Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying!

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Stop Beating Yourself Up

Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying

 Do you make mistakes? Do you make a lot of mistakes?

Of course you do. We ALL make mistakes and this is how we learn and grow as human beings.

So, why is it that when we make a mistake, we spend so much time dissecting and agonising over it and wondering “what if?

Often times, we allow a mistake or wrong decision to negatively impact our lives long after the incidence occurred. By doing so, we end up being unable to actually enjoy the present and take advantage of new opportunities and experiences.

Dwelling over a mistake for extended periods of time can be very detrimental to your way of life.

After all, our time here is limited and each passing moment cannot be replayed or started over. It is difficult to enjoy the newness offered in each day when your mind is constantly troubled by regret and negative self-feedback.

In this post, we will discuss why it is perfectly okay to stop beating yourself up over a mistake and how habitually doing so can affect your own well-being, as well as the people in your life.

And, as the title of this post suggests; if you are making mistakes, it is proof you are trying!

So, here are 3 quick ways to stop beating yourself up over all your mistakes.

 Remember That You Are Human

Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying

 In case you haven’t noticed, human beings are literally programmed to make mistakes. We are not given an instruction manual at birth detailing the correct way to handle the vast array of decisions and events we experience throughout our lifetimes.

Therefore, it makes no sense to go through life with the intent of being absolutely perfect.

Of course, you should strive to make the right decisions and handle situations to the best of your ability, but only with the knowledge that you will not always do so. Yes, it is fine to make mistakes, really!

Any mistake you end up making should not come as a total surprise, but should instead serve as a reminder that you are a fallible human being, just like the billions of other people around you.

Being human is a beautiful thing. We are capable of so many emotions, creations and discoveries. However, we are far from perfect and mistakes are sure to happen. Always keep that in mind.

Change Your Perspective 


 A great way to avoid beating yourself up over a shortcoming or wrong decision is to not always regard the situation in a negative manner. Instead, try to realize that mistakes are a mandatory part of the learning process.

Reframe your mistakes to this: mistakes are a chance to learn and grow!

Consider this, every single thing you have ever learned how to do with any level of expertise has been achieved through trial and error. This process in no way ends just because you have become an adult.

For as long as you live, you will continue to encounter new situations.

That being said, it is silly to think that, as an adult, you will somehow be able to respond to new situations the right way from the start.

In fact, if you ever reach a point in your life where you fail to make a mistake here and there, this is probably a bad sign. If nothing you do poses a challenge, this means you are at a place of stagnation.

It is important to consider each and every mistake as a lesson that allows you to adjust, modify your actions and do better the next go around.

Treat Yourself As You Do Others!

Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying

That sounds like a really strange thing to say doesn’t it?

Well, look at it this way; almost all of us do our best to forgive other people after they have messed up. This is especially true when thinking about the people closest to us.

Sure, we may be upset and even angry for a while, but we usually don’t hold the issue over the offender’s head for long periods of time.

Ironically, we struggle more to forgive ourselves than to do the same for others.

Considering this paradox, try to change your vantage point the next time you are avoiding granting yourself forgiveness.

After all, nobody is closer to you than you.

Knowing that forgiveness is a mandatory part of maintaining external relationships, you must also realize that this requirement holds true for nurturing your own mental environment.

OK, so there are 3 quick ways to get over the mistakes you are making in your life.

If you want to have even more peace and clarity in your life then you should really think about using the practice of mindfulness in your daily life.

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