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Affiliate Recruitment Tactics

Affiliate Recruitment Tactics

Affiliate Recruitment Tactics

When you sell products online, a great way to get the word out about your offerings is to have an army of people behind you. These people will represent your brand, refer your brand, and encourage people to buy your brand.

You can end up with loyal customers, who will eventually do that for free. But if you want to hurry it along incentivizing people by recruiting affiliates who will make a percentage of sales to help you promote is the best way to accomplish that.

What Are Affiliates?

An affiliate is someone who is a salesperson for you. The great thing about an affiliate is that you do not have to pay them unless they make a sale.

The way it works is that by using specialized software, that keeps track of sales for each individual affiliate, the affiliate posts links to your sales pages, and when a sale is made via their link, they get the percentage promised for that individual sale.

For example, if you’re selling a 250-dollar product such as an information product, the seller (affiliate) will make commissions, which you’ve set up in your affiliate software to pay. Percentages range from 5 percent to even 100 percent depending on the goals of the campaign and the type of product you’re selling.

If you are selling something that causes you to use personal time, you may want to lower the percentage. If you’re selling something that is a digital product that has already used time, you can give a larger percentage.

So, in short, an affiliate is a salesperson who earns a percentage of the price from every single sale that they make using their special link.

Why You Need Affiliates

The best way to make a profit on anything is to sell a lot of it and being that you’re only one person you can only tell so many people about your offerings.

But imagine if you could double, triple, or quadruple yourself by getting other people to spread the word about your offerings? Wouldn’t you do it? The cost of having an affiliate program is minimal.

It’s also less expensive than other types of marketing such as placing ads, and what’s most important, if you plan it right, it really works.

  • Increase Your Reach – If you know there are other audience members out there who have not heard of your products and services finding affiliates to help promote your products to their audience will definitely increase your reach and enable you to help more people.
  • Make More Money with Less Effort – While it may seem expensive to pay for a sale when you’re dealing with digital products, remember that your costs do not go up with each additional sale, as they do with physical products. You can give a larger percentage of the price and still end up making more money, with less effort on your part.
  • Grow Your List – Encouraging affiliates to promote you not only increases sales but once someone buys from you, they’re now part of your audience and are on your list. Now that they’re on your list, you can market directly to them the rest of the items in your funnel.
  • Build Relationships – Once your affiliate program gets momentum, you’re going to notice some true movers and shakers. These people make the most sales and the most noise about your products. When you notice that, reach out to that affiliate and offer them a special deal such doing a joint webinar, or offering them a larger percentage of sales to encourage them to do even better. You can become quite close to your affiliate people and even get ideas for new products from them if you’re open to it.
  • Grow Bigger Than You – You’re only one person, working from your home office, or your kitchen table. But with affiliates, you can grow a literal army of salespeople to promote your products and services making your job one of management and creation rather than just sales. Eventually, you can grow a business that earns multiple six figures for yourself and others.

These reasons are great reasons to find affiliates to promote your products. The main point to take away is that you can sell more products with other people doing the work for you than you can sell on your own.

While giving out a percentage of profits might seem painful at first, it’s really one of the least expensive options to improve sales.

How To Find Affiliates

Now that you know you want an affiliate program, you need to find affiliates. Finding affiliates is a combination of simply asking people and letting interested parties know about your program.

In addition, you can encourage people to be an affiliate by offering excellent products, top-notch customer service, and a by offering generous commission.

  • Direct Contact – Find competitors and others who market to your audience who do not offer exact products or services as you and approach them directly. Work first to build relationships with these people in online groups, via joint ventures, events, and more and you’ll be certain to get a percentage of these people to sign up for your affiliate program and promote your products and services.
  • Customers – Your best affiliates can come from people who have purchased from you. Definitely run an email series for your customers to encourage them to earn money by recommending your products to their friends and family. This is a great way to end up with a true fan as an affiliate.
  • Colleagues – Even if you work from home, you are likely part of a group of like-minded individuals online and / or offline. Ensure that you let these people know that you have an affiliate program so that they can choose to join if they want to. You can also if you’ve used the right type of software, give special commission amounts to people you know.
  • Movers & Shakers – You’ve seen them on Twitter, Facebook groups, and probably on numerous webinars and other places. These big earners shake things up. Work toward building a relationship with them, then make it super simple for them to promote by giving them a free copy, graphics, and more. Offer to set it all up for them so that all they have to do is collect the money when they make sales.
  • Conferences – You can also meet potential affiliates at live events and conferences. Whether you’re a speaker or an attendee, you may meet people who need to offer your products to their audience. Make it worth their while to promote you, by also promoting them.
  • Print Publications – You can place ads in relevant print publicans such as work at home magazines and other magazines devoted to people who are interested in this type of income opportunity.
  • Social Media – If you join groups and friend people online, ensure that you also connect with potential affiliates. Take the time to get to know them. When it’s appropriate, let them know about your affiliate program. You can use social media also to talk about how excited you are about your affiliate program. The more enthusiastic you are about the program, the more they will want to join to earn money.
  • Blogging – Use your blog part of the time, to speak to potential affiliates. Your blog provides your audience with solutions to their problems. But, once you have an affiliate program, you can also mention how you want to help as many people as possible and your readers can help by becoming an affiliate.
  • Forums/Groups – Any groups you’re part of, online or offline, can be great places to find affiliates. The best thing to do is to build relationships with people you think would like and promote your products. Offer to do things for them, make your program so inviting that they can’t resist.
  • Online Ads – Another way to attract affiliates is to advertise the program and its benefits. You can use Facebook, Twitter, or even Ad Words to market the program. This works very well, if you have a good product funnel, offer excellent commissions, and a wide range of products for your niche.
  • Your Website – Don’t forget that your website is the hub of your business. Keep reminder info and an affiliate program link in a prominent place on your site. This can be short and link to further information about the program details.
  • Word-of-Mouth – People like to talk, so if you do a good job taking care of your affiliates plus offering really great products then super affiliates will notice you and talk about you. Plus, when they start promoting your products, other people in their circle will notice and join too.
  • Cold Calls – If you know people already that promote other people’s products and you’re sure that your product fits in with their niche, go ahead and drop them an email, or even get them on the phone. Be ready to explain what is so great about your product and how it benefits their audience. Plus, explain how you’re going to make it super easy for them to be part of your program.
  • Hire an Affiliate Manager – Even if you’re just starting your program, hiring an affiliate manager can help you grow your affiliate program faster. Hire someone who is familiar with your niche, who has connections to promote to super affiliates and who understands the software you use.
  • Directories – There are directories, such as, where you can list your affiliate program. They do require a link back, but it’s free. More than likely, you won’t find as many affiliates this way since building relationships is very important. However, it does help direct potential affiliates to your opportunity.
  • Affiliate Networks – Another great way to find affiliates is to list your products in affiliate networks such as or Marketers who are looking for a product to promote often go there to search for products. Make sure you offer a great program, and a lucrative commission. Include tools to make promoting easy. These could be articles, graphics, emails, etc.

Finding and recruiting affiliates is only part of starting an affiliate program. Now you need to make your affiliate offer worthy, appealing and timely. Plus, the more unique your offer is, the more affiliates you’ll recruit.

Making Affiliate Worthy Offers

If you really want to get the best affiliates, then you need to make affiliate worthy offers. Make smart affiliates want to promote everything you have because they know that you provide a great product, good customer service, and amazing creatives for them to use to market your programs.

In order to attract the right affiliates, it’s important to share certain types of stats with them so that they know what to expect with your program.

Keep in mind, you will not have any stats to show, but as time progresses, you will. As soon as you have this information, start sharing it.

Important Stats, Information & Figures To Share

Some statistics are more important to share than others. If you just consider what’s important to you about your affiliate program it’ll be easy to see what you need to share.

  • Conversion Rate: They like to know how often a visitor to the sales page converts to a buyer.
  • Commissions: They want to know how much they’ll make per product and whether or not there is potential to make more due to your deep funnel.
  • Upsell: Let them know if you offer an upsell or not and what the commission is on that as well as the conversion rate for that too.
  • Recurring Commissions: If any of your products offer
  • Incentives: Let them know what type of enticements you offer for successful sales.
  • Product Reviews: Do you allow affiliates to review your product free? Hint: Once you have stand out affiliates it’ll pay off to let them have a free copy.
  • Visitor Value: Let them know the target market for the product and the value it offers.
  • Training: While affiliates aren’t your employees and aren’t on your staff, you can still offer a lot of training to help them make more money promoting your products.
  • Collateral: Ensure that you have plenty of professional graphics, copy, and information that enable your affiliates to promote your product.
  • Program Description: Ensure that you’re very succinct and inclusive in the description for your program.

Anything you can let them know at a glance is important to share. You can offer more in-depth information as well, but the information right up front should include what they need to know to figure out if your product is what they want to promote to their audience.

Keeping Affiliates Happy

Once you recruit affiliates, it’s also important to keep them happy. Happy affiliates will be more likely to promote your products.

They may even tell other people about you too.

That’s why developing relationships, communicating, and following up with your affiliates is so important.

Developing Relationships

In business one of the most important things you’re going to do aside from creating amazing products that your audience needs, is building mutually beneficial relationships with other people.

In order to build relationships with affiliates, you need to understand them as a separate audience. They have different needs from the people that buy or get your products.

To help you build your affiliate relationships, here are a few things you want to do.

  • Communicate – Use email, webinars, teleseminars, and other forms of communication with your affiliates. Some of them will prefer email and others will like the one-on-one feel of webinars. When you keep your affiliates abreast of new products to come, changes in old products, sales, and other information they’re going to be that much more likely to stick with you and promote you because of the trust that you develop.
  • Listen – Communication is a two-way street. Therefore, it’s imperative that you also open the lines of communication in reverse. Ask them questions, conduct surveys, and connect one on one with your highest sellers. For example, you can have a trigger number of sales that elevates your affiliates to your affiliate inner circle where you can help them with all kinds of things.
  • Ask for Feedback – When you send out new products to your affiliates, ask for feedback so you can make the product better before launch. You don’t have to send it to everyone who signs up for your program. Choose a few affiliates for feedback, based on your knowledge of them and their reputation in the business.
  • Show Your Personality – People do business with those that they like, know and trust. The more you can connect with your affiliates and find ways to show your character, the more you can enhance this effect. Add a little personal information in your emails, webinars, and live videos, and live events. Seeing and hearing you can make a huge impression.
  • Be a Helpful Resource – When you really want to have a real relationship with someone, you seek to be helpful. Even if the assistance has nothing to do with your business, being helpful and pointing people in the right direction will go far in helping you solidify your relationships.
  • While you may not be able to pay as close attention as you’d like to each individual affiliate, you can use the information and tools at your disposal to build relationships that will stand the test of time and encourage even more sales if you’re open to it. Use email automation, set up training series, host live webinars to talk about your new products and to get ideas, and otherwise be open to new ways to connect with your affiliates.
  • Keeping Track of People you talk To — When you are seeking to impress people, one way to do that is to remember who you’ve talked to and what you talked about. A good way to do this is to use some sort of customer relationship software or help ticket software. This is true even if you aren’t really providing customer service to your affiliates due to a product they bought. The help desk software will keep track of all your conversations so that you can easily stick to your promises.
  • Hosting Contests – A good way to kick off some relationship building is to plan and host a contest for your affiliates. Give away some iPads, cash, and depending upon your price range, perhaps a free trip. The more outrageous you can be with your contest the more attention it’ll get.
  • Do What Needs to Be Done – Affiliate’s needs depend on their audience too. Suppose an affiliate contacts you and asks you to do a live webinar with them. It is to be played “live” multiple times. This is a good promotional item to offer your top affiliates. It will help you develop relationships as you get to know each other as you work together on the webinar and get other people involved.

Finally, the most important thing of all is to follow up. Even if affiliates contact you infrequently, make sure that you do contact them. Connect, encourage, and connect more. Always deliver top-notch services, products, and tools.

Affiliate Software & Tools

A variety of tools and software can be used to recruit affiliates. Consider all the things you need to do – keep track of people, your products, affiliates’ commissions, and payouts. You also need to be able to give them marketing materials easily. Try these tools and you’ll do great.

  • Website Building Software – The best website building software right now, hands down, is self-hosted WordPress. You can learn a lot about WordPress by going to their website at Look for premium WordPress themes or use a free one if you like.
  • Website Hosting – There are many different website hosts, but you need a good host that offers security, safety, and great customer service. Some good choices are A2 Hosting and Siteground.
  • Landing Pages – While you can use your regular WordPress installation to make a perfectly legitimate landing page if you want the bells and whistles consider getting good software like Convertri, OptimizePress or any other specific landing page software. It will make it a lot easier for you.
  • File Storage & Delivery – The best file storage and delivery software is Amazon S3. It’s very inexpensive and you only pay for what you use. It enables you to deliver your products easily and quickly.
  • Email Marketing Software – There are some standard programs, as well as newer options that look great. Try Active Campaign, Aweber, or GetResponse. It depends on what you think you need.
  • Affiliate Shopping Cart Software – Different programs have various features, but a few have everything you need. Try if you want to be in complete charge of your products and affiliates. Try one of the networks like if you don’t want to host or run the software yourself.
  • File Sharing & Storage – Even though you may use Amazon S3 for product delivery, Dropbox will work great as well to deliver information to others on a smaller scale and to keep track of your work.
  • Automation – If you want to connect your apps together and create some amazing automation, is great software to try.
  • Paying People – Right now is the standard. However, there are other options like Most shoppers on the net are used to using PayPal now. PayPal lets you set up “mass pay” so that you can pay more than one affiliate at a time by uploading a spreadsheet.
  • Communication – There are many ways to communicate information to your affiliates. You can invite them to a private Facebook group, or you can create a sign in using software like This software has an affiliate area, which can house messages, graphics, and other promotional materials. Keep in mind a central place works better than using regular email.
  • Help Desk – There is also software that you can set up that both your customers and your affiliates can use to get help. Software like Manage Engine’s Service Desk Plus is one such option.
  • Graphics – You’re going to need plenty of graphics to help promote your products and make affiliates happy. Try using Canva to help you. What’s great is that if you get Canva for Work you can save your branding and upload new fonts. Alternatively, look at Stencil or Snappa.
  • Promotions – You will want to use different types of software to promote your business such as HootSuite to help you automate much of the work promoting on social media.
  • People – While people aren’t often thought of as tools, they are. They’re part of your resources that you need to consider. Think of hiring an affiliate manager who understands software and how everything works so that you can focus on product creation.

Finding tools that will help you run your affiliate program will give you more time to create products that your affiliates can promote. Much of the work that you put in up front will pay off later when your affiliate program seems to run itself and you’re raking in the money.

What To Do Now

The best things to do are to figure out what affiliate software to use, get it setup, and then build relationships. Build relations with your own audience and with potential super affiliates.

Make your affiliate program the best you can. Offer great commissions, excellent marketing resources, and deliver an amazing product to become successful.

You can also start by using one of the affiliate networks instead, such as and But consider building your own affiliate program using software that helps you build relationships with a self-hosted program or software.

The reason is that you own that, someone else owns the networks. But they are a good place to begin while you build up your affiliate army.

Follow these affiliate marketing tips, and you’ll be on the way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer in no time. And if you want to know more about affiliate marketing check out the featured resource below for a free report; download, read it and take action 😊

affiliate marketing
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2 Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Affiliate Offers

2 Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Affiliate Offers

2 Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing as an online business opportunity is very attractive as it is low cost and low risk, but as an affiliate you’re always going to have a lot of competition.

Not only are you competing with others who are selling similar products, but there may be dozens, hundreds or even thousands of serious affiliates who are selling the EXACT same product as you are.

How do you beat your competition?

By adding value (bonuses) to any affiliate offer you promote.  This means providing some sort of a bonus – a freebie – to anyone who buys an offer through your affiliate link.

You’re probably wondering what the simplest and most effective way of creating a bonus for your offer or service that you are promoting.

It can be overwhelming and quite frustrating as you want to give your audience and potential buyers a valid incentive to purchase from you or through your affiliate links.

Here are a couple of simple ideas for adding value to any affiliate offer.

Offer Buyers A Free Report

If you are not sure where to start then the most effective and simplest way would be to create a free report or detailed guide.

You can make it as simple or as detailed as you like but it must provide value. Another point to take into consideration is that the guide must have a unique flow that coincides and complements the original training or tutorials.

In other words, it must be structured in a way that acts as a reference that works in tandem alongside the original content as a supplementary alternative.

You can add images and additional text to help further expand on the training while providing more insights to allow users to better understand the topic and complete tasks etc.

To give an example of this, if you are a personal trainer and your clients need help with losing weight and correcting their dietary habits, you will create a detailed guide and structure it in a way that follows a simple step-by-step process.

To elaborate on this example to keep it as simple as possible you will focus the guide on 3 key areas which your clients must follow to help them get the required results.

You will start off with an estimated time period in which they must adhere to all the rules and complete the tasks as required for them to start seeing progress.

The next step will be to create a detailed day to day meal plan that covers the types of food they should eat at each meal. Making sure to provide information based on the number of calories, protein, and macronutrients they need to consume or restrict to allow them to work within any boundaries or limitations they may have.

The final step will be to incorporate a structured exercise plan that will provide information on the best warm-up routines and exercises to implement to increase stamina, build muscle or lose weight.

You can cater the information based on the client’s proprietary needs so they can follow the plan in a simplified manner.

One of the most important aspects of providing a free report or guide to your followers is to not call it an eBook or pdf.

For example:

You don’t want to use this phrase – You can download a free pdf or eBook using the link below.

Even though there is essentially nothing wrong with this call to action but as the words, eBook and pdf are so commonly used they are rarely seen as an incentive or valuable even though they could be packed with detailed information.

So, in your audience’s eyes, it is seen as less valuable, and they may be less likely to use it.

Instead, what you should do is give the eBook a different name such as:

  • Detailed Report
  • Proven System
  • Proven Formula
  • Structured Blueprint
  • Step-by-Step Process
  • Detailed Document

This small change will greatly help enhance the perceived value of your bonus.

It’s a great way to get people interested in your brand, and an even better way to introduce yourself as an expert.

It will also give you an extended reach as an authority figure on the subject or topic.

You’ll not only get instant credibility for yourself and your brand but also have a chance to reveal how the training is helping others deal with their specific problems or challenges.

Now that you have those small changes in place, you can now provide a simple CTA or Call to Action to encourage your followers to provide their email address in exchange for the free report.

OK, here’s another way to add value to your affiliate offers.

Offer Buyers A Checklist

Sharing a detailed checklist is another great way to add value to an offer, service, or promotion.

People love incentives and checklists are a great way to increase a viewer’s interest in a product.

It can help users to follow along with the content of the training etc in a step-by-step order as it also helps to keep them accountable as they progress.

It also helps to solidify more trust in your product so they can get more value.

They can just check off the tasks they have completed along the way allowing them to move on and focus on the next stage of whatever process they are involved in.

This can be useful not only for solo content creators but also for groups and teams that need to work closely together on specific tasks to complete projects etc.

For a lot of teams, sharing and checking off checklists helps everyone stay on track with projects. For instance, maybe you have a big project to take on, but you don’t know who is responsible for what steps in the process.

You can create a detailed checklist of events that can be designated to each team member so that everyone involved knows exactly where to focus their time and energy on.

This will help to avoid confusion while allowing the entire process to have a better flow and be more streamlined.

There are plenty of ways you can create a detailed checklist!

  • Create PDF files
  • Dynamic Online Templates
  • Printable Templates

You can use various design programs to build the files and convert them to pdf or different reading formats that can be made viewable online or made printable so that you can access a physical copy if needed.

Another alternative would be to create interactive checklists that have a more flexible dynamic as you can access them anywhere at any time as long as you have access to a computing or mobile device with a stable internet connection.

Everything involved with these interactive checklists is hosted online so you can view them through your internet browser window, but they can also be made printable if required.

There are so many benefits to creating detailed checklists as you can cater them to whatever area, interest, or niche where you have an established audience of loyal followers or as an incentive to entice new followers to join your group, offer or service.

You can create anything from holiday travel and packing checklists to remind people of all the specifics they need to take with them and be aware of when travelling abroad.

Even step-by-step health guides, cooking and diet plans to exercise plans etc, even how to set up an online business where they can check off each section to let them know which stage they are currently on their journey.

Checklists are a great way to summarize the content in a training course or program into individual tasks while also helping to increase engagement with the user.

You can sell checklists as an additional way to earn an extra income source, or you can give them away for free as an added bonus for an offer or product you plan to promote, you have the freedom to use or implement them how you wish.

If you like the 2 simple ways to add value to your affiliate offers in this article, you will surely like an extended and detailed report containing another 8 ways to boost your affiliate earnings.

So, check out the featured resource below for the free Simple Affiliate Strategies detailed report; download, read it and take action 😊

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Some Key Affiliate Marketing Tools

Some Key Affiliate Marketing Tools

Some Key Affiliate Marketing Tools

Knowing how affiliate marketing works is essential. So is being able to create content that attracts the right audience. But once you know the fundamentals of operating as an affiliate online, you’ll want to employ the use of a few tools that can help you do your job quicker, better and more efficiently. So, be sure to add these tools to your affiliate marketing plan.

WordPress themes are one type of tool that can help you increase sales. Each blog comes with free themes installed that you can choose from – but there are themes that have specifically been engineered to help affiliates make conversions.

One example is called Theme Forest and it’s very popular among professional bloggers. Their themes cost a bit of money, but they are highly customizable, so once you begin seeing some profits, you may want to advance your theme design to the next level.

Keyword tools are the best way to get an edge on the competition. You can dig down into your niche and compile a huge arsenal of longtail keyword phrases that will attract tons of traffic to your affiliate site.

There are both free and paid keyword tools. The free tools typically let you do a limited amount of research. They’ll return a list of keywords and phrases, tell you the global monthly volume, and give you a word like “low, medium or high” for competition levels.

Then there are the more advance keyword tools. These types of paid keyword tools help you get even more information, including the profit potential of the words and phrases.

Plugins are great for affiliates to put on their blog because they help your blog automate certain tasks. Or they provide others with the ability to do tasks. You can add a social bookmarking plugin so that your visitors can share your reviews with others on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or via email.

There are plugins that allow you to easily embed Amazon product listings into your blog post. Some help your site become mobile friendly in an instant. You can research all of the latest plugins for affiliate marketing online.

There is some software on the market that helps affiliates optimize their sites for search engines, or gain backlinks from other good resources. You’ll have to evaluate each one to ensure it’s not engaging in spammy behavior before you use it for your own site.

Using affiliate tools is something you should do gradually. Trying to automate too many elements at once can overwhelm you. You want to have a hands-on understanding about what makes you site grow and convert before you replace yourself with an automated system or tool.

Affiliate Marketing Growth

Once you learn the basics of affiliate marketing, you’ll begin wanting to know about exploding your profits. You’re going to hear a lot of people repeat the phrase, “wash, rinse, repeat” to you – and that can get frustrating if you don’t know exactly what that means.

It basically means that once you start seeing success with your current tactics, you’ll want to replicate them and make more money. There are a few ways you can do this as an affiliate marketer looking for growth, so apply these tips to your affiliate marketing strategy.

First, you can go into more niche markets. If you know that your strategies are working in the parenting niche, for example, you can expand into another niche like fitness. You want to make sure that you have time to manage the number of sites that you create.

You can also grow your profits by expanding on the products you’re promoting. You might have built a site about baby strollers, for example. You can build on that by creating similar niche sites, like baby car seats, baby clothes, baby swings, and so on.

Once you start promoting more products, you might want to build a home site that links to all of these mini topics. So for example, you could build a main parenting site that links to your other sites on strollers, baby bottles, car seats and more.

You can also look into other affiliate programs to boost your commissions. If you’re only promoting on Amazon, for example – check out Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale, and so on.

If you’re on ClickBank only right now, then see what’s on JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and even Amazon in the book or Kindle departments. Those can tack on extra commissions to your profits.

Another growth factor is obviously traffic. You should be studying various ways to boost traffic to your affiliate sites. More traffic means more conversions. Build a subscriber list so you can communicate with them repeatedly.

When you’re ready to make the leap, you can grow your affiliate income by becoming a product creator. Writing a book about your affiliate experiences allows you to promote the tools and courses that helped you along the way. Inside your course, you could link to a keyword tool, for example – and make a commission from that.

Affiliate Marketing Mobile Perk

Is your affiliate marketing site mobile-friendly? Not many are. If someone goes to your website from their iPad or iPhone, it should have a mobile option for them to see. This allows them to read the content easily so they don’t have to squint or manually expand the screen from section to section.

Many people are replacing the use of home PCs with mobile devices. The numbers are still in favor of home personal computers, but the use of mobile technology is growing at a fast rate.

If you’re promoting tangible items, it can increase sales. People want to shop and compare prices or find items for sale that they can’t find locally. So let’s say a mother wanted the latest Monster High doll for her little girl.

She is in her local Walmart or Target store, but they’re all sold out. She desperately wants this for her daughter, so right in the aisles, before she buys a substitute doll, she takes a chance on seeing if it’s for sale online.

She Googles the name of the Monster High doll and lands on your affiliate toy review site where you’ve just written a review about this doll, pointing her in the direction of Amazon and its free shipping option. She orders it instantly – thanks to your mobile-enabled site option.

Holiday shopping season means an increased mobile demand, too. This is the time of year when there is always a sold-out sign hovering where the most in-demand items were once shelved.

People can comparison shop for price bargains, get Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on your mobile-friendly domain while also getting local bargains offline. But it’s not just tangible items that sell well on mobile devices.

As an affiliate, you might get into things that mobile users often buy on their devices. This includes things such as eBooks and ringtones. Sometimes they’ll buy a mobile app and you can earn a commission for it.

There are some free tools that help you take your site mobile in an instant. WP Touch is one plugin that’s free where you can instantly activate it and turn your site into a mobile-friendly entity.

Or you can invest in the specific design of a mobile-friendly option customized for your domain. These prices vary, but you want to make sure that it doesn’t create any errors for those wanting to use your site from a PC if they choose that option.

Follow these affiliate marketing tips, and you’ll be on the way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer in no time. And if you want to know more about affiliate marketing check out the featured resource below for a free report; download, read it and take action 😊

affiliate marketing
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7 Affiliate Marketing Companies To Be Aware Of And Use

7 Affiliate Marketing Companies To Be Aware Of And Use

7 Affiliate Marketing Companies To Be Aware Of And Use

As an affiliate marketer, there are many companies that offer commissions for promoting products.  But there are 7 specific affiliate marketing companies you should know that have a great reputation and many products to choose from and should be an integral part of anyone’s affiliate marketing strategies.

Commission Junction 

Commission junction is an affiliate marketing company that represents many different products.    This company has been in business for years and is one of the top affiliate marketing companies.  It offers you a network of large companies to work with once you’re accepted.

However, because of its size and reputation, it can be difficult to get accepted initially.  Once you’re accepted, though, it can be very profitable.


Amazon is one of the most popular and profitable affiliate programs.  You can earn commissions for promoting the wide variety of products available on their site, and the sign up process is quick and easy.  Amazon provides you with all you need so that you can add banners and share links on your own blog.

Share A Sale 

Share a Sale offers an affiliate program that allows you to have a large network of over 2,500 merchants whose products you can promote.  It’s known for being ethical, easy to use, and provides many resources for promoting on your own blog or other type of website.


Linkshare is one of the first affiliate networking companies established.  It has a simple process for signing up and once you’re accepted, you have access to a large number of companies for product promotion.  Like Commission Junction, very large companies are included.


JVZoo is an affiliate program that many people love because it pays commissions immediately to your PayPal account. While most affiliate programs have a waiting period of up to 60 days for payments, with JVZoo you get immediate access to commissions.  The sign up process is simple and gives you access to many products to promote.

Warrior Plus 

Warrior Plus is the affiliate program that promotes items being sold in the popular Internet marketing Warrior Forum.  This allows you to promote Warrior Special Offers, also known as WSOs.  It uses PayPal to deliver funds and has a simple registration process.


ClickBank is a very popular site that offers an affiliate program for digital products.  Through ClickBank, you can promote eBooks and guides as well as video courses and membership sites – and earn as much as a 50% commission or more – some of the highest in the industry.  It’s easy to sign up as an affiliate and begin promoting products right away.

By signing up with these top affiliate marketing companies, you can leverage the network they already have in place to promote products.  You’ll get access to tools such as banner ads and affiliate links to make product promotion easy.

4 Areas Of Expertise That Will Help Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business

When you’re learning how to do affiliate marketing, you can’t just rely on typical “affiliate marketing courses” to get you to the advanced levels you need to go for the big bucks.

You want to begin studying some more specialized topics that help you soar above the competition, garner more traffic and ultimately convert into more sales and higher commission tiers.

There are four areas of expertise that you need to focus your efforts on – blogging, list building, social marketing, and trends. Once you’ve mastered all four of these elements, you’ll be amazed at how much growth you have.

Blogging is important to learn as an affiliate because most people simply learn the basics of setting up a blog and then never go further with their knowledge. It’s not enough to simply know the technical details of blog set up and then slap some articles onto a blog.

You want to know advanced strategies. This includes things like plugins which help your blog operate better in the world of SEO, elements that achieve the best navigation and communication for your audience, and more.

Bloggers should always be learning about content strategies for their blog – it takes more than a review with links to become an authority in your niche, and even as an affiliate blogger, that’s what you want to be.

By the way, if you are serious about using blogging in your affiliate marketing strategy, check out the Rapid Blogging Blueprint. This is a premium level training that takes you through each and every step of setting up your own highly profitable blog and profiting from it. You can check it out here.

List building is something far too many affiliate ignore. They’re simply after that initial click through and they miss out on years of potential sales making this mistake. Take the baby niche, for example.

There are endless opportunities to cater to that parent’s needs in the niche – because you can promote baby care items initially, then toddler toys, home décor for the room, furniture from crib to bed, and more.

You want to know the technical details of list building, but also gain insight into how to grow your list, how to make the subscribers more responsive, and more. There’s a lot to learn and implement.

The third thing you want to study up on is social marketing. There are dozens of books on this topic – and they teach you how to utilize free traffic opportunities like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, to increase your affiliate sales.

And if you plan to branch out or expand your niche, then you’ll want to buy books about spotting trends. Eve if you stay in just one niche, it’s important to understand how you can keep an ear to the ground and get an edge over your competition using trend data to dominate.

Branding Yourself As A Go To Authority Figure When You’re An Affiliate

Just because you’re an affiliate doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for branding. Well, you could take that approach – but it won’t help you build a flourishing business. Sure, you might make some sales and commissions – but you want profits to explode.

To achieve the top tier levels of affiliate income, you still have to brand yourself as a leader in your niche – and it doesn’t mean you have to put out your own products. Leaders are guides, not necessarily product creators.

Figure out a unique slant for your business that reflects the message you want to share. Don’t just be the “home improvement advice” person. Think of a way to build a buzz around your brand. Have you ever heard of the Fly Lady?

She’s all about cleaning and organizing your home – on the fly. Nothing comprehensive and detailed – just enough to help you sustain neatness and not go insane. She’s wildly popular. You can have a brand like that.

Start curating information for your niche. Curation is when you go out and gather information in your niche and share bits and pieces on your site, providing your own commentary about it.

It’s kind of like how a museum curator goes around the world finding pieces for the museum and then shares them with visitors and walks around giving the history and background on it.

Have professional graphics on your site. You really want to have a design that reflects the message you want to project. If you’re good at graphics, then create your own – but if you’re new, it’s always best to hire a professional. An entire minisite theme costs under $200 for a great design that’s unique for you.

Share on all of the major social networks. The top leaders in the world, like Tony Robbins for example, all have a presence on multiple social networks. Make sure you are on whatever is trendy at the time – Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Ask to interview other experts in your niche. You can create weekly or monthly interviews with other experts and leaders in your niche, making your website home the place where tons of great advice is shared.

Whenever you can, start working on your own product for the niche. Having your own book will further your position as an authority figure. You can even outsource the process to a ghostwriter and put your name on it.

BTW, if you want to know more about affiliate marketing as a business model, then check out the featured resource below for a free report; download it read it and take action 😊

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7 Tips To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

7 Tips To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

7 Tips To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

Anyone can find success in affiliate marketing but not every person who joins such a program succeeds.

It’s all about using the available resources to achieve the best possible results.

These are some of the tips that can help beginners become successful affiliates and make some good income from such ventures.

1. Carve Out A Niche

This is a very critical factor in affiliate marketing. It is important that you identify a specific market or segment that you want to work in and then focus on that.

Carving out a niche for yourself means choosing what works best for you and an area that can actually give you good income.

The internet has so many users and the competition for attention is always stiff.

2. Carefully Select Your Merchants

It is important to carry out thorough research before agreeing to work with a specific merchant. This is because those who sell consumers inferior products risk losing future business opportunities.

Even if you played no part in manufacturing the product, as a publisher, customers will still hold you responsible as the person who introduced the product to them.

You should also work with merchants who are reputable and actually pay commissions on time. Can you imagine constantly following up with a company to remit your dues even after you’ve brought it business? It’s utterly frustrating and demoralizes the affiliates.

Work with a brand that holds up its end of the deal without additional pressure.

3. Use Captivating Content

When promoting products on your website, customers first get to interact with other content before being directed to a link and ultimately the merchant’s website.

That means that the content that you create for visitors to your site should be relevant and captivating so that they feel convinced enough to click on the link and eventually buy the product.

First impressions are everything and if you don’t get them right then your marketing attempts will always flop.

4. Keep Track Of Results

Do not just push for sales without analyzing your performance. Tracking your results includes monitoring feedback from consumers and checking the amount of sales made on a monthly basis.

This will help you make a decision on whether you need a new marketing strategy or if it’s time to find another merchant.

You can’t keep on selling a product that people just don’t want to buy.

5. Dedication

Affiliate programs are great avenues for making money but success does not come easy for a publisher.

You must be dedicated and stay focused on building lasting networks and increasing your customer base. Once that is done, the money will start rolling in and realizing success will actually be possible.

The problem with most beginners is that they want to make quick money but are not willing to put in work.

6. Sell Products That You Believe In

It is very easy to sell a product that you’ve actually used yourself or believe in.

You will be making a sales pitch from an informed point of view and that always resonates well with customers.

Don’t be tempted to recommend a product just to get an affiliate commission because if the product is poor, your buyers won’t forget that you recommended it to them.

7. Update Your Site

To increase the visibility of your site by getting high rankings on search engines, you must constantly update the contents using target key words and relevant information. That will then help drive traffic to it.

Content marketing is a continuous process, but you need relevant, up to date content to attract traffic and hopefully buyers.

You can create content yourself, outsource it or curate content from other sources (always attribute the source with a ink to the original).

How Can You Find Affiliate Programs?

I think one of the most fundamental questions that most people interested in becoming affiliates ask is about where to find products to promote.

There are several affiliate programs available but it’s always advisable to choose what would best work for you. That increases the possibility of becoming successful in the venture because it reduces the strain caused by pushing brands that you are not comfortable with.

These are some of the best ways to find a suitable affiliate program for beginners and even for those who are already considered veterans in the sector.

Well Established Affiliate Networks

This would be the most ideal place to start because such networks are usually well organized and trusted.

Well established networks are typically large and have existing relationships with some of the biggest brands. Chances are that if you are searching for an affiliate program to drive the sales of a common brand, you’ll most likely find it being run through established affiliate networks.

Some of these networks include but not limited to:

  1. Linkshare
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Shareasale
  4. Pepperjam Network
  5. Google affiliate networks
  6. JVzoo
  7. Warriorplus

Such networks are great because they have a well-established working relationship with the big companies that pay good money. It’s a safe place for a beginner to start his or her affiliate marketing career.

They charge the merchants commissions for linking them up with affiliates which means that your pay as a publisher will be relatively reduced to carter for their commission payment.

Familiar Product

You can always start by promoting a brand that you use yourself or are well aware of. It’s always easy to sell what you already believe in as opposed to just trying to convince customers to buy a product that you’ve never even used before.

You can check the sites of your favorite brands and see if they have affiliate programs.

It’s a safe bet and somehow a familiar ground even for beginners.

Independent Affiliate Programs

These are programs that are run by the merchants themselves using affiliate software to take care of the technical aspects of the system.

In some cases, they may outsource program managers to manage the affiliate program as they concentrate on core business functions.

The advantage of independent affiliate networks is that the pay is much better since they don’t use middlemen. However if the program is not properly managed it can be a disaster due to lack of creativity and delayed payments.

They are still the best though especially if you find one that is well managed and pays attention to the needs of the publishers. They are not easy to find but you can use keywords on search engines to find them.

E-Product Networks

These promote products that are downloaded rather than shipped like e-books and other programs.

Some of these networks include Clickbank, e-junkie and Avangate.

Just make sure that the product you are promoting will give customers value for money and it’s not just some way to mint cash out of them through false advertising. Most e-products have this issue.

These are some of the ways in which you can find and join an affiliate program. They are not exhaustive, but they are among some of the best options.

I hope these affiliate marketing tips have helped, and if you want to know more about affiliate marketing check out the featured resource below for a free report; download, read it and take action 😊

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