Manifestation For Money: Does It Work?

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Manifestation for money

Everyone has an insight, a voice that comes from within ones soul. This is the voice responsible in influencing and directing us throughout our life.

That voice is constantly telling us “Get up right now! Take charge of your life and manifest your destiny”.

It involves transforming yourself and taking charge of your life. If you stay stagnant then life will not happen for you. You might never experience the true potential of yourself.

Life is not only about the style of living, sleeping, eating, working and travelling but to explore, experiment, observe, thoughtful processes and taking risks towards change.

Change leads to improvement. So an important question is how to improve? How to bring about change within one’s self?

For that purpose, what you need to do is to take actionable steps to improve yourself. Push yourself out of the traditional and comfort zone, family values, controlling powers of other human beings and meet the real you! This will definitely transform your life.

Why does success only come to those who work harder for it?

It is because millions of people have no idea what are they capable of doing. Following conservative ways to live life blindly is no different than being dead, doing nothing and simply copying.

Ask yourself, “Are you a copycat?”

Before even considering using manifestation for money (and anything else for that matter), get ready and be open for change that you have never experienced before. You will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone and live the life that you’ve always dreamt of.

You are free to live in your own unique way with a strong identity rather than being a copy of others. If you strive for change, you can build a world of success of your own.

Shake off the insecurities, confusions and doubts to enhance confidence, power and ability to attain your heart’s desire.

Let’s begin with what we mean by manifestation.

 It refers to the process, an action or an event that clearly enables us to see or show us something abstract or conceptual.

Basically it is indicating the movement of transformation of a mind concept into a reality-based act. That is why we stress upon taking action to bring your thoughts, feelings and ideas into a tangible experience.

You Are Important

Manifestation definition

Your life has a goal, which is to win. Winners are leaders, those who lead life in their own way and leave their legacy behind.

The one thing that holds us back from creating our legacy is in our subconscious mind; our past, our mistakes, our regrets and unpleasant memories. Left unchecked, all of this no doubt holds you back from progressing and achieving what you desire.

The human mind has an inborn tendency to seek and grasp on negativity. Biologically, there is a part of our brain called the “lizard brain” that is the oldest part of our brain stem, responsible for the most basic of instincts; survival. This part of the brain governs our flight or fight attitude towards challenges and breaking comfort zones and is designed to keep us safe from harm.

I know no one really wants to live a life of drudgery, producing nothing, being stuck in a 9 to 5 job doing the same thing over and over again just to pay bills. That is a very distorted and warped version of life. Some people die at 25 years old and don’t get buried until they are 79 years old.

Financial success is a major goal for the majority of people on the planet because having a lack of finances is a real pain point. If you have very little disposable income, it is very difficult to live life to the fullest.

This doesn’t mean you need to strive to be filthy rich, but rather to have a degree of financial independence where you have enough to not worry about it. This is not the same as greed although some folks will call you greedy for wanting more!

We all know how emotive a subject money can be, but don’t be put off; financial abundance is a worthwhile goal to strive for!

Think less, speak less, and observe more with your eyes and your heart. It takes faith, action and the belief that you will succeed.

You will get to where you want to be. Trust in yourself, your capacity and your ability to achieve it.

Never ignore the power of change as this power takes you towards your personal growth.

The key to unlocking your true spirit and road to find the peak of manifestation is to “Be Consistent And Never Give Up” because true change takes consistency and this is how the law of attraction works.

The Law Of Attraction

Law of attraction

As you may be aware, the law of attraction has been around for centuries. In the past, people used to meditate and calm their mind and visualize and force themselves to believe that whatever they wanted was already in existence for them to manifest it in reality.

This was an uphill task because as human beings we’ve been conditioned with negative beliefs since young. These beliefs may have been passed down by our parents, teachers, other adults, friends, etc.

As a result, when we try to believe in the impossible, our subconscious minds do not align with our positive thoughts because deep down we feel like we’re lying to ourselves.

This is the biggest limitation to the law of attraction. We are in our own way.

Thanks to technological advances, we’re now understanding that beta and theta waves can be used to reprogram our mind with positive beliefs and clear out the negative beliefs. It’s akin to starting with a clean slate.

Whether you believe in manifestation or the Law of Attraction or not, it is definitely big business and if you aren’t achieving the levels of success in your own life, it may be worth putting your cynicism to one side and giving it a try. What do you have to lose?

One of the top selling products that uses a set of audios to transform your mind was created by Eddie Sergey and it’s called 15 Minute Manifestation.

15 Minute Manifestation Review

15 Minute Manifestation Review

This product has sold thousands of copies and has been an online bestseller for years. Let’s see why it’s so popular…

The Good Points:

The beauty of 15 Minute Manifestation is its simplicity. Listening to audios is a breeze. No need to write down anything or concentrate and visualize in a meditative pose. If you’re new to reprogramming your mind, this product is perfect for you.

There are many positive reviews and testimonials from customers. This is great social proof that the product works.

15 Minute Manifestation has been an online bestseller for years. That inspires more confidence.

Very often when people try to change their lives with the law of attraction, they’re unable to make much headway because of their limiting beliefs and emotional blockages.

Removing these obstacles on your own is a Herculean task because they’re embedded deep in your subconscious mind.

With the audios in 15 Minute Manifestation, the negative beliefs that are holding you back will be removed when you listen to the first audio in the series – The Natural State. This is a great way to start your journey.

The second audio, ‘Your New Story’ will help you create positive, life changing beliefs so that you elevate yourself to the next level where success is achieved with a lot less effort, since you’re no longer getting in your own way.

In the third audio, ‘Moving Towards Abundance’, your mind will be gently trained to manifest results at an accelerated rate. You’ll start feeling better and notice that positive results are coming every which way you turn. This is a good place to be in.

This step-by-step easy to follow method will encourage consistency. So many people start off motivated with other law of attraction methods, but after a while they stop because they lose interest.

With this method, you can just play the audios and do other stuff while the sounds work on your subconscious mind.

You get 3 audios (15 minutes each) and you need to listen to each audio once every single day for a week. This will last for 21 days which is enough time to make this practice a habit… and you’ll be much more likely to manifest your desires.

A special technology is used to create these ‘theta wave’ audios which are received more easily by your subconscious mind.

The Bad Points:

The sales copy is a little unbelievable and may raise red flags for people who are more cynical.

The whole story about Eddie having brain cancer and curing himself by listening to binaural beats seems a bit far-fetched. It may have been true or maybe it’s just marketing hype. Whatever the case, the product works and the wall of testimonials on the official website is proof of this.

This product is only available online. So, you will need a debit/credit card to purchase it.

Those who prefer reading books to listening to audios may not like this product because it’s completely audio-based.

Should You Get It?

Manifestation meaning

After watching the video on the official website, there’s no denying that the product does seem awesome. The good news is that you can try it risk-free because of the 60-day money back guarantee.

This is more than enough time to effect change in your life by listening to the audios daily. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

The system itself is easy to follow. Unlike other visualization methods that require concentration, the 15 Minute Manifestation audios program your mind with theta waved with no effort on your part.

So, this product is definitely worth getting and testing. Once you start manifesting what you want in your life, you’ll probably end up becoming one of the positive reviews on that site.

Give it a try and watch your life transform before your eyes.

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