How To Build A Sales Pitch Into Your Webinars

How To Build A Sales Pitch Into Your Webinars

Are you presenting a product or service to a potential client or an audience of potential clients?

The main point of any sales presentation is to make the sale, but the focus of the presentation is the audience.

How can you accomplish both in one shot? We are going to give you a few hints in that area.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

When salesmen have quotas, the customer can become lost in the sauce. Remember door-to-door salesmen? They didn’t have PowerPoint presentations or big event halls with a stage to speak to their prospective clients.

They honed a few basic skills that made the sale for them. As a business owner or a manager for a company, knowing the importance of new business as well as the importance of client needs can translate into sales with the right formula.

Being prepared for anything (even big fat Nos) actually makes your job a lot smoother and simpler. Sometimes it isn’t what you know but how you convey what you know to your target audience.

Building Your Presentation Around Your Sales Pitch

If you want to make the sale, you need to catch the attention and emotion of the customer from the first word, picture, or slide.

* Do your homework – The key to engaging a customer is to know who they are. What do they need that your product can provide? What are their immediate needs? Who else has the potential to meet those needs? It is not inappropriate to ask a potential client or customer some questions that would help you prepare for them. But, you will have to do some digging on your own as well to get what you need.

* Know your product – What aspects of your product’s capabilities speak to the needs of the client or customer? This is how you tailor a presentation to the specific need of the audience. Choose one feature that can solve the issue they are currently having and use that as the topic of your presentation.

* Make the presentation about the customer – When you begin by discussing your company or product, the talk focuses on you. Instead, use words and imagery to show the benefits of the product to customers. It’s all about meeting their needs, not your revenue.

* Tell a story – It goes without saying that it needs to be a relevant story. Relay a time when your product was used by a past customer, and the positive outcomes. Choose a story whose outcomes are also the desires of the current audience. Show empathy towards your audience.

* Listen to the customer – Ask questions and wait for the response. Show that you are listening. Move your presentation in a direction that highlights the need expressed in their responses.

* Don’t forget the call to action – The deal is not sealed until you tell the audience what you want them to do. Some will say yes right away, and others will need time. Create a follow-up strategy to keep them interested until they say yes.

On the part of the customer, a good sales pitch will instil confidence in your ability to meet their needs.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Selling Your Products During Your Webinar

There are four P’s of marketing: Product, place, price, and promotion. Using this marketing mix will result in a much better result than just focusing on one thing.

Today, one of the ways in which you can market your business is to host webinars and a solid webinar marketing strategy should be a part of any online business.

There are a number of webinar platforms including GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, Demio and EasyWebinar and there has been a rise in popularity of Zoom webinar due to the increase in working from home.

But remember that there is a difference between promotion and marketing. Marketing encompasses all the different aspects of marketing, whereas promotion is just one aspect.

If you want to know more about using webinars, check out this free training here

Here’s how you can promote and sell your products during your webinar without making it too sales focused.

* Create a Short Informative Sign-Up Page – One way to promote products to your audience is to promote on the backend, and the way you do that is to collect email address information when your audience signs up for your webinar. Your title should be compelling and explain exactly what the webinar will provide to your audience.

* Get the Format Down for the Webinar – Your personal story should be first, no more than five or ten minutes. If you tell a story that shows how you overcame an obstacle, it will humanize you for your audience and open their hearts to your message.

Deliver useful, relevant, and actionable content for the next 20 minutes, teasing them about the offer you’ll be making to them later. Finally, offer fast action bonuses for people who act now on your offer, and don’t apologize for making the offer. You’re helping them and they deserve to hear your offer.

* Add Scarcity to Your Offer – You can’t make the offer too open ended, or people will sit on it and wait and maybe never act. Give them a time limit but include a lot of value in the offer, such as a special breakout Q & A session for fast acting buyers happening just a few days from now. That will help your audience make their decision.

* Describe the Products Completely – Proudly explain what they will get when they buy your product, including all the benefits available to them and the fast action bonuses too. This is your “sales page”, and you want to give them everything, including overcoming any objections they might have to buying.

* Send Buyers Directly to Checkout Page – When you’ve already made the offer and pitch, don’t send them to another sales page during the webinar. Instead, send them to a checkout page so that it’s faster and they will buy right then instead of reading the sales page again. You’ve already told them the benefits, they’re clicking to buy, and they want to buy. Don’t interfere with that.

* Follow Up – You’d be shocked at how many people give many webinars and do not follow up with their audience after the event. Most of your sales are likely to happen in the days after the webinar. You may have one or two who take advantage of the fast action bonuses, but you’ll have more buy after the event if you follow up.

Send a recording of the event; write up a post using the questions received during the event. Find ways to follow up and continue the conversation.

Webinars are one of the best forms of marketing that your business has ever seen. But they only work if you learn how to do them correctly, by not being afraid to make your offer in a real, genuine way to the audience. If you’ve given them a lot of great free content and whetted their appetite well enough, they’ll be relieved to get the offer.

Any type of webinar or sales presentation relies on good sales copy and there are many pitfalls and mistakes that inexperienced copywriters can make. If you want to know more about avoiding these and other copywriting mistakes, take a look at the featured resource below where you can download a copy of a free report, Copywriting Blunders, so you will be forewarned and can make your copy more effective. Download, read it and take action 😊

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