Is Convertri Really As Good As They Say It Is?


Over the past couple of years, more and more experienced and successful online marketers have been singing glowing praises of Convertri.

Many are even saying that they made the switch from ClickFunnels to Convertri because it’s faster and easier to use. Not to mention the cheaper price tag.

But the question remains… is it really as good as they say it is?

To answer this question, we’ll need to look at some of Convertri’s most impressive features and decide if it’s really worth your time and money.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

Page Hosting And Accelerated Pages

convertri review

Convertri hosts your pages for you on their servers. This is one reason why their pages have blazing fast load times. Any marketer will tell you that it’s a constant challenge to get your pages to load as fast as possible.

Speed is crucial to maintaining the interest of the visitor and getting the sale. Speed increases conversions and Convertri truly understands this.

The strongest point of Convertri is that it’s faster than almost all of the other funnel builders on the market.

This benefit alone is tipping the scales in its favor and seeing more and more marketers ditching other more established brands and choosing Convertri as their funnel builder of choice.

Page Editor

convertri vs clickfunnels

Unlike other popular page builders which are block based, Convertri uses a full free-form editor.

All you need to do is drag and drop elements and customize your sales page to look just the way you want it to.

That makes it extremely easy to design a page quickly and even newbie marketers will get the hang of this software quickly. Very little thinking required, and a ton of flexibility.

Number Of Pages / Funnels


With Convertri’s monthly plan, you get 500 pages and 50 funnels. ClickFunnels which costs almost double only gives you 100 pages before you need to upgrade your plan. That makes Convertri cheaper and definitely more value for money.

Beginner marketers who are not making much money online because they’ve just started may find themselves in the red with ClickFunnels’ pricing.

Convertri, however is more affordable and the newbie marketer will be able to pay for it more easily. All they’ll need is about 5 sales a month at $10 each to cover this cost.

This is definitely achievable and less intimidating. This investment will pay for itself.

Mobile-Specific Pages

convertri review

Another unique point about Convertri is that it allows for mobile-specific pages.

What that means is you can customize your pages to look exactly the way you want for mobile devices and it will NOT affect the way the pages look on the laptop or a PC.

The mobile pages don’t affect the web-ready pages and vice-versa.

ClickFunnels and Leadpages use a forced responsive version. So, you don’t have much control over how your mobile responsive pages will look and there’s a chance they may look less than awesome.

You’re better off with Convertri here.

Professional Templates

convertri vs clickfunnels

Convertri provides a wide selection of templates for you to use for your sales pages, download pages, etc.

Other page builders offer this too. Convertri is just as good as the rest in this regard.

And on the monthly plan templates are added every to your account every month.

Custom Domain


Like other popular funnel builders, you can add your own domain to Convertri, and it will look like the pages are on your domain but are actually hosted on Convertri’s fast servers.

This may appear gimmicky but is important for branding purposes.

It is easy to set up and there is always the support team if you get stuck and they are really responsive.

Funnel Planner

convertri review

Convertri has a visual planner that can be used to plan your funnel easily.

You’ll be able to see all the components in your funnel at a glance. Move them around, edit them, remove some, add some, etc… it’s all so easy because you can see the entire funnel as a whole.

Unlike planning on paper or seeing mind maps, Convertri’s visual display makes it simple and uncomplicated. We’ve not seen this in other funnel builders.

Active Facebook Group

convertri vs clickfunnels

Convertri has excellent support and an active Facebook group where almost four thousand members hang out and interact.

You can offer suggestions, exchange tips and even find many useful ideas here.

Many suggestions have been taken into consideration from this active community and implemented in the software.

The developers are constantly improving on it and actually listen to the users’ ideas and suggestions.

Page Importer


With this feature, you’ll be able to import any page online and with some modifications, get your Convertri page to look very similar. This makes it a breeze to replicate all your older pages on other sites.

If you’re importing someone else’s page, do get permission from them… or at the very least, use their page as inspiration and change up all the content so that your page is unique and doesn’t bear any resemblance to their page.

Whatever the case, this page importer feature will save you a ton of time.

Page And Funnel Cloning

convertri review

You’ll be able to clone pages and funnels in seconds. This will allow you to leverage past efforts and save you a ton of time.

You’ll only need to change up required details and you’ll have a brand-new sales page that’s still uniform with the other pages in the funnel.

Other funnel builders like ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Instapage and Unbounce offer this feature too.

Pop Ups & Exit Intent

convertri vs clickfunnels

Another excellent feature is the pop ups and exit intent that’s provided in Convertri.

If you’re using a page builder like Optimize Press, you’ll need to get a separate pop-up script or plugin and sync it all to work smoothly. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

With Convertri, everything can be done in seconds and you’ll have no problems building your list easily.

Pop ups may be annoying but they work so this is an invaluable tool in your marketing arsenal regardless of what you may think of them; be led by the data!

WordPress Integration


Yes, Convertri integrates with WordPress too.

So, you can install the Convertri plugin on your site and get it to display your Convertri pages on your blog.

That’s a lot of ‘yours’ in one sentence, but you get the point 😃

 One Click Upsells

convertri review

With Convertri, customers who have purchased your front-end product will be able to purchase your upgrade/upsell product with just one click.

This easy step will improve conversions because it makes buying easy for the customer. Just one click. Easy peasy!

This is shown to increase conversion rates and is far superior to PayPal. Just connect to your Stripe account and you are good to go. This can also save you money on standalone carts (although they will offer more flexibility; Thrivecart is a great one to go for if you’re in the market for an affordable cart)


convertri vs clickfunnels

The good ol’ green padlock that everyone was so concerned about a year or two ago is a piece of cake with Convertri. SSL, also known as secure socket layer, is displayed on all Convertri pages without you having to do much at all.

The secure pages will inspire confidence in potential customers, and they’ll buy from you without worry. Unlike ClickFunnels, you’ll not need to fumble with manual Cloudflare integration.

Convertri makes everything easy for you so that you can focus on the selling. After all, making money online is all about the selling and not the tech stuff that goes on behind the scenes, no matter how smart or advanced it is.

Selling is key, and Convertri helps you every step of the way. Quietly working in the background but delivering pages lightning fast (or close to it), with all the features you need to get the sale.

The features mentioned in this article is just a handful of the many features available. You can see all the other wonderful features that Convertri has by clicking on the link below.

This is probably one of the best funnel builders on the market and you can’t go wrong with it. Give it a test drive and you’ll be glad you did.

>> Check Out Convertri Here<<<

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