Do You Give Up Too Easily?

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Taking The Easy Way Out By Giving Up

Give Up

When we are confronted with situations in our lives, one of the easiest ways to handle it is to give up. It’s too hard; we tell ourselves.

It’s easy to get to a point where it seems as though all that time you’ve invested in a dream or goal and the time till its fruition can be very daunting and even unobtainable.

There will be times of excitement, enthusiasm, creativity, but they can quickly be followed by despair, discouragement, and the desire to quit.

The trouble is, those situations often get worse because we choose not to confront them. They may take some time and especially perseverance. That is the main reason why we choose not to deal with them.

It’s just simpler to bury your head in the sand, but you’ll never grow if you keep doing this and you won’t have the kind of life that you truly want and deserve.

So, why do we give up so easily?

Do You Give Up

In all honesty, I think that us humans are just simply wired to want to give up; sad, I know, but it appears to be true nonetheless!

This stems from the fact that we crave instant gratification and if you are striving towards a distant goal, the brain doesn’t like delayed gratification; it wants results and rewards NOW!

So, basically we’re born to look for instant gratification. And this could be for good reason  in the past as we may have needed immediate benefits to ensure our survival. But do we need that instinct now in the modern day world? Not really.

We are very much present-oriented, and so when we’re not getting what we want immediately, we get anxious and want to give up.

Maybe you’re disappointed or tired because you haven’t succeeded yet after lots of trials and attempts with nothing to show for it.

Believe me, you are not alone. I can pretty much guarantee that everyone has experienced this in their lifetime.

But, if you found ways to persevere, those situations would go away before they got out of hand.

If your situation is a financial one where you don’t have the necessary funds, you may need to seek other ways to make money.

Of course, it’s bad enough having to work one job as many people are not happy with their jobs. Adding yet another job into the mix can be a hard pill to swallow.

However, if you focus on the goal of taking care of the situation, this can get you through it. You may only need to work that other job for a temporary amount of time.

Life can get even more difficult for many people as they get older.

When you get past a certain age, you are not as easily employable as you were when you were younger. If you are having trouble finding work after being let go, will you keep going until you find something? There are a fair number of people who will simply give up.

Perhaps you have thought about starting your own business. It’s certainly much easier to do that with the internet these days. This too, takes a lot of work, especially since it is getting more competitive all the time. But, those who put in the time tend to make it happen.

Others, simply quit. It’s interesting to note that people who quit, often do so right before the time where they would start seeing some successes in their business.

We tend to have more medical issues when we are older as well. Taking better care of ourselves requires perseverance and habit changes. Many people will simply throw in the towel and take their chances with their health as they age. 

Whatever situation you find yourself facing, giving up seems to be the easiest option.

It’s not usually the correct choice, however. It can take a commitment both in time and attitude (preparing yourself to be ready) but it can be well worth the effort of knowing that you won’t have to handle worse conditions later.

What Are The Consequences Of Giving Up?

Do You Give Up

The thing about instant gratification is that it is a mirage, an illusion.

When you look at successful people, many think of them as overnight successes but actually NOTHING could be further from the truth!

Most successful people have failed and suffered rejection many times. Did you know that Sylvester Stallone was rejected over 1500 times when he first approached Hollywood with the script for Rocky?

And to make it worse, they offered to make the film for him, but only if he didn’t star in it!! But he stuck to his guns and it worked out for him eventually when Rocky and Stallone became an “overnight success!”

Remember this: If you give up now, you’re giving up the very bright future and great results you can and will get.

So, bear this in mind when you feel low and want to throw in the towel. Don’t suffer for mediocre and live a life of regret. Persevere and do what your future self will thank you for.

If you really feel like giving up remember these 7 points to hopefully keep you on track:

  • Remember why you started in the first place and how much you wanted it.
  • Analyse why you want to give up.
  • Visualise the ultimate goal and reward you’ll get if you persevere.
  • Plan your journey towards your goal and be prepared to modify it if it isn’t working.
  • You are not alone and can find others to support you when it gets tough.
  • Have an attitude if gratitude for what you have got and how far you have come.
  • When planning goals, set small achievable milestones and reward yourself when you hit them. Your brain likes pleasure so this can help you to keep going.

Life can be tough sometimes and it is very easy to give up and live a less than fulfilled life, but you really owe it to yourself to become more resilient and to persevere whenever you encounter any obstacles you meet.

Everyone deserves to have a rich, meaningful life full of happiness and success but it takes work and you must be willing to do whatever to takes to overcome life’s challenges.

As mentioned in the bullet points above, gratitude plays a huge part in how you approach life and if you want to learn  more about gratitude, there are some more posts here and here.

Good luck and NEVER give up 💪



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