Target Marketing – A Quick Case Study

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Target For Marketing

We talk about targeting the right people for your product, but just how valuable is it to know your audience?

Well, it is of  critical importance to the life of your business and can have a substantial effect on your profits and whether you even get off the ground in the first place!

If you are not crystal clear about who your target market is, you could be wasting time driving the wrong kinds of people to your opt-in offers via social media etc.

And, even worse, if you are using paid media such as FB or Google ads you will be wasting some serious money by not targeting the right audience.

So, as you can see, doing the research on your niche needs to be done before you even think about creating and selling a product or service.

And once you have decided on a profitable niche, you need to dial in and really find out what makes these people tick so you can target those specific people who will be most attracted to your offers.

It may not be sexy, but it can have a huge impact on your business, and in an area where so many people give up before they have really started, wrong niche selection and poor target marketing is one of the primary causes for people giving up.

This is because they aren’t seeing any return on their investment (whether that be time or money) and quickly become disheartened and it’s easy to see why.

Now we have established that being able to target your market successfully is of vital importance, let’s look at a company that did this right.

Target Marketing Done Right!

Target Marketing Strategies

Here’s a quick case study of a deodorant that became a top seller through nothing more than pinpoint targeting of its customers:

In Brandwashed: Tricks Companies use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy, we learn how Axe Deodorant took over their market through laser-focused targeting.

Unilever executive David Cousino tells us that Unilever first analyzed the potential male deodorant user by breaking men down into six profiles:

The Predator – He takes advantage of drunk girls, and lies about his job and where he lives

Natural Talent – Athletic, smart, and confident. He doesn’t need to lie to score

Marriage Material – Humble and respectful, he’s the sort of guy you want to bring home to Mom and Dad

Always the Friend – He always hits that glass ceiling

The Insecure Novice – He has absolutely no clue what he’s doing, and things get awkward fast – the geeks and nerds

The Enthusiastic Novice – He has absolutely no clue what he’s doing, but he’s outgoing and tries valiantly anyway

Based on these six profiles, they chose to target the ‘Insecure Novice,’ since these are the guys who need the most help in getting women.

And frankly, this is the target market that could most easily be persuaded into buying a product – ANY product – that could potentially help them get over their nerdiness and get the woman. Or women. Lots of women.

The next step was to create the ads. Research showed that the ultimate male fantasy isn’t to have just one woman at a time – it’s to be irresistible to several sexy women at once. (Seriously, did they really need research to determine this?)

That’s why the TV ads proclaim that if you use Axe Deodorant, you will get the chicks. ALL the chicks.

The result? Axe came out of nowhere to be the #1 male antiperspirant / deodorant brand.

Is this a bit cheesy? Yes. But did it work? Absolutely!

Notice they weren’t targeting EVERY man. They didn’t target married men, old men, men who could already get women on their own and so forth. They targeted ONE demographic – men in their 20’s and 30’s who were nerdy and had trouble getting women.

But in the process, they had a great deal of crossover into the other groups as well.

This is an added benefit of targeting that most marketers don’t realize. They think in order to get the biggest share of the market, they must target everyone.

But when you target everyone, you tend to get almost no one. Paradoxically, when you target one specific group, you tend to get customers from all the other groups as well.

One side note: In this case, Axe’s marketing worked almost TOO well. High school kids were completely dousing themselves in Axe, thinking they would get every girl in class to fall all over them.

Instead, school districts complained of kids reeking of the cologne-like smell.

How could Axe have fixed this? Perhaps by cautioning its users that because of the power of Axe, a normal amount was actually more effective than going full coverage.

Instead, Axe backpedalled a bit from their original campaign, and sales declined.

Which is another lesson – when you find a target market that works for your product – or better still, you target your product to the right market – don’t change what’s working.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Make a list of potential target markets for your next product.
  • From that list, choose the market – or demographic – you want to target.
  • Create a profile of ONE person in that market – this is your ideal customer.
  • Tailor your product and your message to that one person.
  • Dance around your office as you see the sales come flooding into your in box.

Stop targeting everyone and start targeting your ideal customer. Once you do, it will become clear how you should market, where you’ll find your customers, and how to get them on board.

So, if you haven’t done so already, think about your ideal customer and create a customer avatar and really get to know them and what flicks their switches. 

And yes, your sales will almost certainly increase because you not only know what they need, you also know wat they want and you can tailor your products and services just for them and they will gladly pay you for them which is win-win for both buyer and seller 🙂

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