Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Good Sales Copy

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Copywriting for beginners

Learning to write good sales copy isn’t something you can learn by reading a quick tutorial – it takes practice.  Although you probably won’t turn into a world-famous copywriter overnight, there are a few tips you can use to increase the response from your sales letters.

The first thing you should learn is that the headline is incredibly important.  If your headline is terrible – or worse – boring, most people won’t even read the rest of your sales letter.  A headline needs to be exciting, enticing, and intriguing.

It needs to grab the attention of your visitor quickly. Your headline might have shock value, ask a compelling question, or be the beginning of an extremely interesting story.  “Six months ago, I was living on the streets of L.A., homeless after my Adjustable Rate Mortgage soared so high I couldn’t make the mortgage payments, but now I’m living in a sky-rise apartment twenty stories up that I paid seven figures for…”

This makes the reader want to know more – how did this person go from being destitute to being wealthy?  Good sales copy usually tells a story that the audience can connect with.  Copy ideally shouldn’t tell a fictional story, though.

Copywriting for beginners

You certainly don’t want to run into any trouble with the FTC or an attorney general with something to prove.  Good copy gives people a reason to keep reading.  If you tell an interesting, compelling story that’s somehow related to the product and how it will affect them, it will naturally appeal to your visitor.

Every single paragraph should lead into the next paragraph, drawing the reader further and further into the pitch.

Consumers usually buy based on emotion, and then they justify their purchase with logic.  They rarely buy based on logic alone.

They don’t buy a product because of the features – they buy because of the benefits it will provide to them, the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) factor.  If you’re selling a car, you can’t tell the buyer that it has Corinthian leather seats, ABS brakes, and a superior sound system.

You have to sell them on the fact that their neighbors and coworkers will be envious, girls will flock to them, and they’ll feel like the king of the world whenever they drive it.  Then they’ll buy based on the fantasy you’ve just given them, and they’ll use logic to justify their purchase later.

Within each online sales letter, you’ll want to have a main headline, numerous sub-headlines sprinkled throughout, and aside form the written storyline, you’ll want to add sections of benefit-driven bullet points that break up the monotonous text.

So. the headline is incredibly important. But it isn’t the most important part of your sales copy!!

Any idea what that is?

The most important part of your sales letter is the ultimate claim you’re making throughout the sales letter.

This is the big idea – the main premise around which you’re going to build your sales letter.

I’m talking about the primary purpose and promise of your product. This is the desired outcome your prospects have been hoping for.

How to write sales copy

Without a big idea, your sales copy will be pretty much the same as anyone else’s which will make converting your prospects much harder.

But with a powerful big idea, you will be able to stand out and this gives your prospects hope that your product or service may be the one that actually delivers on its promises.

Combine the big idea with a unique mechanism and now you are really compelling. The unique mechanism is the way in which your product works to produce the desired effect.

This can make all the difference in marketplaces that are saturated and sophisticated i.e. they have been exposed to the same type of offer for years.

If you are in a niche that has a high level of marketplace sophistication, it is imperative that you are able to stand out and having a big idea and a unique mechanism helps you to do just that.

And you should be incorporating the big idea and/or unique mechanism into your main headline(s) to grab attention and arouse curiosity, so take some time to develop these to draw your readers in.

Don’t forget the call to action at the end and a Post Script (PS) or two that sums up the order in case they’re bona fide skimmers who hate to read.

In all honesty, most people will not read the entire sales letter, but skim to the things that grab attention such as headlines, bullet points and the PS which is why it is important to really work on these to either increase the pain points or clearly explain the benefits.

Go to some of your favorite sales pitch sites and emulate their style and approach. Bookmark it for your “swipe file,” where you borrow ideas (not content) from the original author and use it on your own target audience.

The best sales copy is a complex mix of marketing and sales messages. The marketing is about the prospect; their desires, pains etc. and the selling is about the product; features etc. so the best sales letters focus heavily on marketing.

The reason for this is that a good marketing message can create a lot of desire for the product before you even mention it and this makes selling much easier.

So, in future, think more about your prospect, what they feel and what they want and how your product can give that to them and you will find that your conversions and sales will be much higher.

And be reassured; writing good, persuasive copy is a skill that can definitely be developed  by anybody. Like anything, it just takes time and effort to get good at it and hone your skills.

But if any skill is worth developing, especially online, it is being able to write persuasive sales copy, so I urge anyone reading this to seriously consider learning it as soon as they possibly can; it will pay dividends in the future, believe me.

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