ editor, it’s perfect for beginners.

Seniors who are trying to make money online will find it very easy to use. Unlike HTML, there is no complicated code to deal with and pages can be replicated easily with the cloning feature in the software.

While OptimizePress and ClickFunnels are block-based editors, with Convertri, you can drag and drop your elements anywhere on the page and make your page look exactly the way you want it to.

Convertri was the first real fully freeform page builder, and while there are some others now available, Convertri is streets ahead in way of functionality and ease of use.

No fiddling with CSS code or any such hassle. There’s even an editor to get your mobile responsive version to look perfect. The mobile version does not affect how your page looks like on a computer. They’re separate from each other and that gives you maximum flexibility and creative license.

Plus, the level of support is incredible; you normally only find out how good a company is when things go wrong, and you have to contact support and there Convertri has you really well covered. And they also have an active Facebook group where you can get peer support and ideas too.

Speed And Convenience


Since Convertri hosts the sales pages, download pages, etc. for you, there’s really no need for you to build your own website yet. Just create a few products, put them out into the marketplace and make sales.

Once you’re rolling in the green, you’ll be motivated to have your own site, etc. Let’s get you making some cash first before doing the more mundane tasks.

Money loves speed, and speed comes from convenient processes – and that’s exactly what Convertri is all about. Speed and convenience which makes marketers’ lives much easier.

Improves Conversions

convertri review

Tests have shown that pages built on Convertri load faster than pages built on other more popular platforms. People have the attention span of a housefly these days.

You want your pages to load as fast as possible so that you can hook their eyeballs, grab their attention quickly and get the sale. Slow pages WILL cost you sales. Period.

Most novice marketers neither have the technical know-how to fiddle around with caching plugins and coding nor the time to spend two months trying to speed up their load times by half a microsecond.

Using Convertri makes things a breeze while the pages are blazing fast. It doesn’t get better than that.

Simple Split Testing

convertri vs clickfunnels

‘Split testing’ is another term that strikes fear into the hearts of most newbies and even intermediate marketers.

Convertri makes it all much easier and even provides you the conversion stats so that you know which pages are working better with just one glance.

This may not be a sexy thing, but it is important to know how well your pages are performing.

This is especially important if you are thinking of spending money on any sort of advertising to get traffic to your sales pages. If they aren’t converting well, you are wasting money. And if you have a page that is seriously outperforming the rest, then it makes sense to direct more traffic to that one to maximize your conversions.

Amazing Features


The page importer feature in Convertri will allow you to replicate any page on the internet. See a page you like? Go ahead and import it. Now all you need to do is make the necessary modifications to make the page unique and attractive.

(Do note that you should get permission from the site owner if you’re replicating a page that’s not yours… OR… you may model it but make enough changes so that the content on your page is completely different from the page you imported. Don’t plagiarize or rip off someone else’s hard work.)

Another feature that marketers seem to love about Convertri is the ‘undo button’. Apparently, ClickFunnels does not have that feature and it’s something that is sorely needed… and beginner marketers who constantly need to make changes and improve will find that the Convertri undo button becomes their new best friend.


convertri review

Last but not least, Convertri is much more affordable than ClickFunnels. Currently, at half the price, it’s a much better deal and provides most of the same features that you’ll need to create high-converting sales pages, etc.

While plugins like OptimizePress are one-time payments, they tend to be clunkier and the pages load slower. They also have a yearly support fee that you’ll need to fork out money for if you need support.

Leadpages costs slightly less, but the pages don’t load quite as fast as Convertri. The editor is also not as easy to use as Convertri’s drag and drop page builder and is very limited compared to the other options available to you.

To conclude, Convertri is one of the best investments a beginner marketer could make in their business. It will increase your sales, make your marketing processes much easier and if you ever have problems, they have excellent support too.

It may not be the cheapest option but is the best and if used well, it will become an investment rather than an expense and will more than pay for itself.

Do check it out and leverage this powerful platform to launch your own successful online business.

>>> See Convertri In Action Here <<<

Of course, creating a great page is only part of the puzzle. If you want to have great results you need to be able to write highly converting copy which is difficult for many people as there are so many mistakes that can have a dramatic effect on conversions.

To help you avoid these mistakes, take a look at the featured resource below where you can download a copy of a free report, Copywriting Blunders, so you will be forewarned. Download, read it and take action 😊

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convertri review

Convertri vs ClickFunnels: Which Is Really Better?


This topic has been hotly debated over and over by marketers and no one is closer to the answer. The truth of the matter is that it depends on your needs and preferences.

In this article, we’ll discuss the strengths and weakness of both brands and you can decide for yourself which one is best for you.

ClickFunnels, which was created by Russell Brunson, has achieved cult-like status. It’s used by many big-name marketers to generate millions of dollars in sales. The affiliates swear by it because they’re making a killing in commissions.

Since most people think that bigger is better, the ClickFunnels brand keeps gaining popularity because it’s already huge… and everyone loves a winner. It’s akin to Kim Kardashian being famous for being famous.

On the flip side, we have Convertri. While it is gaining popularity, it’s nowhere close to being as popular as ClickFunnels is. But does that mean it’s not as good?

Not necessarily so. If we were to use an analogy, ClickFunnels will be like an infantry battalion that’s huge and wipes out the enemy wherever it goes.

Convertri, however, is like a small elite group of commandos that’s fast, silent and gets the job done without anyone even knowing they were there.

Now let’s look at a few points and see how both brands fare…


convertri vs clickfunnels

Without a doubt, sales pages created with Convertri load faster than pages created with ClickFunnels. This is what we meant by the commando approach. Convertri is extremely swift. Even their slogan states, “Faster funnels, higher conversions”.

And that’s hitting the nail on the head. Faster pages hold the reader’s attention and translate to higher sales. In this area, ClickFunnels could use some improvement.

If you wish, you could create a similar page in both ClickFunnels and Convertri and test the page load speeds here:

The results will prove our point.



Convertri is definitely more affordable when compared to ClickFunnels. At $69 a months, Convertri is roughly half the price of ClickFunnels, which is $97 a month. Once you hit 100 pages with ClickFunnels, the price jumps up to $297 a month and this can be expensive for many beginner marketers.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate marketer, you’ll be able to save more money using Convertri. You’ll get 500 pages for the standard plan and even the highest plan at 10,000 pages, only costs $166, which is $131 cheaper than ClickFunnels. That is a huge savings for you.

Do note that ClickFunnels does have a lot more features when you get the $297 plan, but most marketers will never really use the multitude of features provided.

All they really need is the page/funnel builder. At the end of the day, you’ll need to decide if the extra features are worth the monthly $131.


convertri review

When it comes to ease of use, Convertri wins here. With a ‘drag and drop’ editor, it’s easier to use than ClickFunnels block-based editor. Convertri also has an undo button that makes it easy to fix mistakes.

ClickFunnels doesn’t have this undo option. The only way to fix a mistake will be to restore a previously saved version of the page. This is not only a hassle, but the biggest bugbear that ClickFunnels’ users currently have.

Unlike Convertri, ClickFunnels claims to be an all-in-one solution. It’s more than just a funnel builder. It comes with a CRM and autoresponder, membership database management and many other advanced features. So, it beats Convertri here.

However, it’s best to keep your autoresponder and your funnel builder separate. If you put all your eggs in one basket and the software goes down, all your related components, autoresponder, etc. will be down too.

Ultimately, you’ll need to decide if you want to give full-control of your business to one brand, or you want to keep the different entities separate. Separation gives you flexibility and more security. ‘All in one’ solutions are easier to use, but more risky.


convertri vs clickfunnels

Based on reports from marketers, ClickFunnels seems to go down every now and then.

While this is normal, and to some extent inevitable, it still can result in thousands of dollars lost in sales. So far, we’ve not seen any instance of Convertri being down.

Either way, both are reliable companies. So, you’re safe with them… but just that little bit safer with Convertri.

For Affiliates


When it comes to affiliate recruitment, ClickFunnels is a goliath. Convertri has a long way to go to catch up.

However, that also means that you have less competition when promoting Convertri. It’ll be easier to promote Convertri successfully, and your affiliate link will be in your dashboard.

Your commissions will be lower because the pricing is lower, but there are masses of new and beginner marketers who will be better off with Convertri, because it’s a cheaper alternative that’s just as good (better in some cases).

To wrap things up, while both funnel builders are good, we believe that Convertri is the better one. There’s a lot less hype about it, but it has been delivering over and over ever since it hit the market.

There’s a very active Convertri support group where users offer suggestions, and many have been implemented in the software. This is a company that listens to its customers.

While it may be quietly performing in ClickFunnels’ shadow for the time being, this brand has a lot of promise and will be just as big in the future. For the time being, Convertri is faster, easier to use and way more affordable. Definitely the better choice.

>> Check Out Convertri Here

Of course, creating a great page is only part of the puzzle. If you want to have great results you need to be able to write highly converting copy which is difficult for many people as there are so many mistakes that can have a dramatic effect on conversions.

To help you avoid these mistakes, take a look at the featured resource below where you can download a copy of a free report, Copywriting Blunders, so you will be forewarned. Download, read it and take action 😊

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backend sales

Using Upsells And Backend Sales To Increase Profits


Once you have managed to persuade someone to buy one of your products or services, you should have a good sales funnel in place to try to increase the minimum order value (MOV) as this will make it much easier to be profitable if you are going to use paid traffic.

Your front-end offer should allow you to break even with any ad spend; this means that you are acquiring customers for free.

Then your sales funnels work to add profit to your business.

So, let’s look at a couple of components of a sales funnel which can have a big impact on your profit margins; upsells and backend offers.

Giving More Value with One Time Offers


One time offers are a great way to increase the money you make from each offer.  You can get people to agree to purchase a product from you at a lower price that’s only available right that second, making the sale a bit easier.

This is a good way to increase the amount of your sale since they’re already in buying mode. A One Time Offer is shown right after the customer clicks the Buy button. But before they checkout, the OTO is presented for them to consider.

One time offers are a very good way to give customers more value.  It’s less expensive than the product would normally be, giving your customers the opportunity to grab another great deal from you while they already have their credit card out.

Another great way to offer additional value is to trade OTOs with other marketers.  For example, if you have a product that complements another marketer’s product (and vice versa), then each of you would present the other’s products to your customers as the OTOs, either sharing the revenue or giving the owner 100% in exchange for a reciprocal arrangement.

If you can’t find someone who will JV with you on an OTO offer, you can try to find someone with an affiliate program who will allow you to offer their product as an OTO at a discount.  Simply tell them you expect a good volume of sales and you’d like to offer their product at a slight discount.

You probably won’t be able to land a deal like this unless you can prove you can do a large volume of business, because it would mean setting up a special sales page (or at least setting up a coupon code that could be easily tracked with your affiliate ID).

The best OTOs are usually very difficult to say no to.  They offer exceptional value at a very special price.  There are three separate types of one time offers.  One is usually an upgrade to the first product, such as a more comprehensive version of it.

The second could be a coaching program that takes the ideas of the product and offers them in a one-on-one coaching system.  And the third could be a turnkey solution that goes along with the product you sold.  For example, if you’ve sold an eBook about making money with AdSense, you could offer a package of AdSense templates as the OTO.

Membership sites can also have OTOs.  When someone joins your membership site, you could offer them an upgrade to a higher access level.  Let’s say you have two access levels – silver and gold.

The silver level typically costs $50 per month, and the gold level costs $100 per month.  You could offer anyone who joins at the silver level an upgrade to gold for only $25 more, at $75 per month – a $25 savings from the normal gold level price. You can also offer one-on-one coaching as an OTO for membership sites.  Since memberships are already a monthly fee, coaching is a perfect complement to many membership sites.

Make sure you test your one time offers just like you test any part of your sales copy or site performance.  Replace the offers and see which ones convert better and then tweak that offer until it performs as well as it can.

Have A Plan for Your Backend Sales


Every good marketer knows how important it is to increase the lifetime value of the customer.  It’s much cheaper to make a sale to a previous customer than it is to get a new one onboard.  The cost of acquiring new customers can be high but getting more money out of existing customers won’t cost you a penny.

Building a backend to your business isn’t hard but without one, you’re limiting your financial potential.  A backend is how you continue selling to an existing customer. Let’s say you sell an eBook on how to make money blogging.

Your eBook could discuss what a blog is, how to set one up, and how to make money from it.  Your backend sales could come from affiliate items (if you don’t feel like taking the product creation route again) or a new eBook, membership site, or video/audio package you sell.

Whenever you first start selling online, always think of complementary topics you can tack on as a backend. For our example, your backend sales could be about social networking on other networks like Instagram, Twitter etc..

After they’ve begun seeing success, your backend sales could focus on more paid methods of marketing, such as AdWords.  You progress your offers with your audience like steppingstones, moving from the first logical starting point to a more advanced stage.

Plop your offers right into your autoresponder system and it’ll automatically cater to the needs of your subscribers the longer they stay on your list. Another common way to add a backend onto a product is to offer personal coaching. 

Personal coaching can be expensive, sometimes costing thousands of dollars per month.  A lot of marketers offer this as a backend strategy, giving them the potential to significantly increase the return on their investment (ROI) of acquiring the prospect.

If you take care to create backend offers that add value to their needs and which are of top quality, they’ll continue buying from you. If you promote anything and everything just for the sake of cashing in, they’ll lose trust in you.

Your backend sales strategy isn’t all done just through your autoresponders. You can put links to backend products on your “thank you” pages.  And don’t forget that each product can act as a backend item for another one. So, you might start with an eBook about WordPress and then use a blogging eBook as your backend item for the customer.

Just make sure you don’t set yourself up for limited profits by using a single product without implementing a backend strategy that will work to increase your ROI repeatedly. You’re building a business, not dabbling in a few hit or miss sales.

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