How To Increase Conversions (3 Simple Tricks That Can Massively Increase Conversions)

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As I have stated in numerous articles and videos, many people believe they have a problem with traffic, but I believe that the actual issue lies in converting that traffic.

Just think about this:-

If you have the same offer with the same amount of traffic but you double conversions, then you’ve effectively just doubled your sales and profits, too.

So, how do you do that you might ask?

Well, here are 3 simple tricks that can massively increase conversions:

1: What’s In A Name? Everything

You pour your heart and soul into a blog post, article – even an entire book – and nothing happens.

No one reads it. No one comments. No one shares it on social media. No one buys your book.

Yet the content is excellent, it’s well-written and it’s entertaining.

You know that people SHOULD be reading it.

So how do you fix it?

9 times out of 10 it’s as simple as changing the title.

That’s right – relaunch with another title and see if you don’t do a whole lot better.

I know of one fellow (retired now) who spent his career finding under-appreciated books, buying the rights and re-titling and re-releasing them.

He made a fortune doing this before the Internet blew up.

So, go back and find your content that didn’t do as well as it should. Polish it off, do any necessary updating, and most of all give it a new title that is irresistible.

You just might just have a new best seller on your hands. This always comes down to testing and if you know that the content is good but it isn’t selling, start by doing this simple hack and see if the title sparks off a flood of sales; you may be surprised!

2: Stop Being So Bossy!!!


“This is the greatest so-in-so ever and you will fall in LOVE with it, even though you don’t even know what the heck it is yet…”

Let’s face it – in the name of brevity and enthusiasm we tend to tell our customers what they should be doing and how they should be doing it.

We have their best interests at heart – don’t they see that?

Actually, no they don’t. And that is a problem.

Imagine someone standing on the other side of the room from you.

They’re screaming at you that you should do what they say.

What’s your reaction?

My reaction isn’t fit to print, so I won’t but I’m sure you get the idea!

Now imagine that same person smiles at you across the room, walks over, extends their hand and introduces themselves.

Next, they start talking about this problem they have. That’s funny, it’s the same problem you have. And they sound just like you. They even have the same thoughts about the problem, the same worries and fears that you have.

How do you feel? Like you just met a kindred spirit perhaps? It’s a completely different experience for you, the “customer.”

They invite you to walk with them, and without even thinking, you are right there with them, side by side, going for a short walk.

By the end of the walk, they’ve shown you how they solved their problem. You’re elated. There is a solution! You ask if you can buy the solution and they graciously sell it to you.

What just happened?

Instead of feeling like someone was trying to command you to buy something, you voluntarily bought it because you wanted it.

All because they came over to where you were, talked to you in your own words and then walked with you to the solution.

That’s how truly great sales work. You don’t shout from the rooftops or across the room.

Instead, you go to where they are. You feel what they’re feeling, say what they’re thinking, and become a kindred spirit. Then you gently guide them to where you want them to go.

Show them that you understand their problems, have been through it and have a solution for them. Believe me, if you use this technique in all of your sales materials I guarantee your conversions will at least double, if not triple; it is that powerful.

3: Go For The Big Ticket Sales

Why do you suppose you see so many $10 products, and so few $10,000 products?

It seems like it would be harder to sell a $10,000 product.

But what’s easier – selling 1000 $10 products, or just ONE $10,000 product?


Odds are, it’s going to be much easier to sell one big product than 1,000 small ones. BUT there is a large element of trust involved in persuading someone to spend such a large amount of money in one go and this puts many marketers off as it just seems like too much hard work.

The good thing about that means that there is less competition in the high-end marketplace.

And you will also find that somebody willing to invest that kind of money is a much better customer overall unlike many low value customers who nowadays seem to expect everything for $10!

Take a look at Jon Chow as an example. If you don’t know who John is, he is an extremely successful blogger.

John Chow opted to sell the big products and it paid off big time. In just 2 years, he grew his blog from $0 in revenue to more than $40,000 per MONTH.

To do this, he worked a whopping 2 hours per day.

And he didn’t even do his own selling. Instead, he licensed a phone team to sell big ticket items for him.

If you want to sell big ticket products, I would highly suggest hiring or licensing a professional phone team. They’re going to be able to convert prospects at a much higher rate than you can through online marketing.

Offer a free product that totally ROCKS to get the prospect’s information.

Work on building that relationship and let your phone team do the rest.

And in two years? If you follow in John’s footsteps, maybe you can be making $40,000 a month as well.

These are three very different methods that all have the same end goal – to increase your conversions on everything you sell. Use them wisely and the sky is the limit!

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