Lack Of Motivation? How To Overcome A Lack Of Motivation In Your Life

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Lack Of Motivation

It happens to us all.  One day we’re motivated and the next day we’re in the dumps having ourselves a pity party.  Staying motivated is not easy and lack of motivation can be a serious problem that affects every one of us.

If keeping yourself motivated were easy, everybody would do it and we’d all be successful, but as you will know, that simply isn’t the case! 

But, it can be done.  You believe it can be done and that’s why you’re reading this right now – good for you!

Think about this: You may have felt good about a certain job or project when it began.  You were filled with enthusiasm and motivation.

Then you hit a few speed bumps and unexpected failures and your motivation waned.  You may have fallen into depression and decided to give up.  All of those positive thoughts turned into negative ones.

This is nothing new and, believe me, you are NOT alone! We’ve all experienced these emotions that can cause us to give up prematurely.  All that upsurge of energy when we started a new project inevitably ends as dreams become reality and we lose our confidence.

You get bogged down with “life” and those feelings of hope just disappear as “reality” sets in!

Don’t be so hard on yourself; you are allowed to dream, and dream big.

The trick is to turn these negative emotions around and the best way to do that is to understand them, analyze them and find out what caused them. We lose our motivation as we lose our focus, our confidence and our direction.

If you can learn to control these three emotions you can control your life. Let’s take a quick look at each of these now:

Focus on what you really want

Lack of motivation

Focus can make or break your dreams, it’s as simple as that.

Be specific and be positive.  We generally think in terms of what we don’t have rather than focus on what we want.

Try flipping this around; it’s also a good idea to be grateful for what you have and where you are at present.

You can find a great post about gratitude and self-reflection here.

Don’t focus on your fears but what you can do to overcome them.  Don’t focus on being poor but on a plan to create wealth.

To do this make a plan to get there one step at a time.  You don’t become the president of a company until you’ve come up from the ranks.

Focus on your plan to achieve your objectives and your goals.  Be realistic on your goals.

Goals that are unreachable can lead to depression.  But even small goals that are achieved lead to increased motivation.

Boost your confidence

Lack of motivation

So many people think that confidence is something you either have or you don’t, but, like any other skill or attribute, it can be acquired and developed.

To quickly boost self-confidence, you can do this by taking stock on what you already have and not what you lack. This is closely linked to the gratitude point made previously.

You’ll probably discover you’re more successful than you think.

We waste our mind power being jealous of others instead of working on achieving our own aspirations.

Don’t take your strengths for granted and count your failures one by one.

Count your blessings one by one and whatever your mind thinks it can accomplish.

Mindset is very powerful, but we hear it so often it can appear trite or cliched, but it really is a powerful tool to enable you to achieve whatever you want out of life.

So, confidence is a powerful motivator, but without a sense of direction, you won’t make the most of it, so let’s look at that now.

Without direction there is no motivation

Lack of motivation

You must create a day-to-day strategy.  Make a to-do list and do it.  Mark off each item once it’s accomplished and do not mark it off until it’s done.

You’ll eventually get tired of looking at it on your list and do it.

By making a list or outline of what needs to be done, you’ll find ways to do it and you’ll believe that you truly deserve success.

Don’t waste time by worrying about the future.  Start today by doing something to change your future for the better.  Today’s actions can create a better future.

Set goals that challenge you to grow, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. And also, don’t be afraid to “fail” once in a while.

A great post about reframing “failure” can be found here.

Don’t be surprised or depressed about a lack of motivation; it will affect us all many times during our lives, but it is how we react to it that can make all the difference.

Look at it as an opportunity to step back and analyze what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right.

Discover your faults and correct them.  When you re-evaluate your plans and goals from a fresh perspective, you’ll feel a new surge of enthusiasm and motivation and that lack of motivation can quickly become a thing of the past and you can move onto bigger and better things.

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