Use Your Blog For Your Own Personal Development

Use Your Blog For Your Own Personal Development

Many people think of blogging as a way to try to make money online, perhaps by writing posts and recommending products or services where they get paid a commission.

But blogging didn’t really start that way. It was a way to jot down your thoughts and feelings and to allow readers to follow your journey, especially if they were going through the same situations.

And you can still do this, as well as using your blog for business. It may even help your business as it will make you more human to your readers and potential customers.

And it can help you to grow too, on a more personal level, so what are you waiting for?

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OK, on with the article…

Banish Distractions When You Blog for Personal Growth

When you embark on a journey of personal growth, you have a mission to become a better person. It’s not an easy task and very few people make a stated effort to do it. It requires a lot of introspection and uncomfortable inner work.

Thinking through tough questions about how your life is unfolding and what personal responsibility you have in how it’s turning out requires you to do it in an uninterrupted space.

If you’re in the middle of a thought and about to have a major breakthrough, it’s a shame when something – some outward distraction – thwarts your progress and throws you off track.

Many people blog for their personal development and self help issues. It’s a platform that allows them to streamline their thoughts and work through any issues they may have.

They blog whenever they have a few minutes of free time – maybe from a coffee shop or on a mode of public transportation during a commute. But some of these places are filled with distractions that pull you away from your train of thought.

Even in the comfort of your own home, it’s sometimes difficult to write at a steady pace without having your spouse or children enter the picture, the pets needing you to let them outside, or the phone ringing.

If you’re serious about making changes in your life, you have to be just as committed to the quality of your introspection as you are the consistency of it. That means refusing to put up with interruptions and distractions as you wade thorough the current state of your life to analyze it for a better future.

Create a space that’s reserved for your blog purposes. It can be a quiet nook of your home, with a comfortable seat and perfect lighting. No technology other than your laptop or PC should be present.

Enable yourself the private time necessary to reach into your mind and see what’s troubling you or what you wish you could do differently. Then you can formulate a plan of action that lets you evolve into a better person.

Don’t accept any guilt over the fact that you need some personal space to create your blog and learn form it. Everyone should indulge in some self care, and this is a form of that which can help you become more fulfilled in life.

A Blog Keeps You from Bottling Up Your Emotions

In a world where just about everyone is suffering from some sort of stress, it’s difficult to find a venue to be able to express your emotions without worrying that you’re just going to burden others.

In our private lives, we often keep the turmoil hidden just below the surface, never sharing our troubles, but instead keeping them bottled up so that we can deal with them on our own when time allows – if that ever happens.

But now, you can use a blog as your pathway to emotional peace and end the frustration of keeping all of that stress inside your head and in your heart. You can let it all out in a digital format and also get the support of your global audience.

A blog allows you to do this with your anonymity intact if you prefer – or, you can use your real name. If you’re shy or uncomfortable talking about things that are troubling you, then you may want to keep your name hidden.

Journaling on a blog is the perfect way to let out pent up emotional trauma. It’s very healing and can combine the down times with the good, letting you see that life is a mixture of peaks and valleys, so you’re never despondent for long.

With a blog, you can be creative about how you convey your emotions. You can do it with text, but you can also embed a video into a blog entry if you prefer to speak your mind on screen or off.

Blogging can teach you a lot about yourself. It lets you talk about and work through thoughts and feelings without having to expose yourself to anyone else’s judgment. It’s your digital home, and you can pick and choose who stays in your community – or whether your blog posts even go public or not!

The words you formulate on your blog will have an impact on your life as you sort through the emotions you’re going through. This isn’t just a chronological history of your day – it’s a focus on how you’re dealing with whatever happened, good or bad.

You can slant your blog so that it’s all encompassing regarding your life – career, parenting, relationships, health, etc. Or, you can target one area of your life for the blog that you want to improve. You get to choose how you document your emotional outlet, which can be very freeing and put you at peace.

Blogging Allows You to Heal from Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma can be very debilitating into the future. So it’s something you want to address before it festers out of control and haunts you at every turn. There are many different types of emotional trauma.

You may have experienced being bullied, natural disasters, medical events, grief, violence at the hands of strangers or loved ones or other forms of horrific abuse. Some people even endure multiple forms of trauma they have to deal with.

There are many forms of therapy and you may need to embark on a journey to find out which one best suits you personally. Therapy is never a one size fits all solution. Everyone responds uniquely to these methods.

Blogging is one strategy to help men and women deal with the events that have happened to them. It allows you to spend time working through your reactions to the moments you spent suffering and the time since then that has never been the same.

No matter how long ago the event transpired, a blog can assist you in journaling about it. You’ll formulate your thoughts based on the emotions you’re feeling at that moment and be able to take note of any healing methods you’ve tried in the past.

You can use the blog as a portal to vent and release anger and sadness whenever you have down moments, or to fortify your strength and prove to yourself that there are many good days sprinkled amid the bad ones.

One of the best things about using a blog to deal with emotional trauma is that it lets you create a community of other survivors. People who are online seeking solace about something similar can find your blog and interact with yourself and others who have experienced the same thing.

You’ll find that it’s not just the fact that they’re able to give you insight about recovery or provide comfort, but the blog helps restore your faith in humanity and feel a sense of camaraderie as you grow and provide support for others in your circle who have landed on your blog in search of help.

This can be a very soothing process for you as it takes the focus off of your own troubles and allows you to help heal others as you, yourself are healed. Your blog can be the beacon of hope and light that others need to get past traumatic events in life.

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