How To Use PLR Content To Grow Your Business

How To Use PLR Content To Grow Your Business

If you’re like most online marketers – especially info product creators – you need a whole lot of content to keep your business moving forward. Not only do you need content for your products, but you also need content for your newsletters, blogs, videos, social media accounts and more.

You need content to…

  • Build and monetize your list.
  • Generate and convert website traffic.
  • Create and deploy sellable products.
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Help others solve problems and reach goals.

In other words…

You need a lot of content to maximize the benefit for your audience and the profit for your business.

Creating all this content yourself is time-consuming. Outsourcing it is expensive.

So, what’s the solution? Private label rights (PLR) content.

This is content you license from others, which gives you the rights to modify the content, put your name and brand on it, and then either give it away or sell it.

So, how do you make the most of PLR content? That’s what you’re about to find out inside this article. We’ll cover all of the essential information in the following four stages…

  1. Getting A Game Plan: Deciding How, When And Where To Use PLR
  2. Gathering Materials: Finding and Evaluating High-Quality PLR
  3. Generating Content: Creating Something Unique From PLR
  4. Gaining Momentum: Making the Most of Your PLR

By the time you finish this article, you’ll know exactly how to profit from PLR as you use it to make a difference in the lives of your audience and make money for your business.

So let’s jump in…

Getting A Game Plan: Deciding How, When And Where To Use PLR

Until you realize the potential for using PLR content, you’ll be unlikely to actually use it.

In other words, you’ve got to see how PLR content can be a good fit for your business:

It’s a tool for doing what you’re already going to do faster, easier (and even) better.

Are you tracking with that?

PLR doesn’t add to your current workload; it takes from your current workload.  It gives you a shortcut for all of your content-related business-building tasks.

If you know how, when, and where to use it.

That’s what this first stage is all about.  It’s a primer that unveils foundational ways to use PLR in your business to speed up and simplify your workload without sacrificing quality.  In fact, if you choose your PLR wisely, it will actually even increase the quality of your content.

Need ideas of ways to use PLR? Keep reading…

Make A Decision First

Sometimes PLR buyers purchase PLR first (perhaps because a good deal landed in their inbox), and then they have to decide what to do with it.

That’s backwards.

Instead, what you want to do is first make the decision about how you want to use PLR and THEN look for PLR content that suits your needs.

Don’t start with someone else’s PLR; start with the needs of your business.  Otherwise, one of two things is likely to happen…

  1. You will waste your time.

If you purchase a “good deal” on PLR that doesn’t fit with your current (or soon upcoming) project, then you’ll likely get distracted away from your plan to add something else to your “to do” list.  If it doesn’t help you further down the road you plan to travel, it’s simply a detour from where you want to go.

  1. You will waste your money.

If you purchase a “good deal” on PLR that doesn’t fit with your current (or soon upcoming) project, then you’ll likely put the content aside for “future use” with every intention to do something with it later.  Only “later” oftentimes never comes at all.  The PLR becomes forgotten or outdated or un-needed.

Bottom line:  start with what you need, and then find PLR to meet your need.

Ask Yourself These Questions

As you start trying to figure out how to use PLR (by starting with your needs), ask yourself these questions:

  • What types of content do I currently create and use for my business?
  • What types of content would I like to create and use for my business?

Create a big list based on your current needs and future needs. You’ll want to focus the most on purchasing PLR content that meets your current needs.

For example, if you’re already blogging a few times per week and posting on social media daily, then purchase content for these purposes.

NOTE: If you plan to start doing something new (i.e. blogging) in a few months, then wait until that time to look for appropriate PLR.

Think short-term rather than long-term.

Now let’s start looking at the different ways to use PLR content…

Create Paid Products

You can create just about any type of paid product out of PLR content. The key here is to look for large packages of content – that way, you can create an entire sales funnel out of the content. Your sales funnel might include:

  • FREE: A free “lead magnet” to get people onto your mailing list.
  • FRONTEND: A low-cost, high value “tripwire” to turn subscribers into buyers.
  • FOUNDATIONAL: A “core offer” that is premium-priced to increase revenue.
  • FINISHING: At least one “backend offer” to get repeat customers.

You can even purchase multiple large packages of content to create multiple sales funnels quickly and easily.

TIP:  Look for one or two PLR providers whose content you really like and stick with purchasing from them.  This way the content will be consistent and will require few tweaks to seamlessly fit together in style, format, and quality.

The more offers (free, frontend, foundational, finishing) you have built into your business, the better.

This gives you…

  1. More opportunities to give benefit to your audience.
  2. More opportunities to generate profit for your business.

Buying PLR is an instant way to supply the content for these various types of products to insert into your sales funnels.

Gathering Materials: Finding And Evaluating High-Quality PLR

At this point, you may be getting excited about all the different ways you can use PLR. But before you start using PLR, you need to obtain that PLR.

Next step…

Find potential sources of PLR, and then evaluate the content to be sure you’re getting high-quality materials from a reputable vendor.

Read on to find out how to do it…

Five Ways To Find PLR

There are a variety of ways and places to find PLR, including:

  • Run a Google search to find PLR in your niche. (i.e., “travel PLR”)
  • Ask your colleagues for recommendations.
  • Request recommendations on business and marketing groups/forums.
  • See if your general network has any recommendations.
  • Go directly to any known PLR vendors in your niche.

NOTE:  Your Google searches should include your niche keywords (such as “dog training”) alongside:  PLR, PLR content, Private label rights, private label rights content, PLR eBooks, PLR reports, PLR articles, PLR courses, best PLR, PLR sellers, PLR vendors and so forth.

Check The License

Before you even think about purchasing PLR content, read the license carefully to be sure you can use the content in the way you want to use it.

Don’t assume that everyone’s definition of PLR is the same.  Because it is most assuredly not the same.

  1. There are varying definitions of PLR licensing.
  2. There are varying permissions for PLR licensing.
  3. There are varying restrictions for PLR licensing.

Read each term of the license to be sure of what you can and cannot do with the content.  Choose only the PLR that will meet your needs by allowing you to use the content in the way you intend.

Determine How Much Tweaking Is Needed

As you’ll discover later in this guide, you can and should tweak PLR content to make it unique.

However, what you don’t want to do is purchase PLR content that requires a lot of tweaking up front just to make it usable.

As such, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the content evergreen? In other words, will the content be relevant for an extended period of time (so you can use get long-term usage from it)?

For example, if the content makes references that date it, you’ll likely want to tweak it to make it evergreen.

  • Does the content refer to the vendor or someone else? Sometimes marketers sell a product for a while, and then they sell the PLR to the content. And sometimes the content refers to the person who created it (e.g., When I started the XYZ website…”). Again, you’ll need to tweak it to remove those references.

Sidebar:  As long as there are just a few of these references, it’s an easy fix when you edit.  What you want to avoid is PLR content that relies heavily on personal references.

  • Does the content require tweaking because it’s poorly written?

Bottom line: If the content requires a lot of tweaking for any reason, you’re probably better off buying something else.

Here’s the goal; look for PLR content that you can edit slightly for personalization to make it uniquely yours without having to do massive re-writes.


Generating Content: Creating Something Unique From PLR

Turning your PLR content into something unique doesn’t need to be difficult. Check out the following ideas and insights for dozens of ways to make your content unique…

Tweak Even Great Content

One easy way to make your content more unique is to do two things:

  1. Write a new introduction.
  2. Write a new conclusion.

Your introduction should build anticipation for what’s coming. Be sure to build anticipation for any new content that you added, which will further set your content apart.

For example, if you added a set of meal plans to a diet guide, then let readers know those meal plans are inside the content. E.G., “You’ll also get a full month’s worth of fat-busting meal plans plus recipes to make weight loss quick, easy and delicious. 😊”

Niche-Ify The Content

Most of the PLR content you purchase is going to be fairly generic. You can make it unique (and make it appeal to a specific segment of your audience) by niche-ifying it.

Example #1: If you purchased PLR to a dog training book, you could tweak the content to turn it into a book about training poodles.

Example #2: If you purchased PLR to a gardening guide, you could tweak it to turn it into an organic gardening guide.

You can also niche-ify content so that you take information intended for the “masses” and make it specific for your smaller niche…

Example #3:  If you purchased PLR to a time management course, you could tweak it to turn it into a time management for home educators course.

Example #4: If you purchased PLR to a dieting guide, you could tweak it to turn it into a diet guide for internet marketers.

In this case, all you’d need to do is add in a few specific examples, use niche language and custom tailor the existing content for the intended audience.

Tweak To Match Your Voice

If you have a fairly unique writing style (voice), then it’s a good idea to tweak the content to match that voice. This provides continuity across all your content for your readers.

Example #1: If you don’t tend to use slang but the content you purchase does use slang, then rewrite those sentences.

Example #2: If you tend to write short sentences and the content consists of much longer sentences than you’d normally write, rewrite it to match your own style.

Gaining Momentum: Making The Most Of Your PLR

Here you’ll find miscellaneous tips and tricks for making the most of your PLR and optimizing your profits.

Go Beyond Text PLR

Most of the PLR content you purchase is going to be text content. However, you’ll want to look for licensing rights on other types of content such as:

  • Music
  • Photos
  • Illustrations
  • Stock footage clips
  • Full videos
  • Apps

This will give you two key benefits…

  1. A different stream of income by selling these non-text assets.
  2. A way to upgrade your text assets by integrating these photos, videos and so forth.

Let me illustrate that second point…

Example #1:  If you purchase PLR to photos and illustrations, you can use them to improve the design and enhance the information of your other text-based content.

Example #2:  If you purchase PLR to an App, then you can combine it with text-based content to create a unique bundle / package.


The Proof And Polish Checklist

Once your content is tweaked and done, then it’s time to proof and polish. Use this mini checklist of questions to help you complete this step:

  • Did you run a spellcheck and grammar check?
  • Did you manually proof for errors (as tools can’t catch everything)?
  • Did you ask a knowledgeable third party to proof (a friend or even a professional proof-reader)?
  • Did you fact-check the content (both the original PLR content as well as any content you added to it)?
  • Is the content engaging?
  • Is the content written with a light, conversational tone?
  • Is the content written for the level of the audience (beginners, intermediates, or experts)?
  • Will the content resonate with the specific audience? (E.G., does it speak to your niche’s problems, goals, and hopes?)
  • Does the content include passages to engage the reader on a personal level, such as a relevant story?
  • Does the content include plenty of tips and examples to make complex concepts clear?
  • Does the content include relevant graphics?


Format For Easy Readability

You may notice that some of your PLR content comes formatted in “standard” ways.

For example, a PLR article has an introductory paragraph, then three to five longer paragraphs in the body of the article, and then it closes with a concluding paragraph.

In order to make your content more user friendly – especially for those who skim the content – you’ll want to format it for easy readability. This includes:

  • Using short sentences and short paragraphs to create more white space.
  • Breaking long list paragraphs into bulleted lists.
  • Utilizing sub-headlines to break up sections of the text.
  • Emphasizing important pieces of text with different font styles (bolding, italics, etc.).
  • Using different font sizes and colours to emphasize something important.
  • Inserting graphics and photos to break up the text and draw in the skimmer’s eyes.
  • Putting benefit-driven captions under photos and graphics.

OK, there are some ways that you can leverage PLR content to grow your online business. This is not an exhaustive list but gives you some ideas; don’t be afraid to get creative when using your PLR content, because that will help you to stand out.

As mentioned in the article, a great way to use PLR is to create your own products and if you want to know more about creating a profitable online course, check out the featured resource below for a free detailed report; download, read it and take action 😊

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