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Thank You Page

Use Your Thank You Page To Boost Profits!

Thank You Page

Someone joins your list and what do they see?

“You are subscribed. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking this link. Thank you.”

 Wow! That really built some rapport now didn’t it! I tell you, I am so fired up about being on another list that I could just… well… actually I’m not, and I think I will unsubscribe. Thank you.

If the above example is anything like your thank you page, then you’re blowing it.

Your thank you page is an excellent place to build rapport and get your new subscriber to become even more invested in your budding relationship.

With that in mind, here are 6.5 ideas of what you can do with your thank you page that won’t have new subscribers turning away in boredom, annoyance or revulsion:

Learn More About Your New Subscriber

thank you page

They just gave you their email address and maybe their name – now ask something that will help you with your marketing and show that you are interested in them.

You should always be asking your subscribers questions to find out what makes them tick and what kinds of problems they are facing.

Examples of good questions to ask are:

  • What do they most want to learn about ___?
  • What is their number one goal?
  • What is the biggest challenge they face right now?

Ask Them To Share And Get Even More Subscribers

thank you page

Ask them to invite their friends through social media to get your incentive or lead magnet.

In return, you’ll reward them with something even better than the initial offer that made them sign up in the first place.

Social media is an incredibly powerful place to grow subscribers and if people are finding you by word of mouth, they are much more likely to take a look at you and your offer because you have been referred by someone they already trust.

And giving highly valuable incentives to share your offer with their friends is a really great way to build a relationship with your subscribers.

Build Authority And Credibility

thank you page

Demonstrate that they made a wise decision in joining your list by showing the previous reviews and testimonials from your biggest fans.

Social proof goes an incredibly log way to building trust and you need to reinforce that your new subscribers made a good choice when signing up with you.

Any evidence that you can provide will help to gain your subscribers confidence and can turn a subscriber into a raving fan.

Why not link out to a case study if you have one showing how your customers are getting results with your products or services?

“Sell” Your Lead Magnet – Again!

thank you page

Done correctly, your lead magnet is an excellent representation of your expertise. But it won’t do your new subscribers any good if they don’t consume it.

So, remind them of what they’re about to discover by using short, snappy bullets like this:

  • “Congrats on getting your copy of “Hidden Traffic Strategies.”
  • You can download it from the link below.
  • When you do, you’ll discover:
  • The toilet paper method to getting traffic on demand – page 6
  • The annoying email that doubles referrals – page 12
  • The surprising way to triple your traffic every week, like clockwork – page 15

If you can persuade them to consume your gift and act upon what they have learnt, they will be much more likely to see results.

And if they get results, they are much more likely to share it with their friends as they know it works.

So many people download free gifts and never use them as they haven’t had to pay for them and so they sit on their hard drive.

You must keep pushing them to actually consume the content and to take action, and encourage them to ask questions if they get stuck.

All this will reinforce the KLT (Know, Like and Trust) factor that is so important for online business these days.

Send Them To Your Blog/Website

thank you page

Or send them to your most popular video. Or…

The key here is to get them invested in you, so they can begin using what you teach to get real results in their life.

By giving away a lot of great actionable content for free, whether via your blog, YouTube channel etc. you are showing them that you know what you are talking about and that you have a genuine interest in their success.

When they realise this, they’ll be back for more.

Promote An Offer

thank you page

Make them an offer they can’t refuse. This is an especially great time to offer that year old $197 course of yours for, “Just $11, One Time Only, Grab it Now.”

Build the value as though you are selling it for $197, and they will buy it.

When they do, you have something much more important than $11 – you have gotten them to become your customer, your buyer, and potentially a raving fan who promotes you on social media and buys everything you offer.

Or at least purchases a product now and then.

Don’t underestimate the power of turning a prospect/subscriber into a paying customer; this is a big deal.

Also, once they have become a paying customer, you must treat them differently. Lavish them with other free training, keep building rapport and you will definitely reap the rewards.

Remember that this requires a long-term focus.

Be Yourself!

thank you page

Regardless of which of the above six possibilities you use on your thank you page, I would encourage you to also show your personality.

If it fits you and your business, inject some humor. Use a funny photo or cartoon to express just how appreciative you are that they subscribed.

But don’t try to fake it; just be yourself. After all, they came to you for a reason.

And don’t try to cater to everyone. Be polarising. It’s okay to repel those that don’t “get you” because you only really want to do business with those that share your values and beliefs.

You can also use your own photo to build rapport. Make it look amazing and memorable with the help of a graphic artist.

Remember, your thank you page is prime real estate for building rapport, so don’t blow it. You already have their attention so make the most of it

Niche Marketing
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Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank Basics

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

Anyone who has been trying to make money online for more than 2 minutes would have heard of ClickBank and what a potential goldmine it is.

Clickbank is an extremely popular and profitable affiliate network on the worldwide web and many Clickbank affiliate marketers make a lot of money with it. This post will give you the basics on how to go about using this powerful website.

By the way, if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing in general such as some of the myths surrounding it, you can read a great post here.

OK, back to Clickbank. Signing up with Clickbank is fast and easy and there are several tutorials, tips and training that show you exactly how to get started.

Next, you’ll want to look for your first product or service–keep in mind that Clickbank is generally geared for digital products.

Try to start with something that you are interested in, or that is in a niche that already involved in. It’s easier to stay focused on what you are doing if the topic actually interests and even inspires you

If you already have an established site on a certain topic, it’s very easy to incorporate some Clickbank products to sell there. The more specifically targeted the product to your site, the better.

Look for products and services that have good gravity and popularity stats. If you find something that you really like but the stats don’t add up, then it’s probably not worth the effort you’ll have to spend on it.

You can decide to promote your product directly with the salespage given to you by the merchant, or you can do it by setting up a blog or website and positioning the product there on what is called a bridge page.

Most experienced marketers will agree that you can send traffic/visitors directly to merchant website as a newcomer to affiliate marketing, and it is a way to learn the ropes, so to speak.

But it is well worth the effort to eventually set up your own blog or website. This way you can use your bridge page to offer visitors a free report or checklist that is highly relevant to the Clickbank product you are promoting; this way you can get people’s email address and start building your own list.

If you want to build your own website or blog, WordPress (on which this website is written) is a great place to start, and it’s quite good in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) as well.

Some pros and cons of Clickbank affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

  • One big pro, especially if you are a newcomer to affiliate marketing, is that Clickbank is extremely easy.
  • The second big pro is that the commissions are on the high end when compared to other affiliate networks.
  • One con is that many of the products offered on Clickbank are not of the best quality, although they can be expensive. There are really a great deal of rags-to-riches types of products and e-books. You can also find many good products but you do need to do a bit of digging, depending on the niche you are working in.
  • Another con is that the Clickbank stats are really nothing special, especially if you compare them to sites such as Adsense and Amazon, just to name a few. Also, you can only create text links automatically with Clickbank. Other types of links are not available.

As you can see, Clickbank affiliate marketing is a good place to get started in affiliate marketing and many experienced marketers are successful with them as well.

However, the problem that many beginners and even intermediate marketers face is that they just can’t crack the ‘ClickBank code’.

It’s as though those who know what to do are insiders who are raking in the cash while everyone else is an outsider struggling to make a single sale. It used to be that way for a long time until CB University appeared on the scene.

This is one of the most popular online marketing courses online and many customers have reported benefitting from it. The 2.0 version is an improvement on the first release and it’s bigger and better now.

Several CB University members have left glowing testimonials about the efficacy of the training and how it bridges the knowledge gap that has always prevented beginners from succeeding with ClickBank.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of CB University 2.0 and see if it lives up to the hype.

Clickbank University

The Good Points:

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

1) One of the strongest points about CB University is that it covers both affiliate marketing and product creation. This is definitely an improvement on the earlier version which only covered product creation.

With the 2.0 version you have more flexibility. Generally, beginners will find it easier to start off as an affiliate… and as their knowledge and experience gets better, they’ll be able to take on the more daunting challenge of becoming a product vendor.

2) The training itself is detailed with notes, videos and over-the-shoulder instructions. The methods are clearly explained in a step-by-step manner and even the greenest beginner will be able to follow along without difficulty.

3) The people behind CB University 2.0 (Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan) are all accomplished marketers in their own right. They are NOT fly-by-night scammers who will take your money and run. This is crucial when choosing to spend money on any ‘make money online’ course.

4) The training is simple to follow, but is extremely in depth. The training for becoming a vendor on ClickBank is broken down into 12 weeks.

  • Week 1 – How It Works
  • Week 2 – Finding Your Perfect Product
  • Week 3 – Creating Your Avatar
  • Week 4 – Creating Your Product
  • Week 5 – Creating your Perfect Upsell
  • Week 6 – Sales Copy & Conversion Maximizing
  • Week 7 – The Easy Video Sales Letter
  • Week 8 – Finalizing your Product
  • Week 9 – Getting onto ClickBank
  • Week 10 – Attracting & Managing JV Relationships
  • Week 11 – Split Testing
  • Week 12 – Scaling your Success
  • Bonus: Selling High Ticket Products on Webinars

And the training for ClickBank affiliates is spread out over 8 weeks:

  • Week 1 – Affiliate Marketing on ClickBank
  • Week 2 – Understanding Affiliate Marketing
  • Week 3 – Finding Your Passion
  • Week 4 – The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel
  • Week 5 – Free, Free, Free: Always Over Deliver
  • Week 6 – Writing the Perfect Swipe
  • Week 7 – The Email Blueprint
  • Week 8 – Scaling and Expanding
  • Bonus: Running Affiliate Promotions

So, you’re going to be busy with this training for quite a while. Ideally, it’s best to choose one method and go all out with it. Most beginners would do well to start off with affiliate marketing.

5) The product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. So, you have 2 months to give CB University 2.0 a test run. We’re guessing that once you join, you’ll probably stick around for a long time because it has that much value.

6) CB University has a forum for you to hang out with your peers and ask questions and mingle with other fellow marketers. It’s an active community that’s supportive and you’ll learn a lot from there.

This beats buying some eBook from some unknown marketer and being left to your own devices to figure it out, while the marketer has taken your money and run off.

7) The program is also equipped with a very useful toolkit that you’ll use over and over in your business. Basically, it’s a set of tools and online video training that covers some of the tech stuff that most beginners struggle with.

Here’s a list of some of the ‘tools’ inside:

  • Camtasia Alternative: APowersoft for Screen Recording
  • Creating a Sales Presentation with PowerPoint
  • Demographic Research with Google & Twitter
  • Design Banners, Posts, & Giveaways with Canva
  • Enhance Your Social Media Activity with Hootsuite
  • Increasing Conversions with Optimonk
  • Introduction to Tools
  • Outsourcing with UpWork
  • Recording Your Sales Video with Camtasia
  • Sending Broadcasts and Automating with AWeber
  • Setting Up Your Funnel with CB Builder
  • Setting Up a Custom Domain with GoDaddy
  • Split Testing with Visual Website Optimizer
  • Video Editing with Camtasia

8) There are also live Q & A sessions for members where more training is provided. For those who are unable to attend, you can always catch up on these sessions which are recorded and uploaded in the members area. The value in these sessions more than make up for the monthly fee.

 The Bad Points:

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

1) Just like any online course, you’ll need to study and apply what is taught. Information is useful, but action is the foundational key to all success.

The problem is that most newbies hesitate to act on the information. You must overcome this mental obstacle to see success. CB University is not a winning lottery ticket. You MUST do the work.

2) The amount of information in CB University can be overwhelming to a beginner and may make them him/her that the process is too difficult.

The best way to get around this problem will be to focus on just being an affiliate, instead of a vendor. Once you’ve learned the ropes and are generating affiliate commissions, you’ll be more confident to take the leap and become a product vendor.

3) The membership is a recurring fee. A beginner who is strapped for cash may find that the monthly fee is a burden. The fee gets much higher if you choose the upgrade (Builder 2.0).

What they don’t tell you is that you can get a page builder like Thrive Architect or OptimizePress  for a one-time fee and build your pages at a much lower cost. Well, now you know.

Should You Get It?

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

A resounding YES! This is one of the best online marketing courses on the planet and it’s the benchmark when it comes to ClickBank training.

The fact that it covers both affiliate marketing and how to be a vendor in the ClickBank marketplace makes this a truly well-rounded training program.

With thousands of students and many success stories, the product delivers what it says beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you wish to make a decent side income, this course is for you.

If you wish to make income that will allow you to quit your day job and have location independence and freedom, CB University will help you get there.

If you want to be a millionaire, guess what? Yup! This course is for you too. ClickBank has made millionaires out of several vendors and affiliates. If you do the work and follow the training closely, success can be yours too.

>>> Get CB University Now <<<

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Niche Marketing Strategy Go Large

Niche Marketing Strategy: Go Large!

There is a ton of marketing advice online about niching things down until you get to a small, fanatical group of people who will buy anything and everything in that niche.

And this is great advice – I offer it myself and follow it all the time.

But… you know how I like to be contrary. Sort of like, if everyone is selling stock, I’m buying. If they’re buying, I’m selling.

And if they’re niching things down to the ridiculous, I try going after HUGE niches that have a TON of people in them.

For example,… how many people like to eat good food? Or see movies? Or drive cars? LOTS of people.

So I got to thinking… what if you made an offer that appealed to a ton of people?

For example, how to take vacations for free.

This isn’t anything sketchy – it really is possible to take free vacations. In fact, there are several different methods of doing it.

So, I advertise this free offer: “How to take vacations for free.”

And then I bill myself to my new subscribers (using a pen name) as the guy that will hook them up with really great free stuff, like the free vacations info.

In fact, if they liked that one, they will LOVE what I have coming up, so watch your email…you get the idea.

Then I send them free offers.

For example, a free report or video on how to get all the dates they want.

They opt-in to a new list to get that report or video, and now I have a targeted list of people who want dating info.

Or I offer a freebie on how to save tons of money on groceries, or how to make more money, or how to lose weight, or whatever.

Generally, every offer I make is going to be directly tied into an affiliate product such as a Clickbank product.

They get the free report or video, and at the end of it I make a soft sell for the Clickbank product.

I also offer a free bonus if they buy the product. All they have to do is email me their Clickbank receipt, and I send the bonus. This way I can also separate my buyers from my prospects.

As I get these segmented lists, I continue to send them free offers that lead to paid offers.

And I make bank, all because I start out attracting as many people as possible and then segmented them down by interest.

Now then, you might be wondering how this is better than simply targeting a small niche in the first place.

Frankly, I don’t know if it’s better, but it is different, and it does work. And it allows me to build several lists simultaneously from the same main traffic source.

One person can be on several of my segmented lists, after all. For example, they’re interested in vacations, dating and dieting – three different lists, three opportunities to sell them products.

Using this method, it’s very easy to build a large list quickly. And if I want to immediately profit, I offer a one-time offer after they get the initial freebie.

The real payoff is when I start segmenting into smaller, more targeted lists.

And of course, it’s nice to have (for example) 10 lists in 10 different niches, because now I have 10 different profit centers, all coming from the same initial source.

The key is to bill yourself as the go-to person for great free stuff, and then be that person. When you offer a free video or report or whatever, it’s got to be chock full of dynamite info they can use immediately.

Tell them what to do, for example, but not how to do it. The “how to” is in the paid product.

Or tell them the difficult method to accomplish something, and then offer the easy method as a paid product.

And you don’t have to create any products yourself – just use the ones on Clickbank. But you might be creating short free reports or videos, which of course you can always outsource.

However, it is always worth making the effort to create your own products too and then you can have affiliates promoting YOUR stuff!!

Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to add a product to Clickbank once you have created it, but you don’t have to work it all out for yourself. Just pick up the Clickbank Superstar course and it will guide you step-by-step in the setup process on Clickbank. Cool, eh?

You can take a look at Clickbank Superstar here:

One last shortcut: A lot of affiliate offers will start out with a free report or video. Make a deal with the product owner to get that report or video in the hands of your readers yourself. That way you’re using their freebie to segment your list, and the affiliate product owner is still making sales.

There might be a life lesson in this – when others are all doing the same thing, think about how you might do the opposite. Sometimes it can really pay off in a big way.

So, just do what McDonald’s do and “Go Large” and you may just be surprised at the results!

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Dropshipping For Beginners Blog Post

Dropshipping For Beginners

You don’t need major skills to be a drop shipper these days. You don’t need to stock inventory, ship anything, or even guess what might sell.

Heck, you don’t even have to use your own money to pay for the goods.

You can work a couple of hours a day or week, depending on how serious you are.

And frankly this dropshipping for beginners method I’m about to show you is so straightforward, a teenager can do it.

Just in case you are not sure just what dropshipping is, let me explain; it is basically a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock.

Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.

The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory.

Instead, the merchant purchases inventory as needed from a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – to fulfill orders.

Hint: Get your kids started with this when they’re in 8 or 9th grade, and by the time they graduate high school they’ll have a very nice nest egg for college, along with more real-world business skills than most college graduates.

Now Then… How Do You Find Products?

Amazon can give you a wealth of information on what’s selling and what’s hot at the moment.

Think about it, Amazon is probably the world’s biggest marketplace so doesn’t it just make sense that if you want to find hot products, people will be selling these on there and all you really have to do is go and find them ?

Go to Google (yes Google, not Amazon) and run some searches such as…

  • Most popular kitchen gadgets on Amazon
  • Most popular fitness items on Amazon
  • Most popular electronic gadgets on Amazon
  • Most popular pet products on Amazon
  • Etc.

The first few results will be from the Amazon website itself, but don’t stop at those.

You’ll also find articles pointing out what’s new, what’s selling and what’s especially popular.

Be sure you’re only looking at results from the last 12-18 months – anything else might be out of date, especially if you’re looking at anything electronic in nature.

Make a list of possible products you’d like to sell. Once you’ve got some research done, you should have an idea of what niche you’d like to focus on.

Once you’ve chosen your niche, dig deeper into that niche to find products. You might even choose a sub-niche to make targeting your prospects easier.

For example, instead of choosing ‘dogs’ as your niche, you might choose a single breed such as ‘Great Danes.’

When you have your chosen niche and your products, go to Shopify and open your own store with their 14 day free trial.

Next, go to Oberlo and sign up to get their free plugin. This is going to make it super simple to add products to your store.

Now add the Oberlo plugin to your Shopify store.

Set up your payment processor. This is probably going to be Paypal or Stripe, or whatever service you are currently using.

Last, go to AliExpress and open a new account.

Once you’ve done that, import your products to your store by using the Oberlo plugin.

Did this sound like a lot of work?

Remember you only have to set up these accounts once. After that, any time you want to add a new product, it will only take you a few minutes to open things, grab the product and put it on your site

Driving Traffic

Once you’ve done everything above, you are ready to start driving traffic and making money.

If you already have a list in this niche, then that’s your first go-to place to get traffic.

Same way if you already have social media accounts and followers in this niche, you’ll want to promote your store in those accounts.

When you’ve done those things, it’s time to invest a little money and start advertising.

Let’s use $100 as an example. And if you don’t have the $100 to spare, you can always sell something on a site like Craigslist or Gumtree to get it, or just borrow it someplace.

Your goal will be to set up a Facebook page for your store and test ads until you find your winner. Figure on initially spending $10 a day for 10 days to find the ad that gets the sales.

Don’t overthink this or get stressed. If you’ve chosen hot selling products, this really isn’t going to be that difficult.

As an alternative, or in addition to using Facebook, you can also find large Instagram pages in your niche that have at least 50,000 followers and decent engagement.

To figure out the engagement rate, add up the number of likes for their last 10 posts, and then divide that number by 10 to find the average likes. Once you have that number, divide it by the total number of followers to find the average engagement rate.

You’re looking for a bare minimum of 1% engagement. Once you find these pages, send them a direct message asking if they’re willing to promote your product.

Rates for promotion are typically $15 for 50,000, $20-25 for 100,000, and $30-$50 for 200,000. But these rates aren’t written in stone. The higher the engagement, the more you might want to consider paying. And a lower engagement means you shouldn’t be paying as much. Negotiation is key.

Look for the pages that most closely match what you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling something for rose enthusiasts, you ideally want to find a page that focuses on roses, not on gardening in general.

By investing $50 to $100 in Instagram, you should get 2-6 promotions and several sales or more.

Use your profits to reinvest in your advertising. Closely monitor what’s working best, and do more of that. Tweak and test your page for optimal results.

Add products, rinse and repeat.

See how easy that is? Yet I know that 98% of people who read this won’t do it. Which is good news for you… much less competition that way.

So, are you going to be one of the 2% who does take action and makes a killing with dropshipping? I know what my answer would be!

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Affiliate Marketing Myths Blog Post

Affiliate Marketing Myths (The Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Myths)

Affiliate Marketing Myths (The Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Myths)

Bad information keeps many people from making money online.

People give a half-hearted effort to one form of marketing, get disappointed that it didn’t work, and then cry out to the world that it no longer works…

How many times have you seen one of these headlines:

“Email Marketing Is Dead!”

“SEO No Longer Works Thanks to Google…”

“Content Marketing Has Lost Its Luster…”

Or the big one:

“Affiliate Marketing Is for Scammers!”

When something is proclaimed dead or not working any longer, it’s probably because someone was gaming the system and the system owners plugged the hole.

Ethical marketing always works in the long run.

That’s why Affiliate Marketing has worked for decades and will continue to work for the non-scammers of the world.

But the headlines persist, and the myths and misconceptions flourish. Let’s take a look at affiliate marketing myths (the top 5 affiliate marketing myths) and reveal the truth about them!

Shall we begin…?

1) Affiliate Marketing Is Easy…

There’s a misconception out there that the newbie online marketer can grab an affiliate link, put it on their Facebook page, and the money will start rolling in.

Not so fast…

Affiliate marketing like any other business model IS a business.

And it should be treated like a business.

While affiliate marketing may be the exact business model you need as a new entrepreneur, it’s important to understand and accept that it is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

As with any business, your primary job is to present a solution to a market with a desperate problem. The problem must be so severe that they are willing to pay for that solution quickly.

Is this beginning to sound like work yet? It should.

Affiliate marketing can be VERY rewarding, but it is not easy, especially if you have no business experience. But affiliate marketing can be best way to learn how to build a business with very low-risk.

Your investment as an affiliate marketer is low because you don’t have any product or delivery costs. Your focus must be on building a market, knowing that market inside out, and learning how to sell.

These are essential skills for any business owner to master.

Driving traffic and measuring conversions to build your marketing list is the primary tool of every affiliate marketer.

2) Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Work Any More…

The days of throwing a link up on the social marketing sites and making a million dollars over night are gone…if they ever existed.

Social media has heightened the importance of building relationships with your target market, and that can be a slow process.

Your followers and email subscribers must feel a connection with you. If they don’t, they find someone else where that connection is real.

Affiliate marketing not only works with an audience that knows, likes and trusts you, but they will ask for your affiliate link for new products. Sometimes, they feel such a close relationship that they’ll pass around your affiliate link for you.

Affiliate marketing without real relationships (even if they’re automated) is hard but can be done with a lot of effort.

But affiliate marketing with real connections with an audience that has been nurtured and embraced works like a charm because you’re genuinely looking out for their interests.

3) The Competition Is Too Steep In Affiliate Marketing…

First, let’s agree competition is good.

That means there’s a market for the product. If not, no one else would be trying to sell that product.

Competitors can also become your best traffic source. Using the right tools like, you can target your competitors, and step in front of their traffic with better offers, Facebook ads, or other techniques.

Sound a little cutthroat?

Nope, it’s just business. Once you become the Big Dog, everyone will target you too.

Your job is to offer better bonuses, better services, better support, and better experience to that market. And by doing that, you’re building a better relationship.

Find out how your competitors are building their audience (keyword research) and jump in there to grab that audience yourself.

Business is about competition, so if that bothers you, you probably need to get a job.

4) The More I Promote My Affiliate Links The More Money I’ll Make…

Listen, this one is tricky.

In theory, this is true. But there are other considerations like…

Does your message match the right audience? This is where you’ve got to get good at know your market including their hopes, dreams and issues.

In the consulting world, they call these the FUDs – Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts.

What is your audience trying to do? And how can the solution you put in front of them solve that issue?

Promote to the right audience and you don’t have to “sell them” often because you become part of their go-to-problem-solver while you’re building a relationship.

5) Affiliate Marketing Is High Risk And Low ROI…

Ok. There is risk in any business endeavor. In affiliate marketing, you could make a lot of sales for a product only to have the product owner go out of business.

That’s always a risk.

And the return on investment could be very low, but only because you’re not making sales.

That usually means you don’t have the right message for the right target market. Conversions are much easier and ROI much higher when you convert prospects to customers.

Opponents of affiliate marketing will jump in here and declare you’d be better off building your own products, selling them online and keeping ALL the money.

Here’s the truth about that:

If you can’t sell someone else’s product and get a good ROI, what makes you think that you could invest a lot of money on your own product and sell THAT to the same target market.

Affiliate marketing is awesome because the risk is extremely low. You don’t have to create a massive infrastructure to support your products. You’re letting someone else take that risk on.

And the low ROI? Wrong.

The potential in affiliate marketing for those people who learn how to build an audience and convert that audience to paying customers is HUGE because it’s a pay-for-performance model!

The more you convert, the more you make and the higher your return.

Of course, like everything else, affiliate marketing only works if you know how to do it correctly.

To keep you on track, it is a great idea to use checklists and if that sounds like a good idea to you then please look at these checklists here:

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Affiliate Recruitment Strategies Blog Post

Affiliate Recruitment Strategies (19 Proven Tips For Recruiting The Best Affiliates)

Affiliate Recruitment Strategies (19 Proven Tips For Recruiting The Best Affiliates)

Did you know that all affiliate marketers are not created equal? I’m sure if you are a product seller that you are only too aware of this fact!

So how do you recruit great affiliates?

While there is no one answer, there are many ways to find and recruit those key affiliates who will take your business to the next level.

OK, without further ado, let’s talk about recruiting affiliates

1. Social media

Yes, you can find great affiliates on social media. Target people who are interested in affiliate marketing and blogging in your niche.

On Twitter, search for your keywords to find who is talking about your niche, and then follow them and start interacting.

LinkedIn is a great place to meet affiliates and just network in general. You can post and participate in discussions and connect with people in a professional atmosphere.

2. Affiliate networks

One of the quickest ways to attract affiliates is to launch your product on an affiliate network. There are many to choose from, including Clickbank, Commissions Junction, JVZoo, Linkshare and Sharesale.

In some cases you might want to screen affiliates from these networks to be sure you’re only dealing with reputable people.


3. Affiliate forums

Build and maintain a presence on affiliate forums. These are great places to meet and recruit affiliates.

Here’s a few to get you started:

4. Recruit your customers

This is a great way to get new affiliates who truly use and believe in your product. These people are fans of your stuff and would probably have no problem recommending it to others, especially for a bit of cash too!

Reach out to your buyers and see who would like to be your affiliate, and take it from there.

5. Your own website

Place a link on your website! This is perhaps the most simple, yet most overlooked technique of all. Place a link at the bottom of your website, and anywhere else you choose, pointing people to your affiliate page.

6. “Wanna Promote?”

Contacting websites, blogs and other web publishers. Send them a well-written email to ask them in a very polite way if they would like to become your affiliate.

You’ll likely have to contact a lot of people to get results, but it can be totally worth the effort.

7. Use a Service

Use a service such as Affiliate Leads to locate potential affiliates by category, keyword or advertiser.

8. Bloggers

Group High is a site that will help you find the best bloggers and influencers, as well as manage your relationships.

9. Outsource

If you have the funds, you can hire a service such as Experience Advertising to do your outreach and recruiting for you.

10. Use PPC Search Ads

Did you know that affiliates are actively looking for great programs to promote? You can find them by running PPC ads in Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Don’t forget to track to see which ads are bringing in the most effective affiliates.

11. SEO’d Affiliate Pages

Create a page just for affiliates. Then optimize that page for SEO results, so when people are searching for affiliate programs in your niche, they can find you in the organic search results.

12. Press Releases

Write press releases for online distribution. Press releases can be another way to gain traction in the organic rankings.

13. In Person

Trade shows, summits and conferences are great places to meet new affiliates. You might even consider getting a booth at some of these events, so affiliates are coming to you instead of you hunting them down.

14. Customer Referral Program

Tools such as Referral Candy and Friend Buy make it super easy to set up and run a customer referral program.

Plus it automates the process, so you can put your focus elsewhere.

15. You Promote Mine, I’ll Promote Yours

Approach other product sellers and offer to do a deal in which you promote each other’s product. A few notes about this one: Obviously you want to find product owners in your same niche. You want to love their product enough to promote it – don’t promote junk just to make some sales of your own.

And while many will tell you that you cannot be direct competitors to do this, it’s simply not true. For example, let’s say you have a product that teaches traffic generation techniques. You find another product that also teaches traffic generation techniques, so naturally they seem like a direct competitor. But the actual techniques they teach are somewhat different from yours.


I can tell you right now that your customers are not buying just one product on generating traffic – they’re buying several. You can be the affiliate who introduces them to a traffic course you truly believe in, and in return get your own product promoted as well.

16. It’s Super Affiliate!

Look for super affiliates – the top affiliate performers who can generate significant revenue for the merchants they choose to promote.

They’re going to be looking for high conversion rates and a decent percentage of the profits.

Be sure you’ve got everything running smoothly and converting well before asking them to promote. If they make a lot of sales, they may continue to promote you into the future.

But if there are technical glitches or low conversions, you will never hear from them again.

17. Spy

Watch to see who is promoting similar offers. If you’re about to launch that traffic program, so some research to find out who the top affiliates were for previous traffic programs.

Perhaps the easiest way to do the research is proactively. Sign up as an affiliate yourself so you can see who the top promoters are, and contact them well in advance of your own launch.

18. Contests

Run an incentive contest, promote it everywhere. Running a contest with cash prizes for top performers will entice new affiliates to join your affiliate program.

19. Affiliates Recruiting Affiliates

Offer an incentive to current affiliates to bring in new affiliates. Affiliates know other affiliates. And offering a percentage of profits on their affiliate recruits is a great way to incentivize them to do your affiliate recruiting for you.

Above all else take care of your best affiliates and keep them happy. Affiliates can make or break your business. If just one affiliate has a bad experience with you, they can potentially tell dozens of others to steer clear. Once this happens, you’ll find it very difficult to recruit new affiliates.

But when you treat your affiliates well, they will send you sales – often a surprising number of them. Just think – all it takes is one really good affiliate to add 5 figures to your business.


A half dozen of these affiliates promoting you on a regular basis can move you into the 6 figure range. All for just recruiting and taking care of your best people.

OK, there you have it; 19 top tips to add to your affiliate recruitment strategies to help you attract and recruit the best affiliates.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Guide (7 Tips To Make The Most From Amazon)

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Guide

(7 Tips To Make The Most From Amazon)


Do you want to earn money online with affiliate marketing the right way? It’s not just finding a good product and pasting the affiliate link everywhere. In this post book we’re going to talk about some powerful techniques you could use to make money online with Amazon Affiliate.

Look, I know how difficult affiliate marketing can be if not done right; I’ve been there! But this post will highlight 7 quick and easy tips to maximise your Amazon affiliate marketing efforts.

OK without further ado, lets’ talk about affiliate marketing through Amazon.

Create Value Content

One of the most important pillars for a website is to produce quality content that provides great value and interest to visitors and especially to help them solve a problem. If your content is good and helps people, this can help you keep users interested and get them back to your website.

This quality content will help your website to rank higher in search engines and will also help you convince people to buy.

Creating original content using your own style will help you to differentiate yourself from the competition.


You can also share that content through social networks to reach more people.

Careful Selection of Products

It is important to take enough time to choose the products you are going to promote. Investigate which products your visitors need or are interested in within your niche. You can test to discover which products that most visitors want, and which convert more. You can change products that don’t give you good results and try others.

Using Email Marketing

The best way to get good sales results is to build a relationship of trust with readers, and the most effective way to do this is through Email Marketing. With Email Marketing you can achieve incredible results, its success lies in the fact that when you use it you can get a person to buy your products more than once.

Landing Page

You can create a high converting landing Page to collect data from your visitors. This landing page should be super-focused, without a navigation bar, with a catchy title, an explanatory subtitle and a super clear call to action that clearly reflects your goal.


In the landing page you can offer a free reward (like a free Ebook or a free video) with valuable content in exchange for the visitor’s data (mainly name and email) through a subscription form to create a subscribers list.

Subscribers List

The data entered by visitors in exchange for the free reward through the landing page will be stored in a subscribers list handled from email marketing software. This list is really important because all the people there are potential buyers, so it is also important to make it grow.

Email Marketing Software

Using software such as AWeber, GetResponse and Mailchimp you can manage the list of subscribers and send them automated and periodic emails with valuable content and offers.

With these platforms you can divide the lists into smaller lists according to the interests of the subscribers and that way you can send them more targeted offers that can lead to a purchase.

Creating this kind of relationship, the readers will become familiar with you and feel confident to buy what you offer them through your affiliate link.


Purchase-Oriented Content

When people go shopping online, they do more specific searches because they are looking to buy something, not only information about the product, that’s why you should use purchase-oriented keywords. For example, if you sell costumes you can use the phrase “cheap costumes” instead of “costumes” and thus attract quality traffic i.e. people looking to buy and not just people who are looking for general information on costumes.

International Commissions

Amazon allows you to receive commissions only if the buying public is located in the country where you created the affiliate account, for this reason, if you only have an Amazon US account you are losing sales commissions from people in other countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada.

But today there is software that help us solve this problem, such as EasyAzon 4 and Genius Link. These platforms include automatic link location, which means that your affiliate link changes depending on the country where the visitor is located.

In this way, if you have a visitor from Spain make a purchase, you earn that commission.

To achieve this, you must create an account for the Amazon Affiliate program in each country, or at least the countries where the most traffic is provided.

The Amazon Affiliate Program exists in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan, China, France and Italy.

But the software we mentioned above helps you to redirect traffic from other countries to one of the countries where the Amazon Affiliate Program exists.

Make sure you don’t lose any commission.

Best Seller Lists

It is a good idea to include Amazon Best Seller Lists in your website posts. These lists focus on the best-selling products within the category of products you are promoting, so people may be interested in more than one product to buy and in this way you can increase your profits.

Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that will help you track visits to your website and the behavior of your visitors.

It allows you to see where your visitors are coming from, what are the most visited pages, how long users remain on each page, what are the hours of the heaviest traffic, used devices, used traffic channels, user retention, age and gender of the users and much more detailed information that will help you analyze your website to know what is working and what is not, to help you make decisions on what should be changed to improve.

If you follow these tips the right way you will find that you can boost your sales. You just have to be constant and patient. Dedication is an important part of growing any project, and if you do it right you will get the best results.


Remember to create a plan that includes your goals and the steps to follow to reach them. After doing all the steps in your plan, analyze the results obtained to decide what to change for better results.

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Amazon Affiliate Success Part 3: Creating High Converting Content

Amazon Affiliate Success Part 3: Creating High Converting Content

Image result for quality content

Are you aware of the saying that content is king? While there is no denying that content can make or break a website, you need to ensure that you are creating quality, future proof content for your website as this is just as important to your rank as using the right type of target keywords.

In fact, if you really think about it, quality content on an Amazon affiliate website is only possible once you find the correct keywords so that you can base your content around these targeted keywords so finding the best keywords is a critical step in content creation. Now, quality content on an Amazon affiliate website is not the same as quality content on, say, a bird watching website. What do I mean by that? well read on 🙂

You already know that the first rule about creating quality content is to base it around your most profitable, most traffic generating keywords, but there are other elements that, put together, will make it much more likely that  your niche website will rank on the first page.

The first one is length. One thing that you will notice about most sites on the third and fourth pages of results when you start doing your keyword research as explained before is that they do not offer lengthy content around their keywords. They conform with throwing and repeating their keywords around on 250 word articles in hopes that keyword stuffing will get them ranked higher than they deserve. This was the old version of SEO but this doesn’t really work any more.

The thing is that short form content doesn’t work very well for quality written content. So the second rule to follow when creating quality content for an Amazon affiliate website is to make it long, and by long we mean 2,000 words long and over. Yes this is long but is well worth the effort and if you are writing a review this should be easy to do. If you want a feference as to how long a 2000 word post is; this post you are reading is exactly 1104 words long.

Neil Patel Word Count Ranking

Actual online marketing researchers have found that the average length of articles on Affiliate websites ranking on the first page of Google results is 2,000 words and longer. The effect that this has is three fold.

In the first place, it allows you to target your niche keywords several times without stuffing, which is just pretty bad for rankings. This appeals to the Google algorithm because it will find your target keywords repeatedly throughout content that is not a string of repeated keywords.

The second factor in play here is that it will allow you to create content that is truly relevant to prospective buyers because a piece of content that is 2,000 words long has to include a lot of information about the product being promoted.

In that sense, these product centered articles are then perceived both by your visitors and Google as buyer’s guides, which complies both with Google’s own requirements for quality content to be relevant and with your visitors’ desire to find help with their purchasing decisions.

That takes us to the third factor in play here, which is reducing the amount of time that it takes a buyer to jump to the checkout once they see a product link or image for the second or third time. Now, to achieve this you will need to highlight the pros and the cons of the product in the article promoting it.

Picture 27

And you have to highlight them at the beginning. This creates the effect of informing your leads on the things that they want to learn about the product right before they get to read the entire article, making them very likely to skip the article, click through an image or link, make the purchase, and then coming back to keep reading in anticipation.

This is possible because they will unconsciously realize that the article is long and that they can simply keep reading about the product that they just decided to buy right after they check out, to build up on the excitement in anticipation of receiving the actual product.

Also, longer content allows you to make it future proof because it helps you to build up authority. Speaking of which, we highly recommend you to print the following statement and to paste it on the wall behind your computer so you can see it every day:

“You Shouldn’t Be Building Niche Site. You Should Be Building AUTHORITY Sites”


Building Permanent Traffic Sources


Image result for affiliate traffic


Now, this is where most marketers will recommend you to focus on getting on the paid advertising bandwagon, but like I said before, Amazon affiliate marketing is different, and generating traffic sources takes a different approach.

The best way to create a permanent source of traffic is by creating a series of lists with evergreen content, by which we mean content that stays relevant over time.

These are lists that you have to be updating on a regular basis to always attract traffic through a very specific set of purchase based keywords which include the following keywords:

Best sellers

“Best of”

“Best on a budget” (Such as “Best budget wireless headphones)

Image result for amazon best sellers

The good news is that keeping these lists updated is as easy as going to the Amazon marketplace and sorting through the best sellers list on your niche category, by sorting through the products with the highest buyer review scores and also sorting through the lowest priced items in your niche with the highest scores.

Related image

Now, the science behind these updated lists is that it is pretty easy to rank on the first page when you use keywords such as “cheap” alongside a product based or niche keyword as they have very high search volumes on a monthly basis.

Related image

In order to keep these lists bringing you fresh traffic all the time through search engine queries is by creating a separate category page on your site. Remember that each product that you insert on your “best of” lists needs to have its own long form product based article that you can redirect to from your list.

Follow these strategies and you will be giving yourself the very best chance of running a successful online Amazon affiliate business. So what are you waiting for? Find your niche, source your items, setup your website and create some great content and by leveraging the Amazon marketplace you can tap into a huge market. So, get started today and keep on working on your Amazon niche sites and your business will blossom. Good luck.

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Amazon Affiliate Success Part 2: Your Niche Website

Amazon Affiliate Success Part 2: Your Niche Website

Having a significantly functional and cool looking website is a must when it comes to any online niche affiliate business, and it is especially true for Amazon affiliates because having a nice, clean online presence is a requirement to be a part of the Amazon Associates program.


And despite what you may think, having a functional, cool looking affiliate website doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, at least not at the beginning. When you are just staring out you may not have a lot of money to spend on fancy websites, so you will ideally want to start with a cheap alternative that will allow you to focus on turning a profit while you grow your niche website without you having to drain your budget from day one.


This makes smart business sense as it will give you plenty of room to save up money to invest in the future of your affiliate website as your business grows, which can take you from one to five months, depending on how much time and work you are able to put in to promoting your new niche site.


OK, now you understand that you DO need a niche website as the center of your niche affiliate marketing business, there are two basic stages involved in creating the ultimate Amazon Affiliate website on a shoestring budget.


The first stage is to simply create your Amazon Affiliate website without worrying about getting every bell and whistle. You need to simply have a website where you can insert your niche content and your affiliate links.


Picture 8



This first stage requires you to invest in two elements: hosting and domain. The cheapest type of web hosting is shared hosting. We recommend you to buy a shared hosting plan that you can pay on a monthly basis to a hosting service provider such as HostGator ( Shared hosting plans can go as cheap as $4 a month, and they will work well enough in the beginning.


Picture 1


I will also give you another hosting provider that you can look at if for some reason you don’t want to use Hostgator. I have used both of these companies with no issues so the preference is up to you. The other hosting company I use is Bluehost ( so pick your host and move on to the next decision 🙂




You will also have to buy a domain name for your website. Your domain name is simply your website address and you can also buy your domain name from HostGator, but I would suggest you use another company. This makes sound business sense as you don’t necessarily want to keep all your eggs in the same basket, so I always recommend buying your hosting and domain names from separate companies. I tend to use Namecheap ( for all my domain names as they are cheap and extremely reliable. Now, acquiring a domain name looks as simple as coming up with a name and selecting the cheapest domain extension available, but there are some rules to follow.


Domains from $0.88


First, don’t be tempted to use “exact match” domains for your domain name. Exact match domains are domain names that are made up from a combination of the exact niche keywords that you will target on your website, such as selecting the “” as your domain name.


It doesn’t only look lazy on your part, but it won’t help you to reach a top placement on search engine results. Lots of marketers use exact match domains for that reason, but the truth is that Google and other search engines caught on to that trend a few years ago and updated their search engine algorithms to ignore exact match domains for SEO.


So the best approach is to come up with a brandable name that isn’t an exact match of your target keywords. After you make up your mind about your domain name, you will have to select a domain name extension.


Selecting the .com extension for your domain name is the way to go hands down, but it can happen that your domain name is not available as a .com. In that case, select the .net extension. If it isn’t available as either extension, we recommend you to come up with a variation of your domain name until you find it available as either .com or .net.


That is because those two top level extensions are the most recognizable ones, and because newer extensions such as .club don’t look attractive to any audience. Many websites get passed by as novelty websites when they sport such domain extensions, so stay away from them.


Now, once your website starts growing and getting more and more traffic, you will have to start making some changes to it. This second stage of the process will require you to invest in a hosting plan that can make your affiliate website faster, to invest in a premium theme for your website and to invest in an SSL certificate.


Picture 2


Now, most hosting service vendors will allow you to do such upgrades easily, and our recommendations are as follows:


Upgrade your shared hosting plan to a dedicated hosting plan. Ideally, you should upgrade to a WordPress dedicated hosting plan, as WordPress is the best content management system available for affiliates.


Buy a nice looking theme for your affiliate such as “Kingdom by Woocommerce” WordPress theme for Amazon Affiliates (


Buying an SSL certificate is recommended, but not mandatory. This will add an extra layer of security for your website, and it looks good on the address bar!


We recommend you to also use WordPress plugins to supercharge your Amazon Affiliate efforts. So far the best one available is the “EasyAzon” plugin, which will allow you to search for Amazon products to post on your website right from your website’s editor and to redirect region specific visitors to their respective international Amazon marketplaces on autopilot.

Picture 5


Fine Tuning Your Niche Keywords

Related image


Using the proper set of keywords is crucial for any kind of affiliate business because, unlike ecommerce, the idea behind an affiliate website is for it to be found through search engine queries and results in order to increase its search engine ranking.


Keywords play a huge role in increasing your search ranks alongside quality content and loading speeds, but more importantly, they get your amazon affiliate site to rank higher for popular keywords that are related to your site’s niche and the topics discussed in there.


Related image


Ok, so you already know that most of the relevant keywords on your site are going to be product related, and to that you have to add purchase based keywords as well. From now on, think of your target keywords as a combination of the two. An example of this combination could be “best cheap refrigerators”, where “best cheap” is the purchase based keyword and “refrigerator” is the product based keyword.


Now you will need to use a keyword research tool such as Google’s own “Keyword planner”, which will allow you to enter your target keywords and determine their search volume and data including their average monthly search volumes, their rank, and their competition.


Related image


Once you determine which ones are your target keywords, you will have to do some research around them to optimize your chances to outrank other sites using them. The first step is to use those keywords on Google.


Now, instead of focusing on results from the first page because you already know that the keywords used on sites hitting the first page of results include the ones that you just used, you will need to check sites targeting those same keywords that are on the second, third and fourth page pages of results.


Why would you do this? Because you can then look for other long tail keywords on those sites that are related to your target keyword and use the keyword planner to determine their search volume and data. If some of those long tail keywords have high search volumes, from 500 and upwards, you can use them on your content in order to rank higher.


The real science behind this little known strategy is that you can leverage the search volumes of these keywords by creating better content around them, which will undoubtedly redirect the traffic from those low ranking websites to your website, vastly increasing your organic outreach and your rank in a couple weeks or less!


OK, that’s it for part 2. In the final part of this mini-series we will look at creating the content for your website that will encourage people to buy through your link, and a quick way to keep this content fresh for your visitors. See you next time 🙂

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Amazon Affiliate Success Part 1: Your Niche

Amazon Affiliate Success Part 1: Your Niche

Starting any type of online business represents a leap of faith for many people and affiliate marketing is no different. Normally, this is NOT because it looks like something that is particularly difficult to do or understand, but because it is something that apparently looks so easy that it seems impossible to not succeed at first glance.

But the truth is that the affiliate marketing business model is not only a way of turning a profit, but you can actually make a good living from it if you put in the work (the same as in any business venture). Many novice marketers can become put off by the time that it takes for them to drive traffic to their affiliate offers and to see their first few conversions.  This often results in them convincing themselves that low profit volumes are all there are for affiliate marketers, yet many others have moderate success and keep their affiliate activity going.

The good news is that you can easily go from moderate to pro by leveraging the pulling power of an online behemoth, namely Amazon!  By introducing the Amazon Associates program into your affiliate marketing efforts and by applying certain strategies anyone can become a very successful affiliate marketer in a relatively short space of time.

One of the attractions of affiliate marketing is that you can get started immediately; you don’t need to spend time or money creating your own products. Just find products that you can promote as an affiliate and direct people to these offers using your affiliate link so that you can get paid if/when they buy, and by leveraging the Amazon marketplace, you have a huge potential market to target!

So, where do you begin? Well the first thing you need to determine is the niche you are going to be targeting and serving and that is what we will be covering in the rest of this article.

Defining A Specific Yet Broad Niche

Image result for amazon niche

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you realize that you need to buy something? Let’s elaborate by revisiting a real-world scenario as our example, so let’s say that your 5 year old niece is coming home for a holiday and that you need to get her a gift.

What do you do about that? You go to the toy store downtown, or to the closest one to your house. Or perhaps you go to the one that you know would offer you the best prices, or to the one where the staff knows you and are willing to give you the best, most honest advice about what to gift to your little niece.

There are two takeaways to pay attention to in this particular scenario:

  1. You already know that you need to go to the toy store because that’s where they sell what you are looking for, preferably the one you are already familiar with
  2. You are also aware that you will need a little help with your purchase, even when you are already in purchase mode

The same thing happens when you decide that you want to purchase a new car, or a new kitchen, or the newest high definition TV. You need a little help from an informed sales representative to make an informed purchase that you are not likely to regret later.

That is the exact same process of the affiliate marketer, who builds a website which serves as an informed middleman for people looking for information about products that they want to buy. When the affiliate website successfully talks people into buying a product through its content, it earns the affiliate money.

And just like an electronics store would only sell electronics and hire someone who knows how to talk and sell electronics, an affiliate website needs to focus on a specific niche. An affiliate website promoting video games and bathtubs would look as bad as an electronics store selling novelty items.

The idea behind creating an affiliate website is, like we said, to talk people into buying products through affiliate links, but that doesn’t mean that you have to populate your affiliate website with all kinds of affiliate links spread throughout random content in the hopes that people will click through by chance.

The truth is that this strategy is doomed from the beginning because websites that talk about everything are exhausting to navigate. The best approach is to simply pick a product niche that you either like or have no problem writing about and then go from there.

Image result for amazon niche

Remember that you have to act as middleman between a buyer and the amazon marketplace, and as such you will need to make their purchasing decisions easier, so liking or knowing the products that you promote on your affiliate website will make it easier for you to recommend the products.

Once you have picked up a niche, go to and search for products in that niche that meet the following criteria: products that are low priced but that sell like hot cakes, and high priced items that are popular even when they don’t sell as much as lower priced products.

This is because you have to promote products that sell well enough as to leave you with a healthy amount of revenue at the end of the month. Try not to narrow down your offers too much because you will end up slowing down your profits.

Image result for amazon niche

To give you an example, let’s say that you decided to promote trendy, entertainment based electronics. In that case, you will have to promote products that are lower priced but sell constantly such as newly released video games and higher priced equipment such as thousand-dollar TV sets.

Yet if you decide to promote rare collector stuff only, you’ll be narrowing down your niche too much, so don’t do it unless you dedicate a separate section for that stuff on your website, or if you have an affiliate website that makes you enough money as to allow you to create a separate micro website dedicated to rare collector stuff.

OK, now that you have decided on your niche, you will need somewhere to promote it. You will need a website to create content, write reviews etc. to tempt visitors to purchase your recommendations through your affiliate link and we will cover this in part 2 of this mini-series 🙂

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