Authority Marketing – Creating Shareworthy Content

Authority Marketing – Creating Shareworthy Content

You know that if you want to increase your sales and expand your outreach, you need to position yourself as an authority in your market.

In a previous post on Authority Marketing, we talked about the importance of knowing your audience through market research so that you can position yourself in a way that people relate to, resonate with and believe in. And we also covered being where your audience is here.

One of the easiest ways to position yourself as an expert in your niche so you can maximize your outreach and income is to create share-worthy content.

What does this mean?

Shareworthy content is material that people feel compelled to send to others. They feel it’s incredibly useful or valuable in some way and they want others to know about it.

This is also called pillar content because it’s the strongest, most engaging material found on your website, blog or within your marketing campaigns and funnels.

Ideally, your content should always focus on 3 main things:

Connecting with your readers.  Your content needs to resonate with your audience, so they begin to see you as an authority or expert on the topic. This means that your content needs to be well-researched, actionable and comprehensive.

Persuading your readers.  Your writing needs to motivate them into taking action, even if that simply involves returning to your website again, subscribing to your newsletter or sharing your content with others.

In order to persuade readers, you need to earn their trust and convince them, through your content, that you are an expert on the topic and that they can learn something useful from you.

Exciting your readers.   Your content should invoke excitement and convince people that you have something valuable to offer that will improve their lives in some way.

When people are excited about something, they naturally want to share it. They’ll talk about it to friends and family and spread your message amongst their own networking circles.  This is how content goes viral!

So, begin by thinking about what your primary objective is. 

  • Do you want to write a piece of content that motivates someone to subscribe to your list?
  • Will you require a specific action after someone reads your content?
  • Is your content designed to garner attention and gain trust?

Identifying your content’s objective before you start writing it is extremely important and will ensure that your material is direct, informative and hits the target.

Once you know what your objective is, concentrate on conveying your message in a concise, direct manner.

Create exceptional, highly-targeted content that people will want to share because it speaks to them directly, communicates a positive message that supports your brand and demonstrates your knowledge on the topic.

And above all else, it explains to your audience what’s in it for them.

You want to gain the respect of your market so you can build an authority website that people turn to again and again, and you’ll do that by producing top-notch content that helps your audience in one specific way.

And if you are suffering from writer’s block and have no idea how to create shareworthy content, go to the source!

Spend some time reading content from authority websites and influencers in your market. Identify the thought and study their writing style, their voice and of course, the topics they focus the most time on.

Take down notes!  Write down anything that comes to mind whether it’s an idea for a killer blog topic, or ideas regarding content structure, format and style. It’ll all come in handy later.

One great tool that makes it exceptionally easy to research your competition so you can find the top content in your niche, collaborate with influencers and gain access to content insights that will help you generate fresh ideas is by using BuzzSumo.

They offer a free version so check it out:

Now let’s look at some platforms that can help you out…

Join ProfNet or HARO

These two platforms connect journalists with experts. HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out. These “matchmaking sites” hook journalists up with experts who can answer their questions and help them with their research.

ProfNet is designed for public relations experts who want to pitch their organizations to journalists. You set up your profile on the site and set preferences for which types of queries you’re interested in.

When a journalist is looking for sources to help cover that breaking news story, they’re going to look over their databases. If you match their criteria, they’ll contact you.

HARO will deliver an email three times daily (5:45am; 12:45pm: 5:00pm EST) to sources, listing dozens of queries from reporters looking for experts.

They’ll describe the type of story they’re working on and list what expertise they’re looking for. You can reply to the queries and give your qualifications.

Let them know why you’re the perfect person for that story. In addition, HARO is free but offers a paid selection with more filtering options.

There are a couple of other similar service as well. SourceBottle includes a searchable database of active queries so you can hook up with the right journalist. PitchRate is mainly for bloggers and website owners, but it’s the same sort of game: they’re looking for experts to comment or post articles on their sites.

Here’s some advice from a HARO writer (Ritka Puri):

Focus on the story instead of your bio. “I care about what the interviewee has to say and am less concerned with how many patents the person holds.”

Stick to the system. Don’t email your contact directly. They’re likely using the HARO system to organize their queries and an email will get misplaced.

Make and keep journalist relationships. When pitching, mention whether you’ve worked with a journalist before.

Answer the question in a direct way. Don’t just ask if they’d like to interview you. Give them a direct reply to their question so they can decide for themselves.

Be personable and helpful. Your contact should contain a friendly introduction, a fun fact, keywords or bullet points that describe your story, and humility!

And of course, you could create a press release that will not only help you gain authority but generate targeted traffic by helping you rank in the major search engines for relevant keywords.

Press releases are still incredibly viable marketing tools, so be sure to check them out. They’ll help you get attention, generate buzz and create brand awareness.

Here are a couple resources to look into:

And here are a couple of articles to help you create the most effective press release for your business:

If you want to know more about leveraging the power of authority marketing, then check out the featured resource below for a free report that expands on this post; download, read and take action 🙂

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