How To Set Up A Landing Page That Gets New Subscribers

You have a fantastic lead magnet on your hands. You provide your subscribers with helpful, engaging content. All you have to do now is inform your leads about the advantages of joining your mailing list. Setting up a landing page is one approach to achieve this (also known as a lead page or opt-in page).

Your landing page functions as a mini sales page, since it persuades visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.

The better your page is at achieving this aim, the quicker you’ll build your list (and the more money you’ll make). As a result, you can understand how crucial this step is in the email marketing process.

Let’s have a look at how to do it step-by-step…

Design A Professional Page

While the majority of this lesson focuses on writing sales copy for your landing page, we can’t overlook the page’s overall design.

If your page has a shabby, “cheap” appearance, your visitors will presume your newsletter is similarly shabby and inexpensive. That’s why you need a professional, clear design that offers a strong first impression.

As an example, look at this sales page…

The design is simple, yet professional, and it doesn’t detract from the message on the page.

It’s not a problem if you’re not a designer. If you want, you can hire someone. Alternatively, you might use a content management system like, which offers thousands of professional designs (many of which are absolutely free).

Brainstorm The Benefits

The next step is to come up with a list of all the advantages that a subscriber will receive if they join your mailing list. To put it another way, you want to come up with as many reasons as possible for someone to join your list.

Here are some questions to consider when brainstorming these advantages:

  • What kind of lead magnet do you send to your subscribers?
  • What are the advantages of using a lead magnet?
  • What kind of information do you send to your subscribers?
  • What are the advantages of this information?
  • Are there any other benefits to being a subscriber? (Perhaps they get special discounts on popular items.)

Move on to the next step once you’ve learned about all the benefits…

Profile Your Audience

To write copy that truly connects with your target audience, you must first understand who they are, what they want, and how they think and feel. You can get this information by looking at demographics, monitoring niche conversations on social media and other platforms, and surveying your target group.

You can get this information by looking at demographics, monitoring niche conversations on social media and other platforms, and surveying your target group. 

For example, what is the average age and gender of your target audience? Where do they call home? What are their most pressing niche issues? What are they looking for? What niche-relevant hopes and worries do they have? The more you learn, the easier it will be to write high-response copy that talks directly to your target market.

This leads us to the following step…

Put Together Your Copy

Now that you’ve figured out who your target market is and what you’re selling, it’s time to put it all together in a sales letter.

NOTE: This page does not have to be very long. A headline, a brief introduction, a list of benefits, and a call to action are usually sufficient. Let’s have a look at these pieces…


Create an engaging headline that highlights one to three of the most compelling reasons to join your mailing list.

For example:

  • Now You Too Can Discover the Secrets of Getting Rid of Unsightly Belly Fat – This Free Video Shows You How!
  • To Every Allergy Sufferer Who’s Absolutely Dreading the Upcoming Pollen Season: Discover the Natural Way to Get Rid of Itchy Eyes, Sneezing and that Runny Nose — Get Your Free Report to Enjoy Instant Relief!



Then, in a few phrases, add a short opening that expands on what you’re offering and/or describes the problem you’re fixing.


“It’s not fun to be miserable all of the time because of your allergies.” You have swollen eyes and cheeks. People frequently ask whether or not you are crying. And your eyes itch so badly that it’s all you can think about at times.

The good news is that you can start feeling better right now. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve tried every over-the-counter medication. It makes no difference if prescribed medications haven’t helped you. What you’ll learn in this free report will revolutionize the way you think about allergies – and will change your life for the better!”

List of Benefits

You’ll want to share a bulleted list of your top perks after the opener. You have the option of sharing five to ten benefits.

Include statements that pique the readers’ interest in the benefits they’re receiving wherever possible. You can accomplish this by informing visitors of the advantage but not telling them HOW they will receive it. Going against popular belief regarding the benefit will make people curious to know more.

 For example, many individuals assume that when they’re on a weight-loss regimen, they need to experience hunger, rumbling stomachs, cravings, feeling deprived, and so on. You can make people curious by telling them that they can reduce weight without these negative consequences. The use of phrases like “secrets,” “find,” and “reveal” will pique people’s interest in the benefit.

For example: “You’ll learn the secrets of safe and effective weight loss – even if you eat a luscious piece of chocolate cake every day!”

Here’s another example: “Are you making a costly copywriting mistake that might be taking thousands of dollars from your bottom line every year?  Find out on page 33!”

Call to Action

At this moment, your visitor is eager to join your mailing list. Along with your email opt-in form, you must now include a call to action.

E.G., “Fill out the form below and click submit to get instant access to [the main benefit, lead magnet, or whatever else you want]:”


You know you have a fantastic lead magnet and a fantastic newsletter for your subscribers, but they have no idea.

Your lead page is where you can tell your audience about your free offer and how they can gain immediate access to your lead magnet in exchange for an email address.

Just keep in mind that your sales copy should be informative and cheerful, with no hype, strongarm tactics, psychological techniques, or anything else. Your goal should be to assist your audience rather than to “deceive” them.

Any type of marketing funnel relies on good sales copy and there are many pitfalls and mistakes that inexperienced copywriters can make. If you want to know more about avoiding these and other copywriting mistakes, take a look at the featured resource below where you can download a copy of a free report, Copywriting Blunders, so you will be forewarned and can make your copy more effective. Download, read it and take action 😊

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