7 Life-Wrecking Dangers Of Procrastination

7 Life-Wrecking Dangers Of Procrastination

Putting things off from time to time may not cause too many problems in your life. On the other hand, chronic procrastination can consistently jack up your stress levels. It lowers your self-esteem and can cause severe mental and physical health problems.

The negative effects of procrastination can range from something as simple as missing a deadline on an important task, or it can be something more long-term, such as a missed opportunity that kills a dream.

Some of us may be lucky enough to identify our procrastination habit in time and may be able do something about it.

For others, it can have long-lasting effects that resonate throughout their lives.

The reasons that people procrastinate can be incredibly varied and they may not always obvious. Sometimes, it is a hidden fear that we don’t want to acknowledge, or it could be simply not wanting to do something because it just doesn’t motivate us.

Here are 7 life-wrecking dangers of procrastinating you should remember the next time you are thinking about delaying some action or task you know you need to be doing today.

1 – You Lose Valuable Time

Odds are you already feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day. Why procrastinate and make the situation even worse? The most fleeting and valuable commodity you have is time. It can’t be replaced.

Procrastinators often look up with deadlines staring them in the face at the last minute and think, “Where did all the time go?”

When you have to fly around at the last minute trying to cram a few days’ worth of work into a few hours because you’ve been procrastinating, you realize that you’ve wasted precious time that you can’t get back.

2 – You Miss Out On Valuable Opportunities

Any time you do one thing, you are costing yourself the opportunity to do something else. Putting things off until later, when later finally arrives and you absolutely must take action, doesn’t allow you to be free in case a wonderful opportunity arises.

Procrastination doesn’t allow you to answer when opportunity knocks.

3 – You Never Realize Your Full Potential

Studies show that if you procrastinate once, you’ll do it twice. Procrastinate a couple of times, and you begin to plan procrastination into your regular routine.

The people who create their dream realities make effective use of their time.

When you waste time and put things off, the results you finally achieve are watered down and rushed.

Everyone has incredible potential inside them, and when you lazily and continually “wait till later”, you kill your inner desire to better yourself in one way or another.

This means you rob yourself of living the greatest and most fulfilled life that you possibly can.

4 – You Sabotage Your Career And Relationships

Procrastination is the enemy of efficiency and productivity. When you put things off in the workplace, you kill your chances of advancement. You might even get fired.

When you consistently procrastinate in a relationship, you’re telling the important people in your life that you simply don’t care. This means you run the risk of damaging, or even permanently ruining, relationships that are important to you.

5 – You Crush Your Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem and procrastination are comfortable bedfellows. When you put things off and put things off until you have to rush around at the end and get them done, you feel bad about yourself.

You wonder, “Why can’t I just do what I need to do?” You ask yourself, “Why can’t I take action in the pursuit of things that are so important to me?”

This leads to thoughts that you deserve failure, since you must obviously are programmed for poor performance and a lack of motivation. This low level of self-belief and self-esteem leads to more procrastination, and a very unhealthy mental cycle develops.

Negative emotions like self-hatred and self-doubt create stress, and stress is at the cornerstone of all chronic disease. It is in this way that …

6 – Not Meeting Goals

Procrastination seems to become a major issue when we start to think about setting goals or wanting to achieve or change something.

Don’t get me wrong; you really may have a strong desire to change, but you just find it impossible to take that vital first step.

This can be incredibly confusing and frustrating; you might find yourself thinking, “Why is it so difficult to go for something that I know I want so badly?” Only you can answer that; you’ll have to explore a little deeper to try to find out why you are resisting and effectively sabotaging your own personal growth.

We set goals because we want to have a better life, and these can be business, career, relationship type goals. If you don’t even attempt to reach these goals because of procrastination, you reduce the possibility to better your life.

You need to find what the root cause is behind your procrastination, especially if it’s preventing you from achieving your goals, or you may never attain them and you may be losing out on some of what life has to offer you.

7 – Procrastination Can Quite Literally Kill You

You may think that statement is a little harsh or “over-the-top”. Actually, it isn’t. People who procrastinate constantly make poor decisions. You put off going to that doctor’s appointment, justifying your decision by saying that you probably won’t be able to afford his bill.

You find excuses for putting off exercising all the time. You know you should eat better, but you can always start your new diet tomorrow.

Aside from the poor mental health that comes from a lack of self-esteem, procrastination can lead to physical health problems that have serious consequences.

Stress is related to the top preventable causes of death. Procrastination is a powerful stress booster. Put off taking care of your physical health for years, and you increase the odds that you’ll die from a serious illness or disease.

Stop procrastinating. It’s a killer, a job and relationship wrecker. Putting off important tasks and responsibilities leads to so many negative results. Chronic procrastination can make it virtually impossible to live a life of fulfillment and success.

And remember, one way to beat procrastination is to stay focused and many people struggle with this. If you want to learn more about staying focused, check out the featured resource below for a free detailed report; download, read it and take action 😊

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