2 Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Affiliate Offers

2 Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing as an online business opportunity is very attractive as it is low cost and low risk, but as an affiliate you’re always going to have a lot of competition.

Not only are you competing with others who are selling similar products, but there may be dozens, hundreds or even thousands of serious affiliates who are selling the EXACT same product as you are.

How do you beat your competition?

By adding value (bonuses) to any affiliate offer you promote.  This means providing some sort of a bonus – a freebie – to anyone who buys an offer through your affiliate link.

You’re probably wondering what the simplest and most effective way of creating a bonus for your offer or service that you are promoting.

It can be overwhelming and quite frustrating as you want to give your audience and potential buyers a valid incentive to purchase from you or through your affiliate links.

Here are a couple of simple ideas for adding value to any affiliate offer.

Offer Buyers A Free Report

If you are not sure where to start then the most effective and simplest way would be to create a free report or detailed guide.

You can make it as simple or as detailed as you like but it must provide value. Another point to take into consideration is that the guide must have a unique flow that coincides and complements the original training or tutorials.

In other words, it must be structured in a way that acts as a reference that works in tandem alongside the original content as a supplementary alternative.

You can add images and additional text to help further expand on the training while providing more insights to allow users to better understand the topic and complete tasks etc.

To give an example of this, if you are a personal trainer and your clients need help with losing weight and correcting their dietary habits, you will create a detailed guide and structure it in a way that follows a simple step-by-step process.

To elaborate on this example to keep it as simple as possible you will focus the guide on 3 key areas which your clients must follow to help them get the required results.

You will start off with an estimated time period in which they must adhere to all the rules and complete the tasks as required for them to start seeing progress.

The next step will be to create a detailed day to day meal plan that covers the types of food they should eat at each meal. Making sure to provide information based on the number of calories, protein, and macronutrients they need to consume or restrict to allow them to work within any boundaries or limitations they may have.

The final step will be to incorporate a structured exercise plan that will provide information on the best warm-up routines and exercises to implement to increase stamina, build muscle or lose weight.

You can cater the information based on the client’s proprietary needs so they can follow the plan in a simplified manner.

One of the most important aspects of providing a free report or guide to your followers is to not call it an eBook or pdf.

For example:

You don’t want to use this phrase – You can download a free pdf or eBook using the link below.

Even though there is essentially nothing wrong with this call to action but as the words, eBook and pdf are so commonly used they are rarely seen as an incentive or valuable even though they could be packed with detailed information.

So, in your audience’s eyes, it is seen as less valuable, and they may be less likely to use it.

Instead, what you should do is give the eBook a different name such as:

  • Detailed Report
  • Proven System
  • Proven Formula
  • Structured Blueprint
  • Step-by-Step Process
  • Detailed Document

This small change will greatly help enhance the perceived value of your bonus.

It’s a great way to get people interested in your brand, and an even better way to introduce yourself as an expert.

It will also give you an extended reach as an authority figure on the subject or topic.

You’ll not only get instant credibility for yourself and your brand but also have a chance to reveal how the training is helping others deal with their specific problems or challenges.

Now that you have those small changes in place, you can now provide a simple CTA or Call to Action to encourage your followers to provide their email address in exchange for the free report.

OK, here’s another way to add value to your affiliate offers.

Offer Buyers A Checklist

Sharing a detailed checklist is another great way to add value to an offer, service, or promotion.

People love incentives and checklists are a great way to increase a viewer’s interest in a product.

It can help users to follow along with the content of the training etc in a step-by-step order as it also helps to keep them accountable as they progress.

It also helps to solidify more trust in your product so they can get more value.

They can just check off the tasks they have completed along the way allowing them to move on and focus on the next stage of whatever process they are involved in.

This can be useful not only for solo content creators but also for groups and teams that need to work closely together on specific tasks to complete projects etc.

For a lot of teams, sharing and checking off checklists helps everyone stay on track with projects. For instance, maybe you have a big project to take on, but you don’t know who is responsible for what steps in the process.

You can create a detailed checklist of events that can be designated to each team member so that everyone involved knows exactly where to focus their time and energy on.

This will help to avoid confusion while allowing the entire process to have a better flow and be more streamlined.

There are plenty of ways you can create a detailed checklist!

  • Create PDF files
  • Dynamic Online Templates
  • Printable Templates

You can use various design programs to build the files and convert them to pdf or different reading formats that can be made viewable online or made printable so that you can access a physical copy if needed.

Another alternative would be to create interactive checklists that have a more flexible dynamic as you can access them anywhere at any time as long as you have access to a computing or mobile device with a stable internet connection.

Everything involved with these interactive checklists is hosted online so you can view them through your internet browser window, but they can also be made printable if required.

There are so many benefits to creating detailed checklists as you can cater them to whatever area, interest, or niche where you have an established audience of loyal followers or as an incentive to entice new followers to join your group, offer or service.

You can create anything from holiday travel and packing checklists to remind people of all the specifics they need to take with them and be aware of when travelling abroad.

Even step-by-step health guides, cooking and diet plans to exercise plans etc, even how to set up an online business where they can check off each section to let them know which stage they are currently on their journey.

Checklists are a great way to summarize the content in a training course or program into individual tasks while also helping to increase engagement with the user.

You can sell checklists as an additional way to earn an extra income source, or you can give them away for free as an added bonus for an offer or product you plan to promote, you have the freedom to use or implement them how you wish.

If you like the 2 simple ways to add value to your affiliate offers in this article, you will surely like an extended and detailed report containing another 8 ways to boost your affiliate earnings.

So, check out the featured resource below for the free Simple Affiliate Strategies detailed report; download, read it and take action 😊

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