The Importance Of Creative Visualization

The Importance Of Creative Visualization

Humans have developed to use our imaginations for all kinds of purposes. Whether it is for comfort, entertainment, safety, or protection, our own imagination performs many jobs in our day to day lives that we rarely, if ever, even think about.

Visualizing can be a powerful tool in our self-help and self-preservation toolkit. The process can be undertaken at any time of the day, in virtually any situation you can think of. All you really need is your brain, and since that’s already with you all the time, you’re all set!

Creative visualization is just one way our brain seeks to find the solution to a problem. If we creatively think about a situation, we can imagine the situation from all angles and see the various outcomes.

Creative visualization is also a technique anyone can learn, yet it promises to give you your heart’s desires and set you on a course for personal success. What is this powerful tool, and can it really deliver what it promises?

Creative visualization is a specific way of using your imagination. It’s a cognitive process that consists of forming vivid mental images. You consciously change the images, which in turn changes your emotions about the subjects of the images. As you practice visualizing the future you want, you create that future. I can be incredibly motivating when done well, and we all need more motivation, don’t we?

Clearly, we will choose one outcome over the rest that appeals to us the greatest, and we can then focus on attaining that outcome.

You know how famous people often claim to have “visualized” their success long before it ever happened for them in real life? It’s the power of creative visualization that they are harnessing.

And once you see yourself as already having “achieved” your goal (whatever it may be), then your intuition and sense of “inner knowing” will light the proper path.

The importance of creative visualization comes into play as we seek to attain that one appealing outcome. We are genetically built to use our imagination without even being conscious of doing it. When we intentionally focus our imagination on a single outcome, it becomes much easier for us to set up action steps to take to finally get to that outcome.

It doesn’t matter what the outcome is. You might be surprised to know that you can use creative visualization to attain any goal at all – there is no right or wrong.

  • If you want weight loss, visualize yourself wearing clothes you love, and let yourself feel the confidence you have in your new body.
  • If you want more money, visualize your ideal situation – your ideal location, home, companions, etc. What kind of work do you see yourself doing?
  • If you want to travel, visualize yourself going to the airport, your luggage full of resort-wear. Imagine yourself on a warm and sunny beach, napping while you hear the waves of the ocean lapping up on the shore.

The next step, once the goal has been established, is to use your imagination to discover steps you can take to actually get to those places – the beach, the slimmer body, or making more money. A dream is only a dream if there is no action taken. Once you begin taking action, it’s a plan!

Creativity is so important in this process. Without creativity and imagination, you can’t envision what you want to have and what you want to be.

Use your imagination to fuel your future!

“Can Creative Visualization Help Me?”

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your ultimate goals are, creative visualization can help you.

We all want to succeed in life, and success is going to mean something different to each individual person.  When you consider it, every one of our ancestors was a success, because they continued to live and reproduce. That bodes well for our potential success, too!

Our individual success goals vary greatly, as they should! For one person, success may mean a big house, several expensive cars, and a few exotic vacations each year.

To someone else success means a cabin in the woods with a woodstove and enough cut wood to make it comfortably through the winter. Success is completely subjective, and there are no right or wrong answers.

Creative visualization is one very powerful way to see yourself through to whatever success means to you. By visualizing the desired outcome, you can also creatively brainstorm the action steps you’ll need to take to get to that outcome.

Momentum is key here – once you’ve begun practicing creative visualization, you’ll begin to see changes in your life that you may never have expected!

Creative visualization has also been used very successfully to change negative ingrained habits into positive habits!

Let’s say you’re prone to procrastination. It’s clear what you need to do. You know the deadline as well. Yet, no matter how much you know what needs to be done, you still don’t do it.

At the end, you are always rushing to get the tasks done in time for the deadline, creating horrible stress for yourself, and doing a less than stellar job.

Using creative visualization, you can attack this bad habit from several different angles. You can break down the “why” of the bad habit – maybe you don’t feel like you know enough to complete the task sufficiently, so you put it off – and then you can move into the action steps you need to take to replace that bad habit with a positive one.

The next step would be to creatively visualize how you’d feel if you didn’t have that habit anymore. How great would it feel to have every work assignment scheduled out and delivered on time?

Maybe you’d even get a raise! And how awesome would it be to not have that last-minute stress of being under the gun with your projects?

Creative visualization can help you help yourself and turn your bad habits into positive action!

As you can probably appreciate, mindset is incredibly important in your life, and if you want to know more about developing a strong mindset, check out the featured resource below for a free report; download, read it and take action 😊

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