Building A Strong Success Mindset Pt 4

Building A Strong Success Mindset Pt 4

In the first post in this success mindset for entrepreneurs series, you learnt about the importance of believing in yourself and you can find that post here

And, in the second post you learnt about testing your ideas to ensure that they are worthy, and that post is here

And in the third post you learnt about learning from your mistakes, and that post is here

In this final part of the series, we will look at focusing on your customers and building a team around you to help you to have the success you desire.

Focus On Your Customers

The customer is always right. That’s a truism of customer service, but it’s just as important when planning for success.

In the last chapter, you learned that one of the main reasons start-ups fail is because they fail to focus on the customer. But you’re not going to make that mistake!

Why You Should Focus On What Customers Want/Need

Your customers are the life’s blood of your business. If they’re not happy, your business will fail. It’s that simple.

We’ve already talked about market research and testing. Even after you’ve tested everything, though, you still need to focus on your customers.

It doesn’t matter what critics of your company and products say. If your customers are happy and satisfied, you’ll make money.

Think about James Carville’s famous sign during Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. It read, “It’s the economy, stupid.” It was a reminder that the campaign’s voters – its customers – were worried about the economy. Keeping their focus on the community helped make the campaign a winning one.

Creating A Great Start-To-Finish Experience

A customer’s experience with you starts when they first learn about your company or product and continues for as long as they use your product.

When you think about the customer experience, think through every step of the experience. Offer stellar content, an easy buying process, and excellent support.

Customers who’ve received top-notch support remember it. They’ll mention it to their friends.

Tip: Use Perkzilla to grow your audience. It’s a unique rewards platform you can leverage to grow your audience, get more social love, and increase your sales.

Providing Value

What’s the secret to attracting customers? VALUE.

Before anybody spends their money on your product, they’re going to want to know that it’ll deliver on its promises. You can make them feel better about that by offering clear value to them even before they buy.

That means creating and delivering interesting, informative, relevant, and actionable content that’ll help you engage their attention.

Delivering value triggers a mental glitch called Reciprocity. When you give customer something for free – even if it’s information – they’re more likely to feel obligated to buy from you.

Of course, value must come from your product as well. It includes the quality of the product, its usefulness, its longevity, and its price.

Becoming An Authority

People look up to authority figures. You can prove your authority by doing what we just talked about – delivering value to your customers.

But authority is more than that. It’s about showing that you’re a reliable and knowledgeable source of information. On social media, it means delivering original content that’s informative and actionable. It may also mean curating content from industry publications and authorities and sharing it with your own take on the topic.

One way to establish yourself as an authority is to offer a lead magnet to grow your list. A lead magnet can be a short eBook, a tip sheet, a template, or anything else that demonstrates your knowledge.

Tip: Use PLR (Private Label Rights) to get high-quality lead magnets you can repurpose to attract your target audience, grow your list, and generate leads.

For coaching PLR go to Coach Glue

For Marketing Video PLR go to Video PLR Licencing

For Personal Development PLR go to Tools For Motivation

Customer Support

Customer support starts when a customer first visits your website. You should think about what kind of support your customers need and how you’ll deliver it.

In the old days, support was mostly in person or on the phone. Today, you may want to think about:

  • Email support
  • Chat support
  • Chatbots
  • Self-service options
  • FAQ
  • Social media support

You’ll need to test various options to figure out what’ll work for your audience. Remember that a lot of companies are merging social media with support and consider doing the same.

Next, we’ll talk about the fifth and final step to success: building your success team!

Building Your Success Team

If you want to be successful, you can’t go it alone. There’s a temptation to do that, of course. Wearing every possible hat might save you a little money. But in the end, it’ll cost you more in time (and sanity) than the alternative.

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Do Everything

You might have a lot of skills. Perhaps you’re a great innovator with excellent communication skills. Maybe you’ve dabbled in accounting and flirted with marketing.

No matter how good you are, you’re not equally good at everything. If you try to do the things you’re not so great at, you might wind up settling for a less-than-perfect result.

A lot of entrepreneurs do everything at first. You might need to. But once you’ve established your business and product, it’s a good idea to branch out and get some help.

Not only will you be able to do a better job at the things that ONLY you can do, you’ll also be able to live a balanced and productive life – and that’s part of success.

Tips For Building A Team

The idea of building a team can be an intimidating one, particularly if you’re thinking that you need to hire people and deal with taxes and insurance.

The good news is that you don’t need to do those things unless you want to. Lots of companies outsource tasks as needed without hiring full-time or even part-time people.

The first step is deciding who you need on your team. Are you struggling to keep up with social media? You may want to outsource it to someone with more experience. Perhaps you need a bookkeeper to come in once a week to pay bills. Maybe you need a payroll service.

You may decide to hire someone full time. Keep in mind, though, that there are plenty of tasks you can outsource to freelancers. Using sites like Upwork makes it easy to find virtual assistants and team members.

The Importance Of Delegation

How do you know what to do yourself and what to delegate? Delegation is an essential skill. You know you can’t do everything, but it can be difficult to let go of the things you’re accustomed to doing even when you have help.

Here are some questions to help you learn how to delegate. About each task, ask:

  • Can I teach someone else to do it?
  • Is there anything that I’m unable to teach?
  • Is my personal input required?
  • Do I have someone on my team who’s capable of learning how to do it?

Unless the task absolutely requires your input and skills, it should be open to delegation. Yes, you’ll need to spend some time training your staff or freelancers to do the task to your standards. You’ll probably end up fielding a few questions and possibly, correcting a few mistakes.

There’s nothing wrong with you keeping key tasks to yourself, but your goal should be to maximize efficiency while also prioritizing accuracy.

It can also be helpful to take an inventory of your team’s skills. They might have abilities you don’t know about yet!

As you can appreciate, changing the way you think can have a huge impact on your life, and if you want to know more about developing an inspirational mindset for success, please click on the featured resource below for a free Strong Mindset report; download, read it and take action 😊

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