January 29th
By Jason Daly

5 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies

I have written a lot about affiliate marketing, and there’s a reason for that. It is one of the simplest and least risky ways to get started online.

Well, I have written many articles on the basics, but not so much on more advanced strategies – until now 😊

So, are you looking to maximize your affiliate marketing profits? In that case, you may be wondering what the best advanced affiliate marketing strategies are.

Well, wonder no more; in this new article, we will be covering five of the top advanced affiliate marketing strategies that you can use to get ahead of the competition. From launch jacking to targeting specific audiences with your promotions, you'll be able to find the best strategies that can help you take your affiliate marketing campaigns to the next level. 

So, let's dive in and take a look at those strategies now…

Use Launch Jacking To Dominate The Competition

Launch jacking is an incredibly powerful and effective tool for affiliate marketers. It involves taking advantage of the hype surrounding a newly released product and using it to your own advantage. 

Essentially, launch jacking is all about being in the right place at the right time. You can capitalize on the excitement of a product launch and the potential of high sales to promote the offer as soon as it launches; gotta ride the hype wave, baby 😁

So, how do you go about launch jacking? It’s actually quite simple. First, you need to identify which product launches are likely to be successful. To do this, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry and stay up to date with the latest launches.

As with anything else, DON'T promote rubbish; only promote products you believe in. Ideally, you would have a copy of it yourself; try reaching out to the seller to see if you can have a copy or buy it.

Ok, once you’ve identified a product launch that you feel confident in, you can begin to plan your launch-jacking campaign. Start by creating content around the product launch and promoting it across various channels, such as social media, email, and other marketing platforms.

In fact, one of the best places to promote these offers is YouTube. Show the sales page, log in and/or download the product, and show your viewers the entire process while giving your honest opinion.

If this is a premium launch with a high price tag, you could also consider advertising your affiliate links in paid campaigns, such as Google Ads. This will help you reach a larger audience and generate more exposure and potential sales. But you need to know your numbers to do this; paid media isn't for the fainthearted, and you must be prepared to lose money if your ads (or the offer itself) don't convert into sales.

Finally, it’s important to track the progress of your launch jacking campaign. (I know I make this point so many times in my marketing articles, and that's because it's so important.) This will allow you to make adjustments and optimize your efforts to ensure you’re getting the best return on investment.

Design A Specific Low Ticket Or Free Product To Use With Your Affiliate Marketing

Designing a specific low-ticket or free product to use with your affiliate marketing can be a great way to increase your affiliate marketing effectiveness.

When you’re designing a low-ticket or free product for your affiliate marketing, here are a few important ideas to consider:

First, you need to make sure that your product is relevant to the affiliate's niche. If you’re promoting a course on dog training, there's not much point in offering a free eBook on gardening (unless you need to renovate the garden after your pooch has wrecked it - now there's a niche idea)🧐. You want your product to be something that your customers will find useful and valuable.

Another important factor to consider is the price (if any). Everyone loves a freebie, but you need to balance this with the fact that most freebie seekers are not action takers, so they will probably do nothing with your gift.

If someone buys from you, no matter how low the price, they are significantly more committed than a freebie seeker. They are a buyer on your list, and this is absolute gold; plus, you then direct them to your affiliate offer, so you can make some cash even before they get to the offer.

The beauty of having any offer BEFORE your affiliate offer, is that you have the opportunity to get them onto your list. If you don't do this, the seller gets the person onto their list so they can make them other offers, while you just get a simple commission.

This is known as a bridge offer, because you are placing an offer in front of them, before they see the affiliate sales page.

When you’re designing a low ticket or free product for your affiliate promotions, take the time to think about these ideas, because they can have an impact on how profitable you are during the campaign, and even afterwards, if you manage to get them onto your email list.


Try finding a product or service you like and see whether they offer an affiliate program. If not, why not reach out to them and ask whether they would be willing for you to promote their products and for you to get a commission?

Use Social Media To Promote Your Affiliate Offers

One of the best ways to promote your affiliate offers is through social media, as it can be used to reach your target audience, build relationships with potential customers, and drive sales. I mean, who isn't on social media these days?!?

Before you start promoting your affiliate offers on social media, it’s important to understand how the different platforms work. Each platform has its own unique features, so it’s important to understand how to use them to your advantage.

For example, Facebook is great for building relationships with potential customers, while Twitter is great for quickly sharing links to your affiliate offers. LinkedIn is great for networking with other professionals in your industry, and Instagram is great for visually appealing content that your followers can engage with. If you are targeting a younger audience (or a more "trendy" one), you may want to consider using TikTok or Snapchat.

This is why it is so important to know your audience, or, in the case of affiliate marketing, to know the kind of people their offer is targeting.

Once you’ve chosen the right platform for your affiliate offers, the next step is to create content that will attract your target audience. Depending on the product or service you’re promoting, you’ll need to come up with creative ways to get people to click on your links.

Don't be afraid to be controversial; these are the kinds of posts that have the potential to go viral. Be divisive; you want to attract the people who 'get' you and repel those who don't. One of the biggest mistakes that many new marketers make is to try to appeal to everyone and end up appealing to no-one.

For example, if you’re promoting a travel affiliate offer, you could create a blog post or video showcasing the best places to visit and why. Alternatively, flip that on its head and showcase the worst places to avoid; this is far more controversial.

You could also create an infographic that shows the different benefits of the product or service you’re promoting. And don't forget to post and promote the low ticket or free offer you created in step 2 above (you DID create one didn't you 😉).

Once you’ve created content that encourages people to click on your links, it’s time to start promoting it on social media. You can use paid advertising to target a specific audience (don't do this to begin with), or you can use organic methods to get your content in front of more potential customers. Don't be afraid to ask people to share your posts.

For example, you could join relevant Facebook groups, post in Twitter chats, or create a hashtag campaign on Instagram. You could also use influencers to promote your affiliate offers. Try thinking outside the box too; you are only limited by your imagination.

Target Specific Audiences With Your Affiliate Promotions

Targeting specific audiences with your affiliate promotions can be a powerful way to grow your affiliate marketing business. By targeting the right people, you can ensure that your promotions reach those who are most likely to become customers, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased profits.

The first thing you need to do is consider exactly who your intended audience is. Different types of products or services can appeal to different audiences, so it’s important to identify who you want to target. This can include people who already have an interest in your product or service, those who have purchased something similar in the past, or those who have expressed an interest in your industry.

This is why creating a customer avatar is a great tool for your business. As this article is all about using affiliate marketing however, you need to ensure that the product or service you are promoting aligns with this avatar if you are in the same niche.

Once you’ve identified who you want to target, you need to decide how to reach them. There are several different methods you can use, including email campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, and social media advertising. Each of these methods can reach different audiences and have different benefits, so it’s important to consider each one to determine which is most suitable for your product or service.

In addition, you need to consider which affiliate programs are best suited to your target audiences. Different companies offer different affiliate programs, so it’s important to research which programs are most beneficial for your audience. It’s also important to make sure that the affiliate program you choose offers attractive commissions and incentives to help you generate more conversions.

Design The Best Bonus Packages

When it comes to running a successful affiliate marketing business, offering bonus packages is a great way to attract and retain customers. The key to creating the best bonus packages is to make sure they are attractive, unique, and relevant to your customers. 

There are many buyers who will buy the product you are promoting anyway, but they will look around to find which affiliate has the best bonus package, so taking the time to develop a great bonus can entice these bonus buyers to buy through your link. 

When designing bonus packages for your offers, you should consider the following factors:

The Benefits: Before designing your bonus package, consider what your customers will receive from it. Are you offering a free course? A bundle of training? Think about what will make your offer more attractive to your customers. Whatever your bonus is, it MUST be congruent with the affiliate offer you are promoting. Can you offer something that will enhance it or make it easier to implement and get them results?
The Price: Consider the price of the affiliate offer. Is it a one-time payment or a recurring subscription? You need to match your bonus package to what you are recommending to them. If it is a premium product, then a simple bundle of eBooks won't make a very enticing bonus package, will it?
The Timing: When designing your bonus package, consider when the affiliate will be available. Is it during a specific season or around a holiday? Depending on the timing, you may want to adjust your offer, and tie it into a holiday etc.

By the way, I have written a detailed report about creating great bonus packages. It's called Brilliant Bonuses and you can download a free copy of it here 🙂

“Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity if you truly believe in the value of the product you’re selling. Because many times you can make money off of something you would probably recommend anyway.”

– Neil Patel


In conclusion, advanced affiliate marketing strategies are a great way to increase your profits, reach new customers, and make the most of your marketing efforts. By using the techniques covered in this article, such as launch jacking, social media promotion, and designing brilliant bonus packages, you can easily create a successful affiliate marketing program that drives long-term success.

If you really want to know more about the power of affiliate marketing check out the featured resource below for a free report; download, read it and take action 🙂

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