You Have To Take Action to Hustle

Everybody dreams but few people act to make those dreams come true. Success doesn’t just happen; it has to be worked for. All successful people were not born successful and most of them had to hustle, consistently working harder than everyone else to get to the top.

What makes achievers different from everyone else is the hustle, the hard work and the long hours and efforts they put into their work. These people are willing to make sacrifices that other people cannot and this is why they succeed. Achieving success takes a conscious effort but the best thing is that every single person has an opportunity to succeed but only if they want to bad enough.

Get Up and Get To Work

For you to hustle and be good at it, you must stop wishing things could get better and waiting for a miracle. You must get up and decide to put in the long hours and all the effort that it will take to achieve your dreams. If you cannot do this, those dreams will never be real. You see, many people make excuses for their situations and they get stuck in a rut because they are not willing to make the sacrifices or pay the price, so to speak.

Take Risks

In order to be a hustler you must be willing to take risks and not be afraid of failure. Many successful people failed severally before they made it. Failing actually makes you better and wiser because you get to learn from the mistakes you make. The secret to achieving success is getting right up and getting on with the hustle.


In order to be a successful hustler, you must make a commitment to yourself to succeed. Hustlers face many challenges and obstacles along the way but instead of giving up; they continue knocking and go at it until they succeed. Other people simply give up too easily and fail to make dreams a reality.


All successful hustlers are disciplined people who are self-motivated. The problem is it takes conscious effort to be disciplined and most people just don’t have this discipline. They work for a few days and then they get lazy and sloppy. These people cannot become successful hustlers because without discipline, you cannot be consistent at what you do. If you are not consistent, your results will not be consistent either. To be a good hustler, you must be disciplined enough in order to focus and achieve your goals.

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Michael Jordan The Hustler

Michael Jordan is definitely one of the most successful men in the world. Apart from being a successful businessman, he is regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time and has won so many awards and titles than any other basketball player. With all these achievements under his belt, one might assume that Michael was born with natural talent and that he has always been good at the game. Contrary to this, Michael Jordan is a hustler who worked his way to become a legend in basketball.

He is Not Afraid to Fail

Although Michael always had a passion to play basketball, his coaches didn’t think he was good enough. His height did not reach the minimum height that was required and he failed to make the team. Instead of giving up, Michael refused to stop playing basketball. To cut the story short, he made the team and began his great basketball career always seeing failure as just another reason to succeed. Now this is the spirit of a true hustler. If you are told you can’t make it, you push yourself harder and harder still until you make it just to prove to that you can do it.

He Was Highly Determined and Very Competitive

Michael attributes his competitive nature to the way he was brought up and partially to sibling rivalry. His parents demanded discipline and had great expectations from him and his brothers. Michael hated being defeated by his younger brother, Larry and became more and more determined to be the best. He used this determination and competitive streak to become the best basketball player in his team in college and throughout his career.

Consistent Practice

When you do something repeatedly, it gets easier to do. When Michael tried out for his basketball team, he was not picked to play the varsity team and had to stay on in the junior team. Embarrassed and disappointed, Michael decided to practice every single day and he only became the best when he had learnt to practice better than all his team mates.

Eventually, he got so good that he became everybody’s favorite player in the team and the varsity team would come early just to watch him play. Soon enough, he had impressed the coaches and was selected to join the varsity team. His resilience and hustling spirit enabled him to become better than anyone else and until the end of his career; Michael was always the first to arrive at the gym and usually the last to leave.

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Prioritize Your Goals Before You Hustle

Before you hustle, ask yourself what you really want to achieve and set realistic goals. You see, many people hustle and keep failing because they did not set specific goals in the first place. Everyone dreams but in order to succeed you must know the dreams you want to chase and be sure that they are not someone else’s dream. If you decide to hustle, you should hustle right. Below are some of the reasons why setting goals and prioritizing them before you start hustling can make all the difference.

It May be Urgent But is it Really Important?

Being a hustler means always being on the go and because there is so much to do and very limited, anyone can get overwhelmed. Prioritizing helps you to differentiate what is important from what is merely urgent. For instance, you may waste a lot of time responding to urgent emails which may not necessarily be important instead of using that time to do something more important.

You Will Stay Motivated

If you set specific goals, every small success will fuel you to continue with the hustle. You must have smaller short-term goals apart from the bigger long-term goals in order to maximize your potential. Short term goals and plans are what you need to achieve weekly or monthly that will shape the long-term goals.

If You Don’t Set and Prioritize Your Goals, You Won’t Grow

Setting goals before you hustle keeps you focused and more organized in your hustle. If you don’t prioritize these goals, you will not have a clear direction on what you really want to achieve. In order to grow and succeed in your hustle or business, you must know when you are succeeding and whether you are growing or not. But how will you know this if you don’t know what you want to achieve in the first place?

Prioritizing Your Goals Keeps You on Track

When you are a hustler, you work harder than everyone else. This means keeping long hours and always being on the go, doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Because you are working round the clock, it is easy to stray from the goal and to sometimes forget what exactly you want to achieve. If you prioritize your goals and review them regularly, you will be able to realize whether you are straying or whether you are still on track. This will help you get back to what you started out to do; stay disciplined and achieve your goals.

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Mark Cuban The Hustler

Mark Cuban is one of the most successful businessmen of our time. This self-made entrepreneur, investor and business man is now one of the most influential people in the United States and across the world. Although he is well known as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team, Mark Cuban is also one of the biggest hustlers of all time.

Why He Is a Hustler

Although now a billionaire, Mark Cuban was born to a middle class family as the eldest of three boys. His father and uncle owned a furniture shop while his mother was a housewife. Growing up, he probably had the same opportunities and faced the same challenges his brothers and any other kid his age had. However, this did not stop him from working is way up to be the successful business man and billionaire he is today. He hustled his way through many business startups and jobs before building his own empire

He Started Hustling at a Young Age

While other kids his age were busy playing and having fun, Mark Cuban was already in business. At 12 years of age, he began his first business selling garbage bags from door to door. His second business was buying stamps at 50 cents and reselling them at $5 when he was only sixteen years old. This kid was already going places!

He is Resilient

“Every no gets me closer to a yes.” Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the ultimate hustler. He simply does not give up and he believes that persistence pays off in the end. Throughout his life, this man has started many businesses and although not all of them became success stories, he never gave up.

From starting a bar in college that saw him barred from applying to the college’s graduate program, creating a company to sell powdered milk which flopped in the end to being fired, Mark Cuban has had his fair share of failure. Unlike many people though, this man chose to get up, learn from the experience and move on to the next thing.

He is a Hard Worker

“Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is. Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love what you do or don’t do it.” Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban knew that in order to succeed, he had to be willing to work harder than everyone else and outdo his competitors. He is an avid reader and he admits that when any new technology came, he read everything he could get his hands on in order to be the best in the field.

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Why Hustling is Important

The way business is done today is very different from how it was conducted in the past decade. Methods that worked then will not necessarily work in today’s business world because times have changed and people have changed too. For instance, most companies used to advertise their products and brands through television and other traditional methods.

Today’s consumers are tech savvy people who rely on the internet for virtually any kind of information. Because of this, modern entrepreneurs have had to change the game as past approaches are no longer effective. Marketers must hustle in order to get a part of the market share. If you do not hustle, you may find yourself losing out to your competitors. So why is hustling important?

Everyone Has an Opportunity to Succeed

Technology is a blessing. The internet era has come with so many opportunities that just await anyone who is willing to hustle. There are so many online jobs and that provide opportunities to make money now than ever before. Many smart hustlers have taken up these opportunities to make money and even develop online careers. Not only does it require very little investment, you get to make money doing something you enjoy.

Hustling Increases Your Potential

Hustling enables people to see their true potential. There is so much more out there that needs to be done. When you hustle and it pays off, you get to know that you are only limited by ignorance and your inability to work hard. The truth is that people who hustle and work hard seem to be luckier and more successful than people who don’t.

You Achieve Financial Freedom

Many people live in debt or work just to make ends meet. Some of these people have resigned themselves to live this way and others seem to be stuck in a rut. Hustling is really important as it gives everyone the opportunity to work hard, make more money and achieve financial freedom. Hustlers do not limit themselves to their circumstances and have an innate need to get out of financial struggle. They work very hard and give more than a hundred percent of their focus and efforts to get out of the rut.

Hustling Motivates People

The more you hustle, the more money you get. People who hustle live by this principle and they get the motivation to work harder and do their very best because they know that this pays off in the end. People who work 9 to 5 jobs wait on a paycheck and are more likely to stay content with the little they get and because of this; they fail to take risks and opportunities that come their way.

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Steve Jobs The Hustler


Steve Jobs was one of the greatest innovators and entrepreneurs who ever lived. He was raised by his adoptive parents, Paul and Clara jobs in Mountain View, California. Although his parents were working class, they were not wealthy. Steve Jobs graduated from high school and went on to join college but dropped out after one semester. Although he never graduated, he stayed on and attended lectures to continue studying courses that interested him.

Despite dropping out of college, he went on to become one of the most influential people in America. At his death, Steve Jobs was a co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. he was also the primary investor and CEO of Pixar and Founder and CEO of NeXT which are the two other computer companies he created. So how was Steve Jobs a Hustler?

He Was Always Looking For New Opportunities

Another thing that defined Steve Jobs as a hustler was his ability to merely view success as a motivation to go on with the hustle. Other people get satisfied with small successes and because of this; they cannot achieve their full potential. After creating NeXT and making it a success, Steve went on to create and become The CEO of another company Pixar; which also became very successful.

He Was a Hard Worker

Steve jobs like every successful hustler believed in hard work and determination. He was convinced that persistence was a very important factor that determined whether an entrepreneur became successful or not.

He did not take shortcuts and he led by example. Hustling always requires people who are able to give work long hours and focusing all their efforts into their work. Hustlers often encounter a lot of obstacles and challenges and must keep going until they achieve their goals. Unlike other people, he was willing to work long hours to achieve his goals.

He Was a Risk Taker

He believed in putting yourself out there and trying different things. Hustlers have the courage to act on their dreams without being afraid to fail or to make mistakes. Steve Jobs believed that the best way to move on once a mistake was made was admitting that the mistake had been made moving on to improve other innovations.

He Was Resilient

When Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, he did not waste time feeling sorry for himself even though it was a company that he had co-founded. Instead of giving up, he decided to start NeXT; a new computer company from scratch. His efforts paid off and the company became a success.

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Hustling is About Hard Work

Every day you hear the word “hustle” being used by different people. Everyone is hustling to make money and make ends meet. But what does hustling really mean? Well it means different things to different people but the bottom line is doing all you can and whatever it takes to achieve success. All successful business people are certainly smart hustlers. They may have started out small but they worked their way up to become masters at what do.

Any successful person will tell you that success takes a lot of time and effort to come by. There are no shortcuts and there is a price to be paid. Once you identify an opportunity that is viable, work on it and follow through. It can be tough to start out but if you stay put and take time to build your business, you will achieve success. People who want quick money without having to work for it never really achieve success. They chase too many dreams and fail because they do not want to pay the price.

Hustling is About Hard Work

Good hustlers know that in order to be and to stay on top of the game, they must work harder than everyone else. Successful business people are often the first to come to work and they keep long hours often leaving much later than their employees. To stay on top of competition in any field requires that you work around the clock to beat your competitors.


Hard work goes hand in hand with discipline. A good hustler learns earlier on to become disciplined and to focus on the goal. It is easy to lose track of the goal if you become sloppy or lazy. Successful hustlers are highly disciplined people who keep workable routines. For example; wake up at a certain time each day. Hustling requires self-discipline and pushing yourself to work harder and harder until you succeed no matter what.

Hustlers Never Give Up

All business people encounter challenges and even threats at one point or another in their businesses but at the end of the day, it is your stamina that will keep you ahead of the competition. Some people simply succumb and give up when they encounter challenges. Others continue struggling and hustling never giving in to pressure. These people end up being successful because they learn from their mistakes and use these challenges and experiences to become better in whatever they do. These are the people who become successful in the end.

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Finding Time To Hustle

Are you thinking about quitting your job to start a business or do you just want to explore a side hustle but still want to keep your day job? Your schedule is tight and you just don’t know how you are going to find the time. Well to be fair, there is really so much to do and so limited time. Between mowing your lawn, doing housework and other stuff you only have 24 hours in a day. There is no time, right? Wrong.

So how will you find time to hustle? Hustling is hard work and making sacrifices. For you to succeed you will definitely have to compromise, make sacrifices and learn to manage your time better. Below are some of the things you can do to create time to hustle.


Maybe you are used to hanging out with friends for a few hours say three times every week. It won’t kill you to cut back on that time and limit going out to once a week. Hustlers don’t have time to socialize, they create time. If you do this, you will certainly get a few more hours every week to hustle and to do productive work.

Cut Back on Television Time and Social Media

Most people spend a lot of time each day on social media. If you think about it, you probably waste more than ten hours every week browsing and watching television. But how does this really help you? In order to succeed in hustling, you must learn to prioritize and make every single minute count. You can spend this extra time hustling and doing more productive stuff that will make you some extra cash or better your business.


Another way to create time is to let someone else do other tasks for you. Instead of spending all your weekend doing gardening and housework, you can spare a little money to hire someone to do that work for you and use the time to make more money.

Start Waking Up Earlier

Being a hustler means having to work harder than other people. If you begin waking up an hour earlier and going to bed an hour later than you usually do, you will have ten more hours in a week. That’s a lot of time that you can use to do something productive. Although it may be hard at first, you will probably get used to it soon enough and it will be worth your while.

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